Morning Report: Falling palm tree kills East L.A. man; Black families leave Boyle Heights in wake of housing project firebombings; Silver Lake Skunk-O-Rama

East L.A.

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News & Notes:

  • A 49-year-old East L.A. man was killed on Saturday morning when a palm tree fell on him in the 3900 block of Dozier Avenue, reports ABC7.  Tony Calderon, who was taking his morning walk, was pronounced dead at the scene.
  • The fire bombings of four apartments at Ramona Gardens has prompted several Black tenants to request emergency transfers out of the Boyle Heights housing project, according to the L.A. Times. The recent fire bombings come 20 years after a similar incident also saw the departure of black tenants from Ramona Gardens.
  • Have you seen La Cage aux Folles at Silver Lake’s Materials & Applications? The outdoor sculpture made from white steel tubing was inspired by the design of a Mongolian yurt. “It’s a bit like a futuristic treehouse or open door cage, rising from the ground and enveloping a viewer,” says L.A. I’m Yours.

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    @chipmosher : You are literally using literally incorrectly.

    • @Twelve Words or Less: You are using the word “less” incorrectly. (Your screen name should read, “Twelve Words or Fewer.”)

      • @James: I thought the period in your parenthetical statement above should be placed after the close-quote mark. But I did a little research and found this: “*There are peculiar typographical reasons why the period and comma go inside the quotation mark in the United States. The following explanation comes from the “Frequently Asked Questions” file of alt.english.usage: “In the days when printing used raised bits of metal, “.” and “,” were the most delicate, and were in danger of damage (the face of the piece of type might break off from the body, or be bent or dented from above) if they had a ‘”‘ on one side and a blank space on the other. Hence the convention arose of always using ‘.”‘ and ‘,”‘ rather than ‘”.’ and ‘”,’, regardless of logic.” This seems to be an argument to return to something more logical, but there is little impetus to do so within the United States.”

        So you stand uncorrected!

        • Corrector, you sure wasted a lot of space to confirm that I wrote my post correctly.

          • Incidentally, I’d categorize my use of “sure” in the above sentence as idiomatic – similar to the phrase “Twelve words or less.” The only reason that I bothered to point out the error in that phrase is that he or she was correcting Chipmosher on his use of “literally.” Whenever someone corrects others’ grammar or spelling, I can’t resist correcting their posts as well.

          • There are no grammatically incorrect NAMES. If someone wants to call themselves “Twelve Words or Less” Its not grammatically incorrect.

          • Aha – maybe that’s why Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have been ignoring my requests to correct the spelling of their former band’s name.

  2. Flattered at the recognition on The Eastsider and the grammatical fight about my tweet in the comments section. It’s a great day to be alive and living on the East Side!

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