D-Day: Opening Day arrives at Dodger Stadium*

Today’s season opener at Dodger Stadium did not begin until 1:10 p.m. but fans began arriving hours earlier for pre-game parties and picnics in Elysian Park. While fans will be focused on the Dodger-Giants match up in the ballpark, The Eastsider will be checking in on what’s going outside the stadium as thousands of fans and their vehicles will be pouring through the streets of Echo Park, Solano Canyon and other neighborhoods near the stadium.

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  1. I live and work in Echo Park, I suppose I missed the memo on free Dodger tickets to residents who live in close proximity to the stadium. Eastsider LA can shed some light on the topic. Thanks in advance.
    I hope todays opening day is safe and enjoyable for all.

    • Are they not doing that again this year? That’s always the best.

    • You can call oscar at the dodgers at 323 224 2636. I called when i hadn’t received anything and he was way more than helpful, and dropped them off to me.

    • How do I get a local access pass? I am a resident of echo park live on Echo Park and Baxter and I tried taking Morton Ave to Academy Road when a raging lady and man jumped infront of my SUV and said I could not go through because it was for local access. I said I am local I live around the corner she said no you don’t because you don’t have a pass. I said here is my drivers license I live around the block still stood infront and did not let us go through. Of course awesome LAPD motorcycle was right there didn’t say a word didn’t have her move. I did not want to argue and miss the ceremony so I did a U Turn and went in through Scott St. I did not get a local access pass and is it legal for that mad woman to do that or for LAPD to just sit there and not do a thing while she caused more traffic than there really was.?

      • The local access passes are a joke, they are also only for parking. They aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.

        If you didn’t notice, 99% of the cars around you trying to get to the stadium via Morton Ave and Academy Rd were NOT locals, hence the worthless Locals Only signs they came up with a few years ago.

        If the Dodgers and the city (I am not faulting CD 13 here, they did try hard to make things better) really give a rat’s ass about the neighborhood, they would do in the neighborhood surrounding the stadium as they have around the Hollywood Bowl. Locals Only signs actually mean something and officers are parked at the entrance to every street with one of those signs. Let the Dodgers pick up the tab for that, after all, they are the “attractive nuisance” rolling in dough here.

        • I completely agree. No need for the passes since there is no one at all checking to see if cars have them. Thanks a lot, Dodgers.

  2. 3 teachers at Elysian Hts. Elementary School were late this morning, 50 kids inconvenienced by traffic tie-ups on Stadium Way. Why no lane is kept open for residents and people who need to work in our neighborhood I don’t know. Traffic officers just stood and watched as fans park in all lanes leading into the stadium. Open the gates and let them in ! Don’t turn public roads into a parking lot for the hours before a game!

    • Similar issues at Dorris Place in Elysian Valley. Need to keep through traffic flowing– but this should apply to every game day –and somehow locals are stuck waiting in game traffic to pick up kids from school or just simply get home.

  3. At 6:30am as I was leaving for work, cars were circling Scott Ave, Portia, McDuff and Sargeant Place looking for places to park, since it was a street cleaning day, parking spaces were rare.

  4. Laveta Resident

    I live on Laveta Terrace & Scott and people have already started parking illegally on the Friday street cleaning side (930a) just to be close to the stadium. This is ridiculous. I don’t know anyone who has received these placards or tickets. There’s no supervision of the streets. Today’s going to be a shit-show.

  5. The “local traffic only” signs are useless. Three cars drove around the sign at Lillac and stadium way to park on Lillac…and that was around 7:20 this morning in the coarse of about 15 minutes.

  6. At 8am it was already chaos.. Cops with sirens blaring whipping through Elysian Park. Tailgaters all up Scott. Oh and I never got a parking pass or tickets. The outreach from the Dodgers to local residents has been a joke!

    • I got the useless passes and the tickets and went to last night’s game. There were cops everywhere in and around the stadium but of course, none outside of the stadium to protect the neighborhood and enforce the local traffic only signs.

  7. Love it. My favorite time of year.

  8. For those who haven’t gotten their placards (or tickets) – I emailed the Dodgers at the address given by the Eastsider and 2 days later the placards and tickets were in my mailbox.

