101-year-old man killed in Boyle Heights collision

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BOYLE HEIGHTS — A 101-year man crossing a street was fatally struck this morning by a van whose driver was followed and detained by witnesses after fleeing the scene.

The LAPD’s Central Traffic Division said that Jose Noriega was struck at about 6 a.m. while walking eastbound in a marked crosswalk at Lorena and Opal streets when he was hit by a 1997 Chevy Astro Van traveling northbound on Lorena. Noriega died of his injuries about two hours later at L.A. County-USC Medical Center.

The motorist, 41-year-old Ricardo Avalos, drove away from the scene but he was pursued by witnesses who “blocked suspect’s path and detained him until police arrived,” according to an LAPD press release.

Avalos was arrested for vehicular manslaughter, and his bail is set at $50,000. Alcohol or drugs were not involved, according to police.


  1. Why do people run? Hit and runs seem to be a very LA phenomenon. People make mistakes, but how can you hit another human being and speed off? What is happening culturally that this is an epidemic in our city.

    • The vast majority would never do such a thing as flee the scene after knocking someone down with their car, but I imagine those that do, or would, have some version of antisocial personality disorder–utterly lacking in conscience and any sense of empathy for others. Culturally, it probably doesn’t help that we’re a huge, fragmented city (and society) with few apparent common bonds of background and experience to give people a sense of kinship with others.

    • It has everything to do with illegal residency and fear of deportation, anyone who thinks otherwise is a liberal fool.

      • “… anyone who thinks otherwise is a liberal fool.”

        Please go back to whatever fly over state you came from and take that mentality with you. Wasn’t a very smart idea of you to move to Los Angeles if you don’t like liberals. Have you ever bothered to look at a map with a political and/or racial breakdown?

        The comments on this site have gotten REALLY bad lately… what happened here?

        • Actually, he’s probably right…though he should have left out the “liberal fool” part.

          • The positive in this case is that bystanders actually jumped in and apprehended this person. Too often people look the other way, not wanting to get involved. So sad to live to be 101 and get killed in this manner.

          • Also leave off the “illegal residency.”

          • http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2012/10/11/report-illegal-drivers-behind-high-hit-and-run-rate-in-la/

            It is not racist or bigoted to state facts. What Mark stated is way more likely than not given the evidence. Just because you take offense to a fact…don’t make it wrong.

          • Thank you Blue Iris. When did it become the norm to ignore “facts”?

          • We don’t know if Ricardo Avalos is an illegal immigrant – but it is certainly not racist to point out that illegal immigrants are the reason why LA’s hit and run stats are so much higher than most other US cities.

            Nor is it racist to point out that the failure of our fed govt to enforce this country’s immigration laws has resulted in deaths of US citizens, like this poor 101 year old man.

            Sadly, we can expect more of these kinds of needless deaths when Obama passes his amnesty and the next wave of illegal immigration begins, as it already has.

          • If you don’t like “illegals” go back to a city or state where they aren’t a problem(?). Otherwise, we like a city with decreasing crime rates and rebounding communities primarily because of the influx of “willing workers” not whiny, clueless, and entitled conservatives and assorted tea-baggers. Take that crap back to Kansas IF you dare.

          • @proper dos : are you asserting that illegal immigrants are driving decreasing crime rates? and driving the improvements we see in NELA neighborhoods?

            I’ve known you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it looks like you’ve rounded off a few more corners

          • I don’t see anything mentioned in the article Blue Iris posted that names illegals as part of the problem. And this article, about the same study, points the finger at drunk drivers, which makes sense in a large, sprawling city with moderately okay public transportation:


            And then, there is my favorite report on this topic, a story on This American Life, that examines the biological aspects of hit and run drivers, and that some people are “born to run.”


            That being said, I think hit and runs are horrible and I’m glad people stopped this driver. But to use this tragedy to further your own personal political agenda is pretty sick.

          • @True Freedom, if crime rates were increasing over the past 15 years, yahoos like yourself would certainly be blaming a corresponding increase in the “illegal” population. Your head must be spinning at the FACT that a resurgent urban core, safer communities, and an unprecedented decrease in crime are coinciding with a dramatic increase in the “Mexican” population (lol). I Love It.

          • Proper Dos, there are many factors involved in the reduction of crime.


          • Of course. Because the reduction of crime is a positive development. But if an increase in crime were the topic, we both know that these shrill yahoos would only be citing the dramatic increase in the “illegal Mexican” population. Their bigoted, xenophobic, and hypocritical agenda is transparent. Fortunately, it is unconstitutional and ILLEGAL (lol). I’m Loving It!


    That was the case with Osvaldo Urzua, 41, an illegal immigrant from Mexico without a license, who drove a Ford Mustang into six children walking to school in Oakland’s Fruitvale district in January 2002. He killed 5-year-old Ana Cerna and injured five others, then kept driving.

    • Turns out the hit and run driver who killed the Mexican native and apprehended by illega1(?) residents is not illegal.Will xenophobic yahoos ever tire of pissing directly into the wind? I certainly hope not. It’s like sitting in on a philosophy course lead by Archie Bunker. Non-stop comic relief!

  3. Proper Dos “If you don’t like “illegals” go back to a city or state where they aren’t a problem(?)”

    That’s like saying, if you don’t like rape, don’t go to college.

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