Morning Report: East L.A. residents fear bike-riding gentrifiers; Eagle Rock protests dump expansion; Glassell Park real estate enters million-dollar range

Burgundy Bug, Echo Park | Mary-Austin Klein/Instagram

Burgundy Bug, Echo Park | Mary-Austin Klein/Instagram

News & Notes:

  • Will hipsters, gentrifiers and outsiders arrive in East L.A. by bike? The expansion of  CicLAvia into East Los Angeles and Boyle Heights has generated concern among some residents that the cycling event will  speed up the pace of gentrification, reports KPCC.
  • Eagle Rock residents protested the expansion of the Scholl Canyon dump in neighboring Glendale, reports L.A. Times.
  • Where the Bears Are –  a video series about three gay guys living in Silver Lake – has garnered 10 million views on YouTube, reports WEHOville.

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  1. That word “gentrification” is getting tiresome. Folks are worried about CicLAvia and gentrification. Here is the meaning of GENTRIFICATION. I walk or ride CicLAvia every time and I have never seen aristocrats riding. I see all types of people riding and walking and skateboarding. Just out on the street having fun without cars for FREE.

    wellborn and well-bred people.
    (in England) the class below the nobility.
    an upper or ruling class; aristocracy.
    those who are not members of the nobility but are entitled to a coat of arms, especially those owning large tracts of land.
    (used with a plural verb) people, especially considered as a specific group, class, or kind:
    The polo crowd doesn’t go there, but these hockey gentry do.
    the state or condition of being a gentleman.

  2. “CicLAvia feels like another example of outside forces coming into their community without consulting them.”

    Gee, silly me. I thought the streets belong to all of us. Turns out that nothing can happen without permission from the self-appointed ‘leaders’ who presume to speak for the community despite no evidence of support.

    News flash, if you want local control of your streets, secede from LA and form your own city. The taxpayers of LA will thank you!

    • Outside forces = Not Mexican.

      • How does that explain the Mexican from Mexico whose 5K run through Boyle Heights was also rejected by locals as intrusion of an outsider? Only the gentrifiers constantly expose their anxiety (guild?) about race or ethnicity. Otherwise, there is a long history of co-existence among equally poor and working-class people of all races who have called NELA and ELA home.

  3. BLAH BLAH BLAH: hipster, gentrification, coffee shops, BLAH BLAH BLAH.
    TheEastsider: wo4iuyn9vaywneo;tyvunpoqurn eqrnv7qpto9unv0wEU9TRQCWN ;OPAWUERT0TIVUNAWE;0TUVN;PWE UIYGBWIEURVBIAWE oinyouyroiytunfoa fwco3iu4otuvnowiu4 OIUNOIURGO;VNP’3T

    Meaningless. Stop this.

  4. Targeting the bike and ride set as a sign of impending doom, injecting evil into East LA and snatching up all of the real estate? It’s a free for all! Horizontal flip fences for everyone who displaces a low income family! Evil outsiders are coming…. Wow, exactly how racially separatist is East LA/Boyle Heights? Pretty soon we will all have to learn how to live with each other. People want to live close to downtown. People want to visit and potentially live in your community. You can’t stop what’s coming. That’s vanity.

    • It’s more about class, than race. People buy some houses, move in and tell their neighbors who’ve been there for generations that their way of life needs updating. Fall into line or sell your house for a profit and move to the Inland Empire. These residents have friends from the Highland Parks et al. who are experiencing the tyranny of the entitled “big fish in a small pond” class who claim to know the right way for the residents to live. “The city sucks because of your values but we are changing that. We come not to live with you but to replace you, your children, grandchildren and the culture of your ancestors.” It may be to late for Boyle Heights but East LA could be up for the coming class war on their turf.

      • Neighbors who’ve been there for generations??? Its obvious you know nothing about this neighborhood.

        Unless they’re Jewish (or Japanese American), they haven’t been in Boyle Heights for generations.

        • You know I’m referring to Northeast & East LA as a geographic area but I certainly don’t exclude any ethnic groups as targets. I have a close friend who is the third generation of a Japanese American family born, raised and living in a home in Boyle Heights. Just spoke to him a minute ago and the all cash offers are coming in. He’s not going anywhere for now.

  5. I live in Highland Park and we have all kinds of neighbors. We are interested only if you are friendly and kind. My husband has lived in HP most of his life. I just don’t understand why folks don’t want people riding bikes or walking in their neighborhood. I would love it so much if it happened in my neighborhood. I just don’t get it. Cyclavia is free and fun. What’s not to like a out closing off a street and having fun with all kinds of people for ONE DAY?

  6. The revival of downtown LA is what’s speeding up gentrification in the adjacent neighborhoods… good luck stopping that (and really, why would you even want to?)

    That said, I think the neighbors will be pleasantly surprised to find that CicLAvia is one of the more diverse events LA has going.

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