Family and friends mourn a man with a passion for motorcycles who was killed in a Glassell Park crash

Memorial near San Fernando Road and Cazador Street

GLASSELL PARK — Tim DeMoss was a skilled welder and metal worker who also had a love for motorcycles. He rode them as well as re-fabricating old bikes and created new bike designs. But DeMoss’ Glassell Park workshop is silent these days after the Maryland native died in a collision late last month while riding his bike only a few blocks from his shop and home. Earlier this week, his Los Angeles friends gathered near his San Fernando Road shop to watch his Maryland memorial service on Skype. “He had the skill to turn an old, unused bike into something attractive and ususable,” according to his obituary. “Tim’s naturally creative mind never stopped designing yet an even better bike.”

DeMoss was riding his bike on Sunday, March 30 at about 12:30 a.m. when a Chevy minivan turned left in front of him near San Fernando Road and Cazador Street. DeMoss was pronounced dead at the scene, according to an LAPD spokesman. The driver of the van was found not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Clay Bush, who worked with DeMoss at Atlantis Motors in Silver Lake, said his friend was headed home when the collision took place. DeMoss died only two days before his 30th birthday.

People are encouraged to donate to Ace of Hearts, a bulldog rescue group where DeMoss got his dog, Henry. In addition,  the industrial arts compound where DeMoss’ shop is located will honor his memory by hanging a photo of DeMoss and  Henry  in a new cafe planned for the complex, Bush said.

Tim Demoss

Tim Demoss and Henry | Tak Sparks


  1. Echo Park resident

    Horrible and so sad. Drivers, please share the road with motorcyclists, and please look out for them when you are making turns or other maneuvers. Accidents like this are so preventable with just a little bit of caution and common sense.

    Condolences to Tim’s friends and family.

    • This is truly a tragedy – my heart goes out to all involved, both for Mr. DeMoss and the driver of the van who has to live with this. This is a terrible loss to the whole community. Before we start pointing fingers (and drawing up law suits) lets consider this:

      I have a friend in ICU right night with head injures suffered from what SHOULD have been a very minor fender bender between two cars. He chose to ride a motorcycle. Most of us have been in minor (or major accidents) and are chances of coming out ok are much higher. Accidents will happen in Los Angles no matter how careful you are.

      The choice to ride a motorcycle is one that comes with very clear, known risks – risks that every rider chooses every time he/she gets on that bike.

      I personally do not understand why anyone would make this choice – but I know the passion for motorcycles runs deeper in many than personal safety.

      We all need to be able to accept the risks with the choices we make. If we can take anything from this as a community it is to drive carefully – and to minimize our risks by not taking our motorcycles out on city streets.

      God Bless Tim, the driver of the van and all their friends and families.

  2. Thank you Clay for getting this story published in the Eastsider. Tim will be deeply missed by his friends & family. RIP.

  3. Can the family file a lawsuit against the driver for their incompetence? It would appear lenient at best to leave as an accident. So many awful drivers in Los Angeles.

  4. Tim was a great guy and a good friend to all that knew him, a life cut way too short by the thing that so many of us who ride motorcycles are killed by ………….. the “Dreaded Left Turner” he will be be missed by his family and friends
    Thank you Clay for writing this article about Tim and the circumstances of his passing

  5. R.I.P. Tim ;

    You are sorely missed by all who knew you .

    Ride hard far and wide but always _SAFELY_ ! .


  6. That intersection is just awful, visibility is zero to none. Left turn should be illegal there because you can not see the incoming traffic west bound…RIP

  7. I saw the little memorial at that corner. It’s a controlled intersection, so someone was going too fast or not paying attention. I hope Henry finds a new home.

  8. I drive almost everyday and saw that there was a memorial on that corner. I had to find out what had happened since I live in the area. My condolences to Mr. DeMoss familly and friends. May he rest in peace.

  9. Can the eastsider blog about other, less tragic events in this area? I notice there is no longer Mt. Washington section, and Cypress Park + Glassell Park also are not frequently blogged about. in this blog, despite its claim to be the “eastsider” blog.

    I realize this was a great loss, and worth mentioning in this blog for sure, but it seems that this blog is primarily concerned with writing about Echo Park, Silver Lake (which decided recently not to be part of the “East Side), Highland Park mostly. While it blogs about tragedies and such in other areas. Can readers submit stuff about their hoods that are going on in the areas, other than robberies, shootings, murders, etc…? Also, with more frequency? There’s so much more going on in these areas than the aforementioned stuff…just sayin…

  10. Tim was a great guy and a creative genius, he was constantly improving himself and increasing his skills. He was living the dream and following his passions. It’s a shame and a big loss. Those who knew him will miss him but always remember. Rest in Peace Brother, See you on the other side.

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