Storefront Report: New vegetarian Indian restaurant underway in Silver Lake*

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Samosa House in Silver Lake

SILVER LAKE — The exterior of the former Dusty’s Bistro has received a colorful new paint job and a new sign reading “Samosa House Sunset” has been installed. Inside, a new interior is under construction. Nearby tenants say the new Sunset Boulevard restaurant will be serving Indian-style, vegetarian cuisine. Is this the Eastside expansion of Samosa House, which operates stores and restaurants in Culver City and the Mar Vista area?  Yes it is.

Vibha Bhojak, who opened the Samosa House grocery in 1979 and later the Samosa House East restaurant in 2009, said the family-owned business plans to open its new Silver Lake restaurant this Sunday with a free, tasting day. “It’s going to be Indian vegetarian and vegan-friendly,” said Bhojak.

Bhojak said her son Kunal, encouraged, the family to open a Silver Lake location.  “My son loves Silver Lake,” she said. “We have been actively looking for a location in Silver Lake since last year.”

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  1. Looking forward to this!

  2. Very excited about this. The Culver City location is great.

  3. Excellent news! Thank you for the update, Eastsider LA.

  4. Join us this Sunday, April 27th from 11:30a-8:30p for our GRAND OPENING! We will be offering a complementary sampling of our menu to anyone that stops in! Find out more information here:


  5. All of these brown people from India are pushing out… wait a minute….

  6. Sounds great, but Indian food is already well represented on this side of town. Nothing against these good folks, but I wish it was a different cuisine.

    • Not sure how well represented Indian cuisine may be.
      Tantra and Electric Lotus have closed, so there is that factor of at least 2 places that could not survive.
      Not saying they are/were the only two, but 2 of the more substantial ones in an earlier life.

    • I’ve always thought Indian food was underrepresented on the east side. For a long time there were only three indian restaurants in walking distance to my house. Agra Cafe is fine, Electric Lotus was pretty bad (it’s better in the new location, but still not great), and Tantraz/Naya was never good enough for its prices (though it had great ambience and drinks). Compare that to the situation for Thai or Chinese or Italian or Mexican and you can see that Indian has been underrepresented. As far as I can tell, there is little or no Indian food in Echo Park, though India Sweets and Spices in Atwater is excellent.

      Now we’ve got the new India’s Restaurant (in the old Point Dume location), which is quite good, and I’m excited to try out the new place!

      (Of course, we could still use our first Ethiopian restaurant, and I think there are some other cuisines that are underrepresented, but Indian is one I had particularly been missing.)

      • I couldn’t agree more! This new Indian restaurant sounds great and is long overdue. But I won’t be completely happy until there is an Ethiopian restaurant on the east side.

      • Agreed about Ethiopian! I think Azla is the closest place on this side of town (near USC… but definitely worth the trip.)

    • Indian Food Lover

      Ok… if we can complain about this… then we really need to stop complaining every time we lose a taco stand. I love tacos but if its diversity we want, we need to accept diversity in our neighborhoods.

  7. Yum, yum, yummy.
    Vegetarian, vegan, Indian…..sounds grrrreat!

  8. Great news! I agree Indian cuisine is underrepresented in our neck of the woods. Hope they are reasonably priced.

  9. I hope they deliver, its difficult to find a parking to spot to run inside and pick up food between 6 and 9.

  10. There may be a few Indian restaurants here, but nothing like Samosa House. They use different vegetables as opposed to the frozen mix of veggies a lot of places around here use. They have unique offerings, and know how to properly cook a vegetable (not overcook.) They don’t over salt their dishes and do use fresh spices. The food is fresh and wonderful, and the people that run the restaurant are also wonderful. They catered my wedding in Pasadena 5 years ago, at a time when they didn’t do catering. I appreciated everything they did and all my friends loved the food, including my Indian family. Samosa House is a welcome addition to the neighborhood, and I will definitely be spending a lot of time there. Welcome Samosa House!

  11. Can we get a f’n sandwich shop? something modestly priced that serves some simple sandwiches????

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