  9. Police are doing ZERO to keep cars off of the local streets. This ‘local access’ for residents only is a joke and a big fail. It’s time to create permit parking (at least on game days) and to truly enforce **local access only**.

    Please step in, Mitch O’Farrell, and do not allow the Dodgers to shove the Scott Ave opening (and general disregard for residential areas around stadium) down our throats.

  10. Lets Go Giants Beat The Ghetto Dodgers”

  11. Dodger fans parking on echo park , scott , and fairbanks. total idiots. Gross Dodger people drinking in the morning at The Gold Room. .

  12. Why the need to post that very untrue comment saying only “hipsters” are concerned about the Scott Gate. At those community meetings, I saw way more seniors, families, Hispanics than I did “hipsters.”

    Rude comment. Please remove from the story because it is 100% UNTRUE.

  13. Can someone share info for placecards and tickets? This is the 1st of heard of it. I live in Lilac and parking is a nightmare!!


  14. It’s only one day cry babies. Lived here all my life and if I wasn’t at opening day, I was at work. If I wasn’t working then I was there or asleep. Deal with it!

    • Echo Park Resident

      Jose, maybe try to have some compassion and understanding for your neighbors. Not everyone work s a “normal” 9-5 schedule. Some people work from home, some people work afternoons or evenings. What about the people who live in Echo Park who work overnight shifts and could not get to their homes this morning? Your experiences aren’t canon. Many people live different lives and have different schedules than you. Get a grip.

      • Ohhhh poor
        Little hipster girl, out late and walk of shame took too long??

        • Pelon, your comment on this are way off you idiot. Do you live in the near by streets? How about my friend who is Hispanic / Latino. Born in EP, his mother lives across the street. He had to leave to go to work at 2 PM just so he could be at work at 6pm… Being the evening shift. You Sir or lady is who and what is wrong with EP. I’m sure you would have not problem pissing on a street corner, with your lack of understanding, education and compassion. how about you close your pie hole, and crawl back under the TROLL hole you find your sorry life under.

        • Pelon, your comment on this is so way off you idiot, it’s like Puig being late for a game.. Do you live in the near by streets? How about my friend who is Hispanic / Latino. Born in EP, his mother lives across the street. He had to leave to go to work at 2 PM just so he could be at work at 6pm… Being the evening shift. You Sir or lady is who and what is wrong with EP. I’m sure you would have not problem pissing on a street corner, with your lack of understanding, education and compassion. how about you close your pie hole, and crawl back under the TROLL hole you find your sorry life under.

          • Haha sounds like struck a cord with you girl, i don’t think your name calling is appropriate! You must be very immature, and sounds like your dealing with some personal issues I hope you can get they them!

            A good piece of advice for you, maybe you want to move to ventura! I think it a good option!

        • Pelon you are a sad racist.

        • Echo Park resident

          Screw you. I work evenings/late nights on the Westside because my employer is a 24 hr news operation — someone has to be there at night and, unfortunately, it’s me. I leave my house to get to work around 3pm most days.

          Way to make this into a slut shaming / anti-white statement. You’re everything that is WRONG with Echo Park. Take your sexism and bigotry elsewhere.

          • People like Pelon have no place in society, let alone Echo Park. Newsflash Pelon: the Civil Rights Movement was in the 1960s. We won. Check your racism and sexism at the door buddy.

          • Wow what an over reaction!!! I haven’t said anything racist or sexist! You too are just very angry, and projecting on me the real people of who you are! I simply stated if you don’t like the traffic as a recent transplant (no doubt) from Sf or NY, you didn’t mention which one, then maybe move to the suburbs. Ventura is nice, its still costal and has tons of thrift shops and cool culture so you could still attend to your interests.

            Take your xanax hun, and lighten up!!!

  15. Dodger Neighbor

    Sunset and Beaudry did not have any DOT directing traffic at 5 – 6 pm, and it needed it. DOT was directing traffic there in previous years, deservedly.

