LAPD won’t be playing around on Dodger opening day

Dodger Stadium, Elysian Park

Cops on bikes during 2010 Dodger season opener

ECHO PARK — With thousands of fans and their autos descending on Dodger Stadium for Friday’s season opener, the LAPD is planning to deploy its own team of blue to keep things orderly in the ballpark and surrounding neighborhoods, where opening day can resemble a cross between Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street and a SigAlert on the 5.  The LAPD  is preparing to deploy a large contingent of officers on foot, car and bike.  Some will begin their  season opener shift as early as tonight to prepare for Friday’s game.

The LAPD’s line up includes Officer Gina Chovan of the Northeast Division and Lt. Wes Buhrmester of the Rampart Division. They provided some details about what their day will be like on Friday:

Officer Gina Chovan, Northeast Division

I will not only be monitoring local streets around stadium but businesses on Sunset Blvd for large crowd gatherings.  I am off for one day and right back at 5:00 am Friday morning to assist with any tailgating or unruly groups that want to set up.  As you well know, LAPD will be enforce from  8 pm Thursday to deter any illegal activity.

Lt. Wes Buhrmester, Rampart Division

Tomorrow morning, as part of a larger opening day operation, I have responsibility for the area outside of the stadium west of Stadium Way. This includes palm tree row, Scott Avenue, and the area around Barlow Hospital and the fire training center. Designated Team Blue, I’ll have about 25 officers with me, and we start at 4:00 am. Opening day activity is our sole responsibility.

Traffic flow will be an obvious concern, as will people partying in the park, which will have its own deployment. Please let me know what residential areas have been badly afflicted on past opening days, and we’ll patrol them (I’ll be out there in a black and white, not in a command post). Give me intersections or hundred blocks of streets, and I’ll address it. The goal of Operations-Central Bureau, who is running the detail, is to first ensure the safety of residents and visitors, then prevent crime and quality of life issues in residential areas, and maintaining traffic management.

Enjoy your day, ladies and gentlemen, and we’ll see how tomorrow goes!

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  1. So the one day a year when the neighborhood comes to life they’ll be making everyone feel like criminals meanwhile 364 days a year the park is full of yuppie scofflaws, homeless campers, male prositition, public drinking, back trail bike riders and off leash dogs.

    I’ve been to maradi gras and this ain’t no maradi gras and these cops need to get their priorities straight.


  2. tkandthesnowbears

    You can only feel like a criminal if you are one.

  3. THANK YOU, LAPD for being there and for doing your job. You work to protect and serve. You are human, so you make mistakes at times and we understand you are not perfect, but we are all grateful that you put your lives on the line every day for not a whole ton “o” money.
    Thank you for patrolling on opening day. It is appreciated.

    • Dudes can retire at 50 years old at 2 1/2% or 3%! Getting 80% of their pay. Give me a gun and license to shoot and kill and I’ll take that job with GED as long as you offer! Hahaha. Graduate High School – Make $80k – Shoot & Kill w/out repercussion – Retire w/a fatass pension! SHIIIIIIIET!

      No other country on the planet has that good a deal!

      Solution (Since no one has one, or either applauds or complains about it) well why not have a festivity INVOLVING the cops who are Dodger fans. Bring the kids out, families, dogs etc. BBQ. Do some meet and greet with The Local Councilmen and Police Chief/Sheriffs. ALLOW THE COMMUNITY AND POLICE TO TALK & UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER. PERSON TO PERSON. Most people don’t interact with Police until they are already in trouble and therefore have a bad attitude about them. WELL… Let’s change that!!!

      Let’s get to meet them on a personal level WHEN NO ONE IS IN TROUBLE. Police are people like you and me ;The City of LA just hasn’t given them an opportunity to MINGLE W/the people they protect. The City of LA makes the Police seem like Good/Bad Guy and the People seem as Criminal/Bad Guy.

      BAD! remember when cops used to walk down the streets and patrol and they would stop and talk to the people on the streets. They created a rapport and good vibes. When something bad did happen almost ALL the people would help the cops. Now its just the opposite! The City doesn’t allow Police to CONNECT with the citizens who pay their salary. Instead The City of LA wants to create an “US vs THEM” mentality between the Police and Tax Payers.

      This is done because LA City Hall is using a technique called “Divide & Conquer”. City Hall knows that if the Police & Tax Payers come together and harmonize THEN WE WOULD NO LONG NEED CITY HALL. THEIR SERVICES AND HUGE PAYCHECKS AND PENSIONS WOULD NO LONGER BE Draining the City of Money.

      Post any solutions/new ideas people. Be creative. You are not a sheep!

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