Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Five arrested following Highland Park shooting


Suspects were arrested near Avenue 52 and the Arroyo Seco Parkway

Police responding to reports of gunfire early this morning in Highland Park arrested five suspects after their vehicle crashed near Avenue 52 and the Arroyo Seco Parkway.

The LAPD Northeast Division on its Facebook page provided details of the incident that began after 1 a.m.:

Last night, shortly after 1am, a resident called 911 to report shots fired in Highland Park. Responding officers discovered a silver car speeding from the area and a pursuit was initiated. The suspect vehicle crashed near Avenue 52 and the Arroyo Seco Parkway, and the driver fled the vehicle. Officers took the driver into custody after a lengthy perimeter, along with 4 male and female occupants in the vehicle — all gang affiliated, 2 documented.

There no reports of anyone being injured during the shooting, which took place on Avenue  57, according to the Highland Park Twitter feed. Police recovered a 9mm handgun and arrested the five suspects on a variety of offenses.


  1. I went to my window because I heard a car screeching around the block a couple times. I called the Northeast LAPD after I heard the three gunshots. It was probably a stunt on their part, trying to cause general mayhem and making the neighborhood feel unsafe. Maybe their way of reacting to all of the changes Highland Park is going through. Violence and vandalism is their only go-to move.

    • Now, they’ll only have a 4×8 area for their “turf”

    • “Maybe their way of reacting to all of the changes Highland Park is going through.”

      Are you serious? If I’m not mistaken, HP was a much more dangerous place 5-10 years ago without gentrification in place. These are the stupid people that make up “old school” Highland Park. Well guess what, things are changing and there is nothing you or these idiots can do about it. If you don’t like it and want the old times to return, maybe you can find a nice barrio in San Bernardino next to the county dump where you can shoot each other all day long and no one will care!!!

      • Seriously, chill out and lay off the caffiene. I grew up in this area and moved back because I love the changes and higher safety. Nothing in my comment stated that I want to go back to the bad old ways. So many people on this website are combative and overly defensive.

      • Ditto ccash

  2. Nice work, LAPD!

  3. Let’s give the gentrification rationale a rest! This type of immature, stupidity of gang mayhem has been going on
    for the last two decades. The only difference is there’s more awareness due to the accessibility of technological means to get the word out via twitter, on-line news sources, LAPD facebook, on-line council newsletters etc… On a positive note, there is more willingness of people willing to cooperate with LAPD versus years of distrust of law enforcement.

    • It’s been going on for more like the past 4 decades (I grew up off of Division in the 70s). Things did get deadlier in the 80s, though.

  4. Morons. Both the gangbangers and the geniuses that raised them. Shooting off guns in a crowded neighborhood is about as stupid as it gets.

    Good job to the resident that called it in and good job by the LAPD for putting the perps in the backseat of the squad car.

    As a very nearby resident of that area, you both have my thanks.

  5. It takes 5 of these guys to shoot one gun,
    I can see they are not very bright people.

  6. Highland park might be “safer” now with all the trust fund mid westerners hip kids settling down here and forcing poor families to move out, but once the low fI 90s revival Olympia trend goes out of vogue, highland park will return to its usual barrio programming. I like how all these people are talking about the highland park families like second rate citizens, when its your white privileged asses that are infesting Los Angeles, cause you all move here from the mid west thinking youre gonna be an be rockstar, or an actor, or the next Bukowski, pla eeeeez, ill see you guys at Denny’s in 10 years, when your daddies credit card privileges go away, I’ll make sure to leave 20%, don’t worry.

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