Bungalow sells for $180,000+ over asking in Echo Park fire sale

Eastside PropertyECHO PARK –A fire that broke out in the middle of the night in March 2013  turned a classic Craftsman bungalow at the southwest corner of  Scott and Lake Shore avenues into a charred ruin. About 18 months after the fire, the nearly century-old home and an attached building went up for sale at the end of August for $199,900,  according to Redfin.  Not only would a buyer have to rebuild or demolish the structure, the owner was demanding all-cash offers  and the corner property had other issues that were described in the listing:

Please note: entire structure is encroaching on neighbor’s lot. In addition to this encroachment, several restrictive easements may exist where the subject is servient to the neighbor’s property …. Please keep this information in mind when submitting an offer

Apparently all that fire damage and questions about the property line didn’t matter to at least one buyer. The house went into escrow within a week and by the end of September it had changed ownership  for $380,026 – or $181,026 over asking.



  1. Awesome.. with all that spare cash lying around maybe the “new owner” can come over and clean up the trash, fix the fence, clear out the mass of people living inside of the place and paint over the graffiti,

    • “New owner”? Why the quotes? If you live in the neighborhood you should be thrilled that this eyesore is getting cleaned up.

      Haters gotta hate, I guess.

      • Before the fire, this was a beautiful house. The sad part is, even burnt to the ground, it is still a lot nicer than the hoarder house right next to it. Nothing says Style like mid-century modern tarp and a custom exterior trash pile on the front porch. Don’t enter the property from the Scott side!

  2. The new owner took the fence down surrounding it (too cheap to pay the company?) and now it’s a squatter’s paradise. Saw the cops last night dragging 2 people out of there. The place is wide open for anyone to just walk in. Within a few hours after they left 2 other people went in there. Although it looked like they were just “exploring” w/ flashlights and they left quickly. Nice lookin out for the neighbors, new owner!

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