Sponsored Post: Accounting experts at Lalea & Black are ready to help your small business grow

Daniel Litvin

One of the biggest reasons small businesses fail to achieve greatness is because they lack the expert accounting help they need on a daily basis. The business world revolves around money, and a lack of proper accounting services can impact everything from managing day-to-day operations, to a business’ ability to go from “in the red” to soaring profits.

Lalea & Black is a highly respected Los Angeles-based accounting firm trusted by hundreds of local small business.  Lalea & Black know that helping start-ups handle their money the right way is a major factor in their ongoing success.  The firm’s accounting experts can spot problems before they have a chance to impact a business – and can help chart a path to profitability through proper money management.

lalbe-and-black2-001“Helping small businesses instill proper best practices is very important to us,” says Lalea & Black president Daniel Litvin  “But what really excites is us is working with a small to medium sized business and playing a key role in their growth.  We’re proudest when we see our client become a thriving part of the L.A. business community.”

Lalea & Black offers accounting services to businesses of all sizes.   With highly competitive rates, and unlimited access to a team of certified accounting professionals, the firm is fast becoming LA small business’ accounting firm of choice.

Contact  Lalea & Black today for a free consultation and a chance to meet in person with the expert accounting professional who will managing your account.

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