Not everyone is a fan of Echo Park Lake pedal boats

Screen shot from ABC/Deadpin

Screen shot from ABC/Deadspin

ECHO PARK — Who would have anything against pedal or paddle boats? Well, apparently basketball  commentator Jeff Van Gundy is not a fan of the little boats that float across Echo Park Lake and countless other bodies of water.  During a recent broadcast of Golden State-L.A. Clippers game,  Gundy made his thoughts known as the program broke briefly away from the game  to capture an aerial shot of Echo Park Lake and those “annoying” pedal boats.  In a clip of the broadcast posted on Deadspin, Van Gundy says:

You know what I always thought was over rated – those little paddle boats …. They are just not fun. I don’t know how they can consistently  con people into renting those things.

Van Gundy’s co host, Mike Breen, defended the boats as providing a good work out. But Van Gundy would have none of it, calling the boats slow and annoying.

It sounds like Van Gundy and Breen were just trying to kill time with some humorous banter. But 15 minutes on a pedal boat will prove that they are slow and a workout.


  1. I kind of agree, they should just have row boats and a few sailing dinghies. Plastic contraptions aren’t the best way to get around. Anyone know if you can bring your own dingy?

  2. They need to be slow – the lake isn’t that big. You’ll tour the lake in 15 minutes, and then have 45 minutes to kill. The trick is you need to be ready to sit out on the water and drift for awhile; just enjoying the scene (make sure you have a hat – and maybe a brew).

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