Councilman seeks relief from sports fans and bar patrons who pee in public

Councilman Gil Cedillo | Council District 1

Councilman Gil Cedillo wants the LAPD to take a closer look at what can be done to “curtail urination in public places” by people coming and going to sporting events, special events, bars and nightclubs, according to a City Council motion.

Public urination as well as defecation are already illegal under city law. But Cedillo, whose Council District 1 includes Dodger Stadium and a great many bars, says in the motion that public urination in particular “still occurs on a regular basis in neighborhoods that have venues that attract large crowds.”  In addition, the motion says:

While sporting events, special events, bars and nightclubs provide valuable entertainment for residents and visitors to Los Angeles, some individuals going to or coming from areas that host these types of businesses or large events occasionally decide to relieve themselves in public. This can negatively affect quality of life for residents around venues that attract large crowds.

Cedillo wants LAPD to report back on what is being done now to enforce current laws, which carry a fine of up to $1,000 fine for peeing or pooping in public, and what other efforts the city should adopt.


  1. “Councilaman pissed off at public urination epidemic”

    But seriously, Is public urination really that big a deal in CD 1, or any district for that matter? This seems like it really shouldn’t be a priority or that it should simply be addressed on a location to location basis where it actually is a problem. I can’t say I want the LAPD cracking down on drunk fools peeing on street corners. On a separate note, what happened to Cedillo’s plan for increased outdoor cafe seating on Figueroa?

    • Really? Is this CD1’s top-secret super project? Dodger Peepee and Poopoo? What’s LAPD going to say? “Yes sir, we’ve collected shovels of evidence and have concluded that Dodger fans need more fiber”

  2. When public urination was made illegal in 2003 the city council was hammered because of the lack of public toilets in the city. The council at the time promised to prosecute people for this new crime by only prosecuting people who urinated nearby available public toilets.

    The council also promised to install 150 toilets in LA – those self-cleaning numbers that cost thousands of dollars. For a city of 503 square miles in surface area, 150 public toilets are not sufficient.

    You can read an LA Times article on the topic here:

    To answer Salts question, as far as I am aware, Cedillo’s plan to allow sidewalk seating on Figueroa is being used by exactly one (1) new restaurant near the corner of Avenue 55 and North Figueroa – Chez Antoine.

  3. I live next door to Elysian Park on Scott, I watch Dodger fans urinate as they are walking to and from games. The worse though is the people that defecate in Elysian Park, either on Elysian Park Drive or in the Park itself, it’s gross as the pile usually has toilet paper with it, that’s how I know it’s not a dog.

  4. Echoing unrayj02, this is a policy issue, not a police-y issue. If enforcement/suppression is the only approach the CMGC is going to take on the issue, he’s going to fall short. Make public restrooms a reality. If you want people to not litter, it helps to ensure trash cans are readily available, if you want people to stop urinating, put up restrooms, and have advertisers pay for their cost.

    • its true public restrooms need to be a reality in elysian park

      you would think elysian park would be the crown jewel of los angeles being the dodgers are here and the police academy

      if i were the dodgers i would make it a priority to make elysian park the cleanest park in america

      it would only help the association and their image

    • we should be able to simply expect that people will do the RIGHT thing. Of course, in some sub-cultures, doing the right thing is seen as being uptight. Some people are simply lazy and don’t care.

      Really, what we need to do is change societal attitudes. People need to call each other out when they see folks doing wrong. See someone litter? Ask them WTF. See someone peeing in public? Tell them to have some f’in self respect and find a restroom.

      Really, we shouldn’t need a buttload of police or trashcans every three feet to have a well run society. Go to other countries like Japan, and you’ll see they have virtually no trash cans and public restrooms only in train stations.. yet, zero litter and no public urination. This is because society does not tolerate it. Neither should we.

      • I was with you until the part about zero public urination in Japan. I saw some of the most blatant and amazing daytime middle-of-the-street peeing there!

  5. Europe knows how to deal with this.http://pinkylightsaber.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/public-toilets-in-amsterdam.jpg?w=900&h=675

    These are needed in every major city. Especially where there is nightlife.

  6. Help keep the rent down. I support public urination.

  7. In discussing the need for public toilets I think those people are neglecting to consider that bars have restrooms, Dodger Stadium has restrooms…what does it take to remember to use them before you leave? “I’m in a hurry, I don’t want to wait, it’s easier to wait until I’m outside….” those are really lame excuses and sorry charlie but public health IS an issue and a concern
    If I lived on a route from a major event site and found something in my front yard–or on the sidewalk, I’d make it a point to be out there next time with a high powered hose….

    There isn’t enough money for a nanny state to provide enough toilets for people who didn’t go before or can’t wait until they get home. Grow up—or start wearing Depends so you don’t share your sh-t with the public.
    I support Cedillo’s concern –and I don’t always agree with him…or vote for him.

    • When my children were young and learning to sleep thru the night diaper-less, I would remind them right before bed to go potty.. making it easier for them to make it thru the night. Perhaps we should have tons of folks at the exits asking patrons/ fans if they’ve gone potty before leaving 🙂

  8. Is it not ironic that the Councilman is concerned about people pissing and s**ting while he does the same thing through actively assisting developers destroy our community architectural integrity? I have seen the Superior Market these days and witnessed the daily pissing and s**ting all over the historic front of that classic 1960s grocery store. The way the Councilmember and his staff orchestrated a false “race based” divide in our community to push that ugly pile of crap through was sickening. I have stopped shopping at Superior who was just as guilty of stirring an ugly racist agenda to get their project approved. Donald Sterling cannot hold a candle to this form of pissing and s**ting.

  9. Too many people who are dirty on the inside living in LA.
    Public restrooms ain’t gonna fix that.

    • I can think of at least one filthy-and-revolting-on-the-inside person living in Pasadena. I wish they would mind their own business and Stay There.

      • as a member of society, how society functions is my business. If you and more people like you gave a rats ass about how society functions, LA would be a better place. Instead, it seems you’d rather tell people to mind their own business as you crap in their neighborhood.

        • It’s because of people like us that NELA has become safe and liveable. It’s certainly not due to NIMBYs like yourself who snipe from beyond our (NOT your) city limits. meddlesome busybody NOT “concerned citizen” is the term that comes to mind after reading each and every one of your posts. Btw, your neighbor’s business is NOT your business, i.e., Mind Your Own Business.

  10. Hear ye hipsters. one and all…It doesn’t have to be this way. YOU can run for office. It’s not that hard or expensive to get on the ballot. Seriously. DO IT!

  11. IF Cedillo was only as concerned about individuals who are in this country illegally, as he was about citizens who need to take a leak after 5 beers in their car before the game, if only….

  12. As someone who lives near Dodger Stadium, I’d greatly appreciate seeing a reduction in public urination/defecation. It’s a pain to have to clean up after people who clearly don’t care about the surrounding neighborhood.

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