Street Gallery: Sunset Junction features WikiLeaks founder

Photo by Jesse Saucedo

A mural at Sanborn Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard in Silver Lake features what appear to be the face of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.   Looks like the work by the muralist  Mear One went up a few days ago, according to photographer Jesse Saucedo. Who are those two other guys behind Assange?


  1. I’d go with Bradley Manning on the left, and Edward Snowden on the right.

  2. On the left is Chelsea Manning, from a photo when she had been known as Bradley. I’m guessing from the theme that the one on the right is Edward Snowden?

  3. the two men behind Assange are Snowden and Bradley Manning.

  4. the mural is titled “Knowledge comes with a price”

  5. One’s hiding in Putin’s hypernationalist phone tapping homophobic Russia which is hindering the democratic process in Ukraine.
    One’s in jail for treason and the other is in London holed up in a small embassy of a socialist dictatorship Latino style where there is no freedom of the press and its Jews are leaving in droves because of the rampant antisemitism driven by its ruling Leftist mob.
    Go freedom fighter’s !

    • 1. Riots and taking over government buildings are democratic process…. Hmmm I would think general elections are democratic process and you know what? Ukraine had elections a bit more than a year ago. But the mob didn’t like the results.

      2. If exposing dirty games that the governments are playing against their citizens is treason then fair enough – we want more traitors like Manning.

      3. Equador is more a free country than US have been for a long time.

      4. Who cares about Jews?

  6. I forgot to mention that the man in the middle has a European arrest warrant out for him, in the case of two rapes committed in Sweden, ” The Saudi Arabia of feminism ” .
    The new heroes of the Left.

    • “did not want to accuse JA for anything”;

      “it was the police who made up the charges”

      guess who sent those texts?

      • It was the police ? and not two female Leftist activists in Stockholm who got boned by a guy who has a clear superiority complex which Socialist’s often have. After all, social engineering needs to be justified through something.
        And thanks for the anti-semitism. Assange identified his very own Hebrew conspiracy against him and the world. Classic commie m.o. , blame it on the Jooos.

  7. Hubris Personified

    Dani. You seem to be going hard to discredit them. Bashing them either for where they were force to flee, what they were charged with, or with a personal act that hasn’t been corroborated. You seem to have gotten pretty far off the path to criticize some people that actual risked their lives to rip down the veil between governments that are driven by profits and desire for control and the people.

    We are hitting the pre-Babel moment in society. I think you should be criticizing someone/something other than those three. But you are probably just draggin your knuckles, and singing confederate tunes believing that USA is still number 1, and not the former controlling hand of global politics.

    • “Pre-Babel” moment, talk about Hubris. But I guess the Arabs are on their way to a brighter future barrel bombs & all.
      I see black helicopters ova Sunset Junction and there out to getcha.

  8. what a boring, terrible, ugly mural. have we not read enough articles on these dudes yet? zzZZzz

    • Ugly people, ugly state of mind, ugly mural.
      I hear Chelsea Elizabeth is very beautiful now, when she is not PMSing.
      Will she get tampons in the brig or only pads ?

      • You do not have a soul, Dani. Do you really need to make fun of a transgendered person? Does it make you feel better?

        • I know more transgender people than you Sadd. And Chelsea is game for anything after what she did. Period.
          She will serve 35 years for treason and other major crimes.
          Chelsea Elizabeth should have thought about the shower situation before selling out to the Left.
          Just another dumb blond. And the socialist realist mural simply does not do her justice.

          • You are so sure you know more transgendereds than me? Do you want a medal? So, because she shed light on atrocities committed by our Dear Government, you can degrade her and make crude remarks about her transition? You are a sick mind. And that you call Snowden, Manning, and Asange (ALL HEROES) “socialists” show you know nothing. Your opinions are sick and twisted. Your intelligence is low.

  9. Let’s see if this comment sticks… I won’t write who said this quote for fear of censure by The Eastsider: “Truth is treason in the Empire of Lies.”

    • That’s why Snowden fled first to totalitarian China and then to Mr K.G.B. Putin’s Russia. Because he did not want to live in a society that …………

      • Which unConstitutional Alphabet Agency do you work for, Dani?

        • Sadd,
          I think you are missing the point. Hiding first in human histories largest totalitarian dictatorship and the moving on to what Russia is today makes this man look like an ass and traitor.

          • No. I’m afraid it is you who is missing the point. He has to hide in these places because TRUTH IS TREASON IN AN EMPIRE (USA) OF LIES. Sadd day when China and Russia are harboring an American whistle blower.

          • And I don’t know a single person who is all-for spying on citizens. So, which Alphabet Agency do you work for? It is obvious you are a federal tool.

  10. congratulations to the artist who painted this mural; its the absolute ugliest thing that has ever been on that wall

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