Storefront Report: Echo Park restaurant and bar scene prepares for new players and expansion

L-R:  Allummette, Lot 1 Cafe and Glendale Boulevard space

L-R: Allummette, Lot 1 Cafe and Glendale Boulevard space

ECHO PARK —   It’s been a challenge this year to  keep up with the comings and goings at the neighborhood’s restaurants and bars, and more changes are in the works,  with new owners emerging for the shuttered Allumette, an expansion planned for Lot 1 Cafe and the owners of a Glendale Boulevard building seeking a restaurant tenant. Here’s a run down of some of the changes:

  • Allumette – the high-concept, high-priced  restaurant – closed only a month ago but a new owner has already claimed the Echo Park  Avenue space. The state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Department has received an application to transfer the Allumette liquor license to new owners who plan to operate under the name “The Holloway,” according to online records.  More details are coming soon about what the new owners have planned.
  • Around the corner on Sunset Boulevard at Laveta Terrace, Lot 1 Cafe is planning to expand into adjacent storefronts and is also seeking to sell a full-line of alcoholic beverages.  Since opening during the depths of the recession, Lot 1 has added live musical performances, late hours as well as a weekend brunch. Now, owner Eileen Leslie has requested city permission for the expansion, which includes a larger kitchen, more seating and the ability to serve a full-line of alcoholic beverages (it can currently serve beer and wine).
  • Over on Glendale Boulevard next to the KFC, the owners of a brick building north of Montana Street are seeking permission to allow a future tenant to serve a full line of alcoholic drinks  as part of a restaurant, according to online city records.  The same 2,200-square-foot building  is now being marketed for lease on LoopNet, with an asking monthly rent of more than $5,000 a month.



  1. Lot 1 has the best damn non pretentious burger in town! They need a bigger band room and bigger drink menu to make it one of the best venues on the block.

  2. Wohoo Eileen! Best idea ever. Can’t wait to see lot1s expansion. ! More fun.

  3. I really hope lot 1 get’s full bar–excited for this! that place is great!

  4. That’s great for Lot 1! They’ve been supporting the independent music scene for a long time & deserve some good. Keep rockin’!

  5. I hope that Lot 1 adds more kitchen staff too! I was starvin like marvin and popped in for a bite but was told the kitchen staff didnt show up that day. Nice work if you can get it…

  6. I fully support the expansion of Lot 1! They’ve done so much for bands and have amazing food, and they could really benefit from the larger kitchen and additional seating.

  7. Can’t wait for this, Lot 1 always supports the local scene, is a fantastic community space, and has great food to boot! Fantastic burgers and the best fries in town, can’t wait for the upgrade!!

  8. Lot 1 has THE BEST burgers I have ever had — and I’ve had a lot. If you haven’t been here you are missing out.They’re delicious and made with so much love by Eileen. Fantastical beer selection too, great atmosphere… Can’t wait until they expand and can serve more burgers to more people!!

  9. Love the burgers, the chorizo and well done bacon with cheese is my favorite creation. Never disappoints!

  10. Lot 1 is a great fixture in the Echo Park community that provides a cool place to eat amazing food. In addition to that, Lot 1 has become a haven for new up and coming bands to cut their teeth on performing and honing their stage craft. I fully support a Lot 1 expansion and I cross my fingers in hopes that it comes to fruition.

  11. LOVE LOT 1, so im VERY happy that i can now get my full drank on while eating their GREAT burgers. Eileen and Jason are wonderful examples of the kind of business owners that should be allowed to come in to Echo Park, they are truly part of the neighborhood and im thankful theyre around

  12. Yea lot 1 will have the room they need and FULL BAR.. This is awesome for our neighborhood

  13. Lot 1’s burgers and chili cheese fries are amazing.
    They do need to expand their stage for their live bands for sure.
    Cool spot.

  14. Graham Ginsburg

    I love the improvements that Eileen is making. It’s going to benefit everyone involved; from musician to patron, an expansion is necessary to keep good bands coming in and doing their thing.

    Looking forward to seeing this come to fruition!

  15. Great food. The burgers and fries are out of control. A full bar would be great. And so would
    Being able to drink while you watch the bands!!!