  16. The sight of drunk grown people defecating in the park next to my home in Elysian Heights while walking my dogs this morning. Such class. Dodger fans truly are the bottom of the food chain. People complain about the “hipsters” , but I’m pretty sure they are not the ones that leave trash, baby diapers, corn husks, human shit,and broken 40’s all over our park.

    • Our park? Who exactly does “our” encompass? It’s a public park, not yours, mine, theirs, or ours. I’m a Dodger fan and a resident and a tax paying, law abiding citizen, am i the bottom of the food chain? I’d hope someone who thinks they’re at the top of the food chain wouldn’t be so judgmental.

      • Then you too should be concerned at how much of “your ” tax dollars go to to clean up waste ect , ect- from Dodger fans in “our” taxpayers park. The park being treated like a trash can does not happen during other events at the stadium including sold out concerts. No where near to the degree
        of what happens during Dodger games. It’s disheartening and shameful period.

  17. A big thank you to Gil Cedillo, who backed the opening of the Scott gate and to the Dodgers for screwing the residents of Echo Park not once, but twice today…both coming and going.

    Folks, take back your streets…here’s a start…recall Cedillo – recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall, recall.

    • Gil Cedillo was personally standing with LADOT while they waved fan traffic ONTO Scott at the EP Ave intersection (the LADOT officer said he had no intention of checking placards). Meanwhile, O’Farrell and his staff spent the day trying to do the opposite and were personally turning fan traffic away from Scott (one of them was even hit by a car while trying to stop a fan from entering a local road). Unfortunately, most residents who are affected by Cedillo’s actions are not in his district.

      • Seriously, Cedillo was standing there with LADOT ushering cars up Scott? Please, please please tell us you have pictures of that so they can be posted far and wide. Those are must see photos.

        FYI, Adam was bumped by a car at Morton Ave and Academy Road, which had become a freeway to and from the stadium yesterday. The guy actually got out of the car and tried to physically intimidate Adam who held his ground. Go Adam!

        • No pics, but our GEPENC pres was there as one of the witnesses and gave Cedillo an earful. Cedillo was sitting chatting it up with the LADOT officer, who was waving hundreds of cars onto Scott, which proceeded to park bumper to bumper on the street cleaning side of the road without consequence. And yes, go Adam!

          Right there, the stark difference between councilmembers as CD13 put their safety on the line to attempt to undo CD1’s damage.

  18. I really don’t want to be the “get off my lawn person” and I understand the need for improving access to this public space; however, the traffic and trash today was beyond my worst nightmare. I’m willing to relax a little because it’s opening day and that only happens once a year, but if this keeps up every game day this is not acceptable.

  19. I could care less about the Dodgers, but I am amazed at all the whiners out there. Dodger Stadium was in the neighborhood well before any of you NIMBY’s were.

  20. Hahahaha this is too funny. A bunch of over privileged white girls screaming about how they were delayed. IT’S TOO FUNNY!!! You move
    Right next to dodger stadium and then bitch about the traffic?!!!! Breathe it in, maybe soon you can move to bel air and forget how cool you want to be. I vote to being back the gangs and the Latino families you all kicked out…… How do they feel while you cry about something that is part of la culture and history.

    • pelon,

      Weren’t the homes of Latino families bulldozed in order to build Dodger Stadium in the first place?

    • ” I vote to bring back the gangs …”

      ..and then, we have the “pelons” of the world

      • Well when you a long time resident it seems better then all these twisted mostahce wannabes — see as a one time resident we look at it as part of the culture, not a problem that needs to be solved. Maybe you need to get some more education and see things in a more positive manner… just saying

    • Yet another racist comment by Pelon! These are the types of racists that still reside in Echo Park!

      • The real racists are people like you.. just because you live in what was ONCE a hispanic community and voted for Obama, doesn’t make you NOT a racist. To see it you must be it….. so that you are! Ventura is calling you r name…. SADD, perfect name for you cause thats what you are. A coward that hides behind a computer. Now…. back to the subject…. Dodgers have always been in the area, so get over it, get a life, continue with your yoga to find peace and balance, and stop hating on everyone!

  21. It’s one day a year, the rest of the games aren’t like this. I got stuck in the park taking my normal route to work and was an hour late. But I guess I should have planned that out better. Was annoying and fun to watch the party at 8am.

