Feel Like a Superhero!

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By Gabriela Nuñez

I was never an athletic person. I never played team sports. Well, I did run cross-country for one year in high school, but I was the slowest runner on the team.

However, since I became a member of AAY!, the way I perceive myself has changed. In the first few months of attending their workouts, I learned to appreciate my body for its endless potential.

Whereas I used to see my legs as “thunder thighs,” the AAY! lunges and sprints across the gym, made me feel grateful for my beloved legs for their power and muscle definition. I even discovered a new running speed that makes me feel like a superhero!

Now, my once wimpy limbs and hunched shoulders are gloriously defined arms that hold my own weight during push-ups, kettle bell lifts, and carry my heavy bags of weekly groceries up two flights of stairs without a problem.

Thanks to the community of AAY! fitness instructors & nutrition experts, I’ve developed a healthier relationship with my body. I might still have body “imperfections,” according to the standards in popular media (dimples in my derriere, stretch marks, curves, you name it!), but with every workout, I’m grateful for my body’s endurance, strength and its athletic abilities.

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