Storefront Report: A one-stop shop for the well-groomed Echo Park man

The future home of Manly & Sons Barber Co.

ECHO PARK — From a straight-razor shave and haircut to wallets and suspenders,  the now under-construction Manly & Sons Barber Co. wants to be the purveyor of everything the well-groomed and well-accessorized man needs.  “It’s kind of the Ace Hardware for men,” said manager Eric Adams of the guy-centric services and products.

Workers are now remodeling the former Fretted Frog guitar shop on Alvarado Street near Sunset Boulevard into a five-seat barber shop and store that will be stocked with hair and skin products, grooming kits, suspenders, shoe laces, smart-phone cases and other accessories that right now would require visits to several stores, said Adams, a Mount Washington resident. “It’s a big space and we want to fill it,” he said.

Adams, who organizes Dapper Day events, will handle merchandising at the shop while a crew of barbers from Portland will handle the hair cuts and shaves, he said.  A soft opening is scheduled for August, he said.

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  1. I know the word “hipster” gets thrown around a lot these days, but this seems almost cartoonish: “a crew of barbers from Portland”. Best of luck to them, but is the neighborhood really in need of another barber shop? Off the top of my head there’s already Novak, Goodhead, Speakeasy, New California, Rock Paper, and (for the budget minded) Casanova within a few blocks of this.

  2. Don’t people research the area before they open up a new business? Especially something as niche as this. There is literally the same exact stores next to each other (Gentlemen’s Breakfast & The New California Barbershop) a single block away on Mohawk and Sunset. That’s like opening a coffee shop across the street from a coffee shop. One of you is going out of business. Why take the chance at trying to weasel into an already established business? Why take a 50/50 shot at failing strictly on your location. Why take a 50/50 shot at pushing out another independent, like minded small business? Completely unnecessary competition.

    • Congratulations. You are exactly wrong. The best thing for business IS competition. The coffee shop comparison is especially bad as there is an independent coffee shop directly across the street from a multinational corporation Starbucks. Both shops are doing fine.

      I like this idea. Good luck with the new biz guys, I’ll certainly give you a try!

      • Competition is great when you’re on a larger scale, big business with high demand product(s). Neither of the shops mentioned are multinational corporations, so I don’t know why you’re talking about starbucks. Starbucks vs Independent works because Starbucks doesn’t need the business that keeps the independent surviving. And just because a shop is still operating doesn’t necessarily mean it’s doing fine. But when they’re two independent businesses competing within that kind of vicinity, for the same customer, more than likely one of them closes.

        • Wrong again genius. When you are a big business selling high demand products competition hurts because the margins are already so thin. if you are selling a unique product with high margins (such as services) your competitive edge becomes about the product and service not about price. If a competitor in this scenario closes it would not be for lack of clientèle but a failure to attract the available clientèle and therefore would have been forced to close anyway.

          Take an econ 101 class please.

          • In addition, having multiple stores selling the same high end product or service in one area can draw more customers to that area. That’s why you see all the Persian rug stores right next door to each other. Now all the hipsters will know that Mohawk and Sunset is where you go to get your mustache tips waxed. And that’s a good thing.

          • if you think startbucks’s margins are thin, you’re the one who needs the econ class.

          • Robit: I might actually take something you’ve typed to heart if you weren’t so obsessed with this comment board being some sort of competition. When you act that way it dismisses everything you have to say. Any points you’re trying to make become moot.

            I’m not an economics major, I’m just a realist and I’m going by what I’ve personally witnessed over the years.

        • Little Ethiopia has several Ethiopian restaurants on the same block on Fairfax. They all seem to be doing well.

  3. How long has the Fretted Frog been out of business – or did they move to a new location?

  4. Awesome choice !

  5. “It’s kind of the Ace Hardware for men,” -ummmmmm

  6. Echo Park resident

    Yeah, my manly boyfriend will likely want nothing to do with this metrosexual, menswear obsessed nonsense.

    This sounds like Gentleman’s Breakfast (Sunset/Mohawk) and that barbershop across the street from it had a baby and moved a block away.

  7. when did we as men become so lame! the depression haircuts, the beards, and tattoos are overkill at this point. i can see the fancy lads gathering outside of this joint in their American work wear that no honest joe could ever afford. this whole “craftsmen” and lame “bespoke” emphasis is just crazy stupid….not rad at all! I will stick to my girl cutting my hair with regular household scissors.

    if you are gnarly dudes, protecting the universe, kickin dorko butt, one lame brain at a time! If you love to hang 10, get sweet grindage, or just veg with extra cheesy mondo pizza(EAT SPARRINGLY)then this is the TOTALLY RAD kid safe zone for you!!!! Koom Lords and Goonies forever

    • For me, the problem with this type of place is not in its basic aspirations to develop a personal style. The problem is in the insecurity and phoniness that seems to hang about the methods and pre-packaged styles it chooses. No good can come of so much insecurity.

      The manager of this store organizes “Dapper Day” events at Dineyland (http://dapperday.com). This type of event is so far away from Echo Park esthetics that it boggles the mind. Can we please do better than ransacking past decades for ideas on how to live and dress? Allow our fathers’ styles to rest in peace.

  8. Awesome! I’ve been waiting for something like this to pop up. This place is gonna be rad. It’s sounds for sure unique. I just hope they are down to barter.

  9. How many of those barber shops listed, offer a straight razor shave? Not every barber shop now, offers a straight razor shave.

    • This!

      I use a straight razor at home, but nothing beats a real barber giving a real old fashioned straight razor shave. It’s not something I do all the time, but for a special treat . . . It can’t be beat.

  10. Welcome to the neighborhood and good luck!

  11. Won’t barber density create more affordable styling in the long run?

  12. gentleman’s breakfast is a place to get glasses. not like, only sunglasses but glasses….they aren’t optometrists but it’s just a glasses place.

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