  22. I don’t get it. This is what you have all been hoping for total gridlock. Seems that everyone loves “Traffic Calming” and “Road Diets” Just Bicycle everywhere isn’t that the solution?

    • As you can see from the pictures, obviously car-only planning is going great. The only thing that could possibly make it better is bulldozing more history to widen the roads.

  23. I love this time of the year, the area becomes a place where people of all ages have a good time and memories are made. I’m sure there were so many people today who had awesome experiences that they will remember for the rest of their lives. It is unfortunate that Dodger Stadium was build in the middle of a residential area, but that was in 1962 and the population surrounding the stadium was much lower than it is now. If you lived here before 1962, you have every right to complain about the traffic coming through your neighborhood. If you moved her AFTER 1962, you really have no reason to complain, as you should have done you research on the area. It’s unfortunate that there are unruly people, but I’ve lived within walking distance to the stadium for the past few years and I have never had any issues with fans hurting my property, or anything like that. Yes, people use the park, but it’s a public park, A PUBLIC PARK, and that’s what happens with parks, people use them.

    I think the anger here is mostly unfounded and people seem to think the Dodgers owe them something. It’s not just the Dodgers preventing the implementation of practices that would ease the tensions between residents and the city, the LA DOT, LAPD, City reps, etc. are all to blame as well, actually they are MUCH MORE to blame than the Dodgers, as these issues shouldn’t be issues after 52 years of existence. Yeah, 52 years and no permits? no traffic flow figured out? no policing policies for the parks and neighborhoods? I dunno, sounds like shitty management to me.

    • Geez, another “I’ve been here since 1852” lead in. How is it not the Dodgers’ fault? It is unfortunate that this discussion gets cast in terms of villainous NIMBYS who wish to remain oblivious to the MLB stadium in their backyard versus fun-loving FANS participating in one of LA’s oldest traditions. What gets consistently overlooked in this antagonism is the role and responsibility of the Dodger Corporation. Even their professional PR attitude is indifferent and smug: “We are a baseball team and not an enforcement agency.” No, this isn’t a bunch of lucky dreamers on the sandlot, but rather a billion-dollar branding empire with significant holdings in real estate, highly specialized labor contracts, etc. I’m quite sure that the locals don’t wish to root against the Dodgers, but the Team needs to do a better job of containing and managing its customers, many of whom seem determined to come here and raise hell in the inner-city. The vast parking lot around the stadium could accommodate two or three times what the Dodgers typically draw. Stop being greedy about parking fees and concessions. Let the stadium grounds be the site of tailgating and carnival. Cut the parking fees, let them bring coolers, and let them run wild (inside your private gates). Or would that cut into your bottom line? Why should the neighborhood and public parks bear the burden of a private, exceedingly wealthy enterprise? The Dodgers, like the Bowl, should pay people to stand at those pathetic “local-access” frames so that the residents can have some semblance of routine.Traffic is traffic, but EP doesn’t have to meekly soak up the puke and piss of the boys in blue on the hill.

      • Many good points here. The Dodgers could reduce the impact by using their facility more on opening day. On Sundays they have festivals inside the parking lot, so why not on opening day? The Dodgers and the City could own the occasion by having more temporary infrastructure in the park to handle the overflow crowd. Opening Day is a kind of holiday, especially when it’s on a Friday. As for local access, that’s a tough one because of how to define local. There are people like me who live within a couple of miles who come out of the hills to go to the ballpark. Will we all get passes to clear a manned checkpoint? . What if you live back up in heights? Do you get a pass too? It looks like those passes are just in the immediate vicinity of Scott Ave.. I go past on of the signs every time I go to and return from a game. How can I get a pass when I don’t live on the short list? Anyway, things are going to settle down once the season gets underway. There will be sellouts here and there and traffic will be trouble from time to time. Nothing new about that.. The Dodgers should have left well enough alone and kept the gate closed. Now they’ve stirred up a hornet’s nest. Yesterday I walked home. It was a bit of a trek, but better than the traffic jam. Works for a day game, but at night it’s too late.