  16. Anne Marie Ceralvo

    Best burgers. Fries. Eggs Benedicts.
    Best brunch in LA! Reasonably prices overall.
    Lotsa unsung talent during the live shows as well. Can’t wait to see this place fully developed with a full liquor license and more space to bring homies to hang out! Cheers.

  17. More Lot1 the better.

  18. The shills are coming out for this one.

    • Not a shill, but I’ve had a burger and beer there twice. Pretty good…and decent brews on tap IIRC.
      I’m trying to think of ‘best burger’ for echo park. I can’t really think of a place the specializes in burgers. Also, that’s pretty much all Lot 1 has. I recall looking at the menu and thinking “I have a choice of a burger…or the other burger.”

  19. Is Lot 1 some kind of front for Scientology? You folks are creeping me out.

  20. lot 1 is terrible and these comments MUST be fake. most of the time when you walk by there’s a lonely, unaccompanied laptop playing crappy music to an empty room.

  21. I’ve always thought lot 1 cafe looked like a very cool spot to play a show at. The first time I ever stumbled by it was at last years echo park rising and since than I really wanted to play a show at this little bar and venue. Well in the following year we had our chance to play a show here but by that time I had forgotten about lot 1 and was surprised when I realized where we were playing that night. It was one of the best experience I had ever had. We had a great crowd and no one around had a bad vibe even after the set the owner came up to and personally said that she really liked out band and wanted to book us more often. It was very nice since being a band is not very easy but this moments makes all that trouble worth while. Not only did I have an amazing time here but it gave me confidence boost and I can’t say that about a lot of place since in Los Angeles we are over previlged with great music and everyone seems to dismiss newer and unknown bands. I hope nothing but success for this place because there very few places like this that make Los Angeles a great place to live. Thank you lot 1 cafe.

  22. The omlets at Lot 1 are out of this world too. I wish they were always open for breakfast. Seriously best omlet ever.

  23. saltminestudios

    As a small child watching Cheers I always dreamed I would grow up to become a beloved local drunk. Lot 1 made my dream come true. Let’s all raise one for Eileen and Jason because they are doing a great job. Cheers!

  24. Nobody that lives in Echo Park wants to see another liquor license issued to a neighborhood business. The stretch of Sunset Blvd. from Los Feliz to Downtown is now a favorite spot for DUI check points thanks to all of the drunks partying in our neighborhood. 5 years ago it was rare to see a checkpoint in this area, but now there are just too many bars and restaurants selling alcohol. I’m no 12 stepper, but I think there are already enough places to get drunk in the area, we don’t need more.
    I don’t have any issue with Lot 1 expanding, but wine and beer should be enough.

  25. I don’t even drink beer and I still go to lot 1 over the other EP bars because the folks are way friendlier. The atmosphere is awesome and I’ve never seen a fight there, they’ve got a good crowd. If they want to have more options (and I get to order a whiskey from the same place I get brunch) I’m all for it.

  26. I don’t eat red meat but Lot 1’s burgers make me want to. The food is phenomenal–that’s a given; best french fries in town, best grilled cheese in town, best everything in town. A full bar and ample space are necessities to ensure the elevated success of this cornerstone where you go for the food/drink, stay for the music and art, and never ever leave. Not sure what echobaby is talking about regarding the kitchen staff– the food is always on par and ready! AND, it’s not that Echo Park needs another bar… It’s that Lot 1 needs to be full bar. They’re already on the map. Duh!

  27. Folks. STOP. I’m guessing Lot 1 is asking all its customers to fill this post with unfettered proselytizing about its burgers and great vibe, as if the ABC board considers them when deciding whether or not to grant the license.

  28. One more bar ! hahahhaahahah

  29. MANSON people!!!!

  30. Francisco Hernandez

    Lot 1 has the best food, music, and atmosphere in SOCAL PERIOD! I love this place and am super stoked on the expansion!

  31. Lot 1 rules and they deserve the expansion!

  32. Lot 1 has always been badass! Can’t wait to see what they do next!

  33. I left Echo Park 1-year ago but have great memories of Lot 1. Eileen told me some amazing stories about the neighborhood. She and Jason are really cool, down-to-earth people and it’s excellent to hear that they are having success. They deserve it.

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