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Jumbo Bargain up for lease

ECHO PARK — The Sunset Boulevard restaurant and retail scene just east of Echo Park Avenue has seen a lot of change recently, with the closure of Barragan’s Mexican restaurant and efforts to open a new cafe and coffeehouse in the same area. Now, a chunk of storefronts in the 1500 block of Sunset are up for sale or lease, setting the stage for another potential shake up.

The faded pink home of Jumbo Bargain, a discount store, is now up for lease. A listing on LoopNet is offering to rent out the approximately 6,700 square-foot building for more than $11,000 a month (yes, a month).  The sales pitch for the space plays up its proximity to downtown Los Angeles and Dodger Stadium and its location “within an emerging development corridor with multiple ground up construction projects planned and under way.”

Meanwhile, the building between Jumbo Bargain and the former Barragan’s parking lot is up for sale at $1.499 million, according to LoopNet.  The one-story building contains three storefronts that have over the years housed everything from vintage stores to botanicas and art spaces. The 2,520-square-foot building comes with a roof-top billboard and a vacant rear patio.


  1. Can’t say I’ll miss these store fronts. Give me something I can use there!

    • Disagreed, Jumbo is the most useful business there. Where do I start? Storage bins, printer paper, notebooks, markers, tape, cleaning supplies, batteries, curtain rods,I’ve bought more stuff from Jumbo than anywhere else in the neighborhood. I’m sure whatever takes the spot will sell absolutely nothing functional or useful. Because apparently some people live on handmade jewelry and $65 candles.

      • I think having one bargain discount store in the area will be enough…they all pretty much sell the same things. And I choose Buy & Save across the street from this place!

        • yes. good riddance to eye sores like jumbo. there are plenty of bargain shops in the hood, and businesses that strive to be better will be rewarded. whoever ran that business obviously didn’t care about the community.

          • Gee, your comment is one from someone who has no idea what is going on. Jumbo didn’t fail, it was not a matter of a “business (that) obviously didn’t care about the community.” What happened is that the landlord skyrocketed the rent to an amount that NO discount store will ever be able to pay — unless they’re idea of a discount is to sell candles at that $65 price Susan mentioned: $11,000 a month!

            People who have put in long hours for years and years are being run out of business — because they will never be able to pay $11,000 a month in rent for those kinds of services and products. Watch for Buy & Save to be the next to be forced out. And start planning for a long drive to nearest business offering such items or services.

          • It’s called capitalism. It isn’t always pretty but it is the best method to find the true value of products, services and real estate.

          • Capitalism is also the best method, in its current form, of depleting the earth of its ability to sustain life, and ensuring that a tiny elite own the vast proportion of wealth while the rest of us work for peanuts (if work can be found).

          • Someone who lives in this country has vast opportunities to take advantage of this capitalistic system. For whatever reason you have not, I have no pity for you. To us that understand the system and take advantage of it look at the statement you made as whiny and self-entitled. The world will not deliver success to you, you have to go out and get it.

          • That’s if you define success by monetary wealth. Are there no other definitions of success? How about simple contentment or satisfaction? Are those still options in your world of runaway capitalism? After all, those were the primary characteristics of living in EP before capitalism came barging in. Anyway, I’m pretty certain that EP nor NELA will be able to sustain this brand of success over the long-haul.

  2. 11 thousand a month for Jumbo Bargain? Wow, that’s a lot of cash. How can small business owners survive paying that type of rent? On that note, Glad to see on loopnet that sundays best is on a lease and they are not going anywhere soon! I love that place.

    • Get ready for Urban Outfitters and an Echo Park mini-version of Space 15 twenty. Only a chain store can absorb initial losses on a space that expensive.

      Times are a-changin’

    • That’s only $1.64 / sq. ft., which is quite in line with commercial space rates. It’s a very large space.

      • It’s actually extremely cheap for the area.. really don’t understand people commenting on whether it is expensive or not without even looking at the price per foot… Have you guys seen what urban outfitters paid for the theater space on broadway? You wanna talk about rip offs…

  3. Jumbo Bargain is awesome and so are its owners. I also have bought more stuff there than anywhere else in the neighborhood. I have had some really hard times making ends meet over the last few years and Jumbo Bargain has gotten me and my apartment through those times.

    This announcement makes me sad, but I hope they have something great they are moving on to. I will miss their friendliness and kindness. They know their customers well.

  4. I’ll have to agree with Palmero on this one. I’ve been to both and Buy & Save has treated me better over the years, from selection to smell. Seriously, there’s a funky smell going on at Jumbo (maybe an elephant?) Having said that, that’s a big nut to make every month, I just hope it doesn’t sit vacant for months while they try and get their price.

  5. $11,000 seems like a lot to most people but its a large space on Sunset which is rare. Its actually cheap when you look at the sq/ft price compared to other spaces. Similar spaces in SIlverlake are now getting $4-$5/ft. And even Jensen Rec building was at least $1/ft.
    I have a small business and I look around at available species, but Im not sure what kind of store you would have to have to pay that rent. A restaurant could do it, but would take a lot of money.

  6. The window display is mesmerizing, and epically creepy. Sorry to hear they are being pushed out. I may just have to buy that light up last supper before they close.

  7. jumbo was the most useful store on the block. if you ever lived there, you know. $11k per month? yeah, okay, good luck there.

  8. I am the listing broker for both properties. Please call for more information about buying, leasing or selling property in the Angelino Heights area. (323) 240-0146. Eric T. Kessler bre#01432180

  9. NOOOOOO! I love that store and the family that runs it. I get all my house stuff there. I’m sad.

  10. Dear sweet, innocent ACE. The system your are so fond of is rigged. And not to our or your favor. You’ll learn.

  11. Its very sad to see echo park change because some wanna be hipsters with their stupid over priced shi* have expanded from silverlake

  12. I’m confident that Echo Park won’t be able to sustain gentrification over the long haul. IMO, it’s a fad that is already losing steam and those trying to cash in will have to shift back to the needs of a densely-populated urban community sooner rather than later. Just my opinion but the first wave of hipsters is already in their 30s and 40s and the most recent wave is just passing through since it will be years if not decades before they’re able to afford living in the marked-up-version of EP. By then, the appeal of urban grit will have faded and they’ll revert back to their suburban upbringing. If only to shield their kids from the urban roughnecks that have always emerged from these city streets that will never be quiet, peaceful, or green enough.

    • or maybe groups will evolve to the point that they rear children who are good neighbors that can peacefully coexist with other people, the planet, etc.. and who will strive to continually improve their community

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