      • The issue isn’t whether or not the Dodgers have some sort of responsibility in this mess, because it’s obvious they do, but the city has MORE responsibility to work with the team to get things working in reasonable manner. You have to see the failure by our city representatives over the last 52 years to not have a solution for this. 52 years the team has been here and there is no parking permit system? Go out to Fairfax and all of those neighborhoods have aggressively monitored and ticketed permitted parking on the streets in their neighborhoods. It seems to me that this is more of a chance for neighborhood reps to go out there and beat their drums, act like they give a shit about the community, then forget about it. It’s the same conversation every year and NOTHING has happened. How else can you explain the failure of 52 years of existence? If these guys were serious about doing something, it would already be done. I would LOVE permitted parking during games, police at check points, police posted at specific spots in the neighborhood during games, horses in the parks, foot patrols, while these would not solve ALL the problems, the presence would be reassuring to the general public and show some progress.

        The Dodgers do allow coolers and food in the games, you aren’t forced to just eat their food/drinks, and $10 for parking is comparable to any other parking for events around the city, even if parking was $1 people would still park in the surrounding neighborhoods, it’s a matter of getting permitted parking in place rather than lowering fees.

        And I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather have a BBQ/tailgate in beautiful elysian park than I would in the parking lot, even if they did allow it in there. The goal shouldn’t be preventing so called “outsiders” from having fun and using the awesome facilities in our neighborhood, the goal should be to put in place policies that allow for everyone to have a great time. It’s a pretty unique experience here, it’s so beautiful in Elysian Park, to go there and enjoy a catch, and a BBQ, then walk up to the game, man, it’s awesome, it’s one of the reasons I moved here, because I wanted that all the time, and we should deny people that experience, we should tell our city reps to get off their high horses and figure it out once and for all. We can’t make everyone happy because some people are hellbent on being unhappy all the time, but we can make everyone else happy.

        • Agree that both the Dodgers and the city are at fault here. But I have lived in EP for 10 years and I can say that the Dodgers have been terrible neighbors the entire time, and they keep getting worse.

          Yes, I knew the Dodgers had a stadium here when I moved to EP. I’m willing to put up with some inconvenience because of that, but when they make decisions like opening Scott gate it is clear that they have no respect for the surrounding community. It is justified for residents to complain when the Dodgers make new decisions that disrespect their neighbors– it was not this bad last year.

          I also get a kick out of some of these self-proclaimed “locals” who defend Dodger fans trashing the park and the neighborhood– you do realize that most of those Dodger fans are non-locals coming from other parts of the LA region to watch the game, right? Why would you defend them coming into this neighborhood you claim to love and disrespecting it like that?

          That said, it is time for the city to step up since the Dodgers are never going to take any responsibility. We will see if Mitch O’Farrell is really the neighborhood defender and EP advocate that he claims to be. Same with Garcetti, he used to live here, what is he going to do about it? I do not believe that this was just an opening day problem. It is going to be a recurring problem now that Scott gate is open, and the city needs to take action quickly.

      • Great comment, though I agree with @Resident and Fan that we need permitted parking (paid for by the Dodgers) as the solution.

  24. Just for the record, those annoying “bands” are not mariachi bands , they are “Banda” bands …….mariachi bands have string instruments where the banda bands have a more oom pah pah german influenced sound .

    • FYI, those are bandas all-right but not conjuntos with accordions that are the result of German influenced-oompah music. Banda is more a result of the influence of martial music and military-type bands.

  25. A bit of an update after the first games:

    Absolutely no parking on Portia after 9pm upon my return home. I had to park over 2 blocks away, which is quite a pain when one has groceries…

    A steady stream of traffic down our block when the game lets out, with traffic lined up (over 20 cars) to turn down Sunset past my house (longer than a normal city block). Not a soul manning the corners to stop non-local traffic from turning down our block and no need for the resident permits they provided again this year as a result.

  26. I’m an Echo Park resident– does anyone know how / where i can get a “resident” badge for my car? police are not allowing me to drive down my own street to get home on dodger days. they say i need a resident badge? never got one in the mail!

    • Dodgers sent them out the last few years but I never got any this year. I have last year’s in my car but haven’t been asked for it yet.

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