Echo Park and Silver Lake squawking about parrots [updated]

Parrots above Silver Lake | Daniel Merrill

Parrots above Silver Lake | Daniel Merrill

The skies above certain parts of Echo Park and Silver Lake have been rather noisy lately. No, it’s not the drone of police and TV helicopters. It’s the squawking of parrots.

eastside animals button smallA large flock  of feral parrots has been seen and heard flying recently above  Echo Park near Echo Park and Scott avenues. Meanwhile, in Silver Lake, Daniel Merrill took some photos of a large flock that has begun hanging out where Silver Lake Boulevard crosses under Sunset Boulevard.

“My wife noticed them flying around yesterday afternoon,” Merrill said. “I didn’t see them then, but then they came back this morning.”

So, what kind of parrots are these?

The California Parrot Project, a website about “naturalized” parrots, provides information about 13 different species of birds that fly over the “urban jungles” of California. The one thing all these parrots have in common is that they are loud:

Their voices are used in playful jousts and territorial displays; they will announce their arrival and departure  their desire to communicate is at the core of their very being. Though some calls are unique to a specific species, there are calls that have proven to bridge the species barrier. In short, a parrot is not a parrot without a voice.

More parrots | Daniel Merrill

More parrots | Daniel Merrill

Update: Jim Earle of Echo Park took a video of the parrots flying and squawking over Echo Park and Scott avenues.

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  1. I saw a large flock about a week ago near my home off Elysian Park Drive. They make a tremendous racket and won’t sit still long. But the last day or two haven’t heard a peep, they seemed to have gone back to Pasadena.

  2. They’ve been around the NELA, Arroyo, Pasadena area for decades. I happen to enjoy them, loud squawking and all.

  3. They love acacia trees.

    When the trees produce their seed-pods, the parrots will come .. clip off the end of the branch with the pod on it.. and munch.

    You get free annual tree trimming.

  4. I live on the Echo Park ridge line and we had them hanging around here for a month or so a while back.

  5. I live near EP and Scott and have noticed these parrots have been very loud the past few weeks, anyone know if something has changed with them? I’m used to seeing a flock of these green parrots around in the trees, but lately they seem to have been flitting from place to place around the neighborhood all together, loudly announcing every move.

  6. These look to be the same ones we have in Highland Park. They’re called, Mitred Conures. Very loud but super cute.

  7. hope they survive ok with this horrible heat wave I will leave water out

  8. omg these motherfuckers are so loud. They have been squawking throughout the night in my neighborhood (Westerly Terrace + Sunset.) for the past week. Keep in mind that we sleep through Sunset Blvd noise with little issue, but we woke up with a start around 4a two nights ago from their squawking and whatnot. Had a fit around 8a this morning as well. I hate them with every fiber of my being.

  9. Yep, we live close to Elysian Park and these guys parked in our front yard eucalyptus tree for a day or two.

  10. Good lord people ! Who cares ?
    They are parrots and they fly and squak , Thats what they do !
    Echo Park has gone to the birds ! Literally .
    It used to be a mellow laid back place and now everyone complains about everything !
    Are there not bigger issues ?
    I love hearing them !
    Especially after a bong hit and a walk to Sunset Beer.
    Cheeers !
    Squak on parrots !

  11. Here’s some footage I took recently of the parrots around Echo Park Ave and Scott. They come every summer to munch on the berries of two trees near that corner.

  12. They’ve been around Highland Park for YEARS. Every morning I hear them right outside my house, probably hundreds of them at once sometimes. Super cute!

  13. I’ve heard and seen them when I’ve been walking my dogs on Morton Ave. I heard them long before I saw them, they are a happy lot. They parked in my trees a few years ago, in the fall some of the trees have these tiny little black/purple berries on them and the parrots loved them. The did a lot of tree trimming at the time, too. I’d come home from work and find small branches of leaves about 3″ thick on my patio. Beats having to pay a human crew to trim!

  14. A couple of years back, I was once startled by a flock of these feral parrots hiking one of the ridges overlooking the Observatory in GP, They suddenly (and noisily) swarmed directly above and past us and were gone just as suddenly . . . I love L.A.

  15. that’s it….we’re selling out (600% markup) and moving….this is the end times!

  16. I work from home, and several times a year large gangs of the parrots will settle into the trees around my Garvanza second-floor apartment windows for some munchies and noisy conversation. Occasionally they’ll arrive when I’m on the phone with one of my Manhattan clients, and the squawking is so loud that even with my doors and windows closed tight we can’t carry on the phone call. The clients are skeptical when I say (a) yes, I am in L.A., and (b) yes, it’s the local parrots. “Yeah, right, Forrest; suuuure, we believe you. Tell the truth——you’re really in Belize, aren’t you?” I’ve given up trying to explain; now I just say, “Yep, you guessed it.”

    Noisy, yes; messy, yeah, sometimes; but those big glossy green birds always make life more interesting.

  17. About a week ago @ 8 in the morning in atwater village we heard them. Naighbors and i ran out to see what was going on and all we see all the parrots fly and swinging around the power lines. They looked so beautiful. 🙂

  18. Effing gentrification

  19. Tons of them in Highland Park at our house. Love those yappy birds. I really do. They have been a part of this neighborhood for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it is so loud my husband and I have to tell over them to hear each other. They generally fly in, eat tons of seeds and berries, talk up a storm, and split all at once within 15 or 20 minutes.

  20. I saw these parrots downtown in the parking lot of the convention center just before sunset TODAY!

  21. you know I live near Silver Lake and Sunset and the mockingbirds are the worse but that said I feel we are a little refugee for these fine feathered friends… where else in what damn big city would you see this… be thankful for the beauty and the noise they are all gifts…and lessons to live together… also Silver Lake was cow pastures back in the day… they were all here first

  22. I’ve seen these flocks of parrots in my current home in Alhambra- (just saw them 3 weeks ago) and in my previous home in Boyle Heights (3 years ago!)

  23. i’m in AV and there’s definitely a dramatic INCREASE in the wild parrots. been noticing this for a few months now.
    I love them, but just noting that they have definitely increased in #’s.

  24. Anyone who enjoys these parrots should check out the documentary “The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.” It’s a documentary about a group of parrots who make their home in a San Francisco neighborhood – and the guy who took care of them for years until he had to move out of his apartment. Great documentary.


  25. Are we confusing feral green parrots with the great-tailed grackle? The large and loud flock of birds that have infested Echo Park Ave and Scott Ave lately appear to me more black and blue in color, like in the second photo and video above, not at all green like the parrots in the first photo. They’ve been making quite an annoying racket throughout the day, mostly in the afternoon. I don’t remember them here last year.

    • The ones in my video were green with red heads. It’s hard to see that in the video against the sky.

    • You consider it an ‘infestation’ when birds find a way to survive in an urban area? I would consider it ‘adaptation’ and ‘nature’. Its very positive.

  26. Oct 1, this morning, the green parrots were here in Agoura Hills! I live right near the Santa Monica Mts state park and they came in around 9:00am. They were loud and took over my bird feeder. There were at least 8 of them trying to eat the seeds while another 20 sat in the trees. So cool!!!

  27. So I’d like to know where do the go at night to roost and in the,am w they head East where do the go? I’m in Covina’CA and I see and hear them fly over us every day at dusk and sunset. Does anyone have any information on where they go? Thank you. Jean

  28. These birds come to the San Fernando Valley every year and feast on the fruits of trees. They then disappear and come back with many more birds every spring….They are very loud and squeak while they fly… it’s wonderful to see how they have flourished here in LA…

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