Lost in Silver Lake: Part-Siamese cross-eyed cat

Please help me find my handsome little buddy! His name is The Dude.

He’s very distinct looking: white muzzle with greyish/brownish bandit mask, giant blue eyes (he’s cross-eyed, to boot) and a pink nose. White underbelly with grey saddle/tail. Big head for his body, around 14-16 lbs and his fur is as soft as a baby bunny.

I’ve had him for 11 years but he can easily pass for a 4-year old cat in it’s prime. Sweetest cat you’ll ever meet– he’s never met a human whose lap he didn’t wanna curl up in, or whose leg he didn’t wanna head-butt. He usually greets me at the door every time I come home and comes when he hears his name. He’s more dog-like than my actual dog.

The Dude is an indoor-only cat who escaped two days ago; he was last seen indoors on Sunday night (May 25th). If I don’t find him, I might lose my faith in humanity. This cat is my everything!

Contact: 3103839599

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  1. Where exactly in Silver Lake are you? Some cross-streets would help. Cats generally stay very close to home in these kinds of situations. They’re just really good at hiding. Have you searched any basements/attics/garages in or around your home? Good luck!

    • I’m on Parkman between Silverlake Blvd & Sunset, same street as Cafe Tropical.

      I think he’s likely hiding somewhere nearby, on Parkman/Marathon/Reno/etc – I’ve been looking under building on my block and searched the back streets behind my apartment complex.

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