Glassellland sign in trouble, again

he second incarnation of Glassellland before it was removed in November.

GLASSELLLAND – After being forced to remove his Glasssellland sign last fall from its most recent home, artist Justin Stadel set about to find a permanent location for the whimsical sign that has attracted a loyal following as it has moved from hillside to hillsides.  Not only did Stadel find a property owner willing to host the sign on a hill near Kinney Street, he raised more than $3,700 from an online fundraiser and “Glassellland” t-shirt and sticker sales to help create a larger, more durable sign, perhaps even one that was illuminated.  But shortly after beginning work on the new sign this Sunday,  Stadel had only installed the letters that spelled out  “ELLLAND” before a building inspector arrived and told him he had to take the sign down, saying it violated the city’s signage rules.

Stadel delivered the bad news in an email to supporters:

“So, long story short, I have to take the sign down by the end of tomorrow.  I need a lot of help.  This is much more than a financial thing now. I am glad that I was able to get half the sign up so that people know that it is ready.  I am working with a structural engineer (who is a local and supporter of the sign) and he is helping me navigate this situation

Stadel, in an email to The Eastsider,  said city ordinance  does not allow signs in a residential area to be bigger than 12 square-feet. “There are also concerns about kids that may possibly loiter around the sign and cause a disturbance, he said.

Stadel is asking supporters to contact city councilmen Gil Cedillo and Mitch O’Farrell as part of a campaign to win a variance from city sign rules, allowing the  Glasssellland  sign to rise once again.

New version of Glasssellland being installed this past weekend | Mark Mullen

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  1. glassell parker

    you have our support!

  2. Bring back the Glassellland sign!

  3. You would have to be an idiot to think you could put that huge sign up without a permit.

  4. Could there be a LESS original idea? I could see this being funny if it were a temporary spoof or if it was in NEBRASKA, but these guys are trying to make this a permanent fixture of the hillside right down the street from the REAL HOLLYWOOD SIGN? C’mon guys really? Let this dumb desperately uncreative idea die already!

  5. This is a really bad idea for the neighborhood that already experiences too many people hanging about drinking and smoking on the hillside. Apart from the people who live nearby who have to pick up the trash does this “artist” ever stop to think of all the negative impact on the neighborhood or is he just an egomaniac and likes the fact he can see the sign every time he steps out of his front door? It has been put up illegally again and should be taken down. It’s not even an original idea.

  6. So many critics – not like it’s Beverly Hills around here.

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