What’s that pink bird doing roosting over Eagle Rock?

Pink bird over Eagle Rock

A pink, bird-like creature has brightened up the concrete and steel ruins of a failed real estate development in Eagle Rock.  The bird, complete with nest,  sits on top of one of the concrete columns that rise along a hillside on Colorado Boulevard at Linda Rosa Avenue.  Is it supposed to be a baby eagle? More importantly, how did it get up there?

Pink bird over Eagle Rock


  1. It’s hungry. Wait until you see the size of the mama bird….

  2. OK, let’s let this one be. Unlike the owner of the property that hosted the late, lamented Glassellland sign, no one has taken any interest in this ruin since it was abandoned about 6 years ago.

  3. Adorable!! Need to have one to sit on my chimney!

  4. It’s a little early for chicks but it is time for the giant paper- mache birds to build their nests! This is one guerrilla sculpture I vote to leave on it’s concrete perch!

  5. Saw this the other day, I live around the corner from it. Def looks odd…. but yay art!

    Does anyone know what those giant concrete pilings are from? Was it an abandoned project?

    • Eagle Rocker, that was a empty lot for years kinda parkish., When our out going councilman bailed on the community to become mayor, some back door deals were made to build out a condo’s in that spot. Luckily we had a huge rain storm that turned a couple of the pylons 30 degrees and brought down part of the hill. The company went bankrupt, was a homeless camp and then they put the fence around it. The bird is awesome I’d like to buy that person a beer.

      • cool — thanks for the info! hopefully something happens to it permanently… would like a coffee shop on that end of Colorado.

  6. preservation patriot

    How much do I love this?? I really love this.

  7. I was on the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Land Use and Planning Committee when this “project” was discussed. I hated the plan from the beginning and, alas, I was the only dissenting vote when the ERNC allowed this “future blight,” as I called it then, to continue. Now what? It would cost a fortune to tear all that concrete and cinder block down. But the bird is terrific! It would be interesting to find out how it got up there!

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