Storefront Report: Echo Park bar owners take over restaurant

The Holloway Burger: 6-ounce beef patty, special blend with caramelized onion, cheddar, glazed bacon, bibb lettuce, smokey ketchup and aioli. | Photo courtesy The Holloway

The Holloway is opening in the former home of Allummette

The Holloway is opening in the former home of Allumette

ECHO PARK — The folks who renovated and reopened Little Joy, the one-time Sunset Boulevard dive bar, two years ago are now in the process of opening a new bar and restaurant on Echo Park Avenue in the former home of Allumette.

The Holloway, which shares the name of a former Echo Park dive bar that closed several years ago,  will feature a full bar, flat-screen TVs tuned into MLB, NBA and NFL games. Unlike the gourmet small plates at Allumette, The Holloway’s kitchen, overseen by BRAVO Top Chef contestant Brian Huskey, will be serving up “re-imagined diner classics that are perfect for a late night meal or date-night dinner,” according to a press release.

The Holloway is scheduled to open Sept. 1 but will offer a sneak peak this Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a limited menu and drink specials.

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  1. I lived in echo park for 15 years …much of that time in dive bars,…and Ive never heard of the original holloway…where was it? And when?

    • It was near Echo Park Fashion on Sunset heading west before Logan, All of us locals called it the “Murder Bar” because somebody was stabbed to death in the back ally. It was actually called the New Holloway.

  2. Seems a bit small for a sports bar but good on ’em.

  3. Nothing worse than sitting down in a restaurant and having to see sports on flat screens. Gross.

    • Unless you are going there to watch sports whilst you eat.

    • Oh get over yousrelf

    • couldn’t agree more. there are definitely two types of people out there: those who like TVs in restaurants and those who abhor them. like eastsidearts, i will also be avoiding the halloway. but to each his/her own!

    • Gross is right. Ugh, big TVs in bars are bad enough, but in restaurants they are horrible.

      • ugh, I only fart in open spaces. You know what’s worse than having TVs in restaurants? Not having a restaurant there at all. I say welcome!

    • “re-imagined diner classics that are perfect for … date-night dinner,”

      Guy (or gals): do NOT take a date to a place with big screen TVs playing sports games. Unless you know that person really really likes sports.

    • Agreed. TVs tuned into sports bring a bad crowd to bars and restaurants a lot of the time — loud, rude, boorish people who drink through an entire game and get increasingly rowdy as time goes on.

      Last time I was in a sports bar, a group of drunken football fans began climbing over our booth to exit instead of asking their friends to scoot over. I politely asked them to stop crawling over us as we ate food, and they responded by throwing change at us and attempting (and hilariously failing) to assault my boyfriend. This was in Los Feliz, so I’m sure the entitled upper middle class White Folk of Echo Park will bring the same behavior.

      • Let me guess, were you at Ye Rustic? I’m pretty sure this new spot will not be anything like that. Nice generalization, though.

        Btw am I the only one who laughed a bit when I read that they threw their change at you?

  4. Nice! Been wanting a nice casual place to eat and/or watch a game i can walk to. Look forward to checking it out.

  5. Lol ! If you have to ask where the Holloway was….never mind……too funny …

  6. YES!!! This is the closest restaurant to my house and I was upset when AYC closed. Allumette was a slap in the face to the neighborhood. This is more up my alley. Not a huge sports fan, but if the food is good and price is right I’ll definitely check it out.

  7. Cool. There are currently only a few places to watch sports in EP, so this seems like a slam dunk (no pun intended.)

  8. wow first they ruined little joy then are opening a sports bar? how lame can these people be?

  9. Alright youngsters. I grew up in Echo Park in the 70’s. Back then, I could not walk through the park or Sunset Blvd. without getting chased by gang members or getting hard looks by someone, literally in fear. All these new places with or without flat screens are welcomed to this area, in my book. Who would of thought!!

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