Scenes & Sightings: How do you get rid of 10,000 Echo Park bees?

Echo Park, bees

Photo by Martin Cox

That was the question Martin Cox was asking after a swarm of bees took up residence last week way at the top of the Echo Park apartment building where he lives.  “When the swarm was looking for a place it swept INTO one of the apartment via an open window,” said Cox.  “The tenant was napping and awoke in a blizzard of buzzing, he shooed them out by opening all the windows, and even saw the queen go by!”  That’s how the bees ended up collecting under an outdoor vent.

Cox wanted the bees removed but not exterminated. After checking around, he came across Ron O’Brien, owner of The Bee Specialist. For $250, The Bee Specialist spent about an hour today using a low-powered vacuum to suck  up the bees and also captured the queen so the remaining bees would eventually disperse. No one got stung during the capture of the estimated 10,000 bees, which are headed to some happy hives in Sunland, Cox said.

Echo Park, bees

Bad Buzz: Bees swarm over building vent | Martin Cox


  1. why’d they have to go to sunland? http://honeylove.org/rescuebees/

  2. Thanks for that recommendation, HoneyLove! Remember, bees are not pests! Someone in your community will be happy to take in “foster” bees……

  3. My dad used to do this for free in upstate New York. He was wearing cut-off jean shorts when he went to remove bees from a local TV station, and they made it into a story. He did it just to get more hives. Basically, you just have to grab the queen, and the other bees follow. The bees are docile because they don’t have any honey to protect.

    • The above James isn’t the same James who often leaves comments on this blog (yours truly). My dad came from a country where (according to him) they drowned cats to keep them away from the livestock. They probably left the bees alone, though.

  4. Just to add, I did start this project with the Honey Love website, but when I called the number for bee removal the voice said they would not be back until March 30. I could not wait that long. The second problem was that the bees required a 32 foot ladder, another local bee removal person could provide one that tall. When I found http://beespecialist.net/ the height was no problem and they could come the following morning.

  5. Thanks for being decent enough to spring for the extra expense and hassle of relocating these guys, Martin Cox. I’m sure its cheaper and easier to just exterminate them… good on you for taking the high road. And send the bill to your landlord/lady!

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