High-end tote bag shop coming to Echo Park

Pacific Tote Company is moving into the former Herb’s Key Shop

ECHO PARK — The maker of canvas tote bags that sell for as much as $100 each will be opening its very first store in the former home of a Sunset Boulevard locksmith.

Pacific Tote CompanyStorefront Report, which makes its bags in limited batches of unique colors and designs, plans to sell its canvas and beach totes along with items that typically go into a beach bag –  such as lip balm and sun hats – in the small space once occupied by Herb’s Key Shop in the 1800 block of Sunset Boulevard.

“It is a neighborhood store rather than a typical retail box,” said  Duffy Culligan, one of the Hollywood company’s co-creative directors. “We want it to be a fun, colorful place to visit and hang out.”

The company’ line of bags are priced from $80 to $100 online. How can canvas bags cost so much? Culligan explained that designing and making durable and unique bags that are cut and sewn in L.A does not come cheap:

All of our fabric is dyed and finished in the US, all of our bags are designed, cut and sewn in Los Angeles, we use very thick (but not stiff), premium-quality #8 canvas, with a nice double layered bottom. Knowing how much it actually costs to construct a high quality, heavy canvas tote bag in the US, I often feel the pertinent question is what makes other bags cost much less than ours.

The price has not deterred customers; many of the $100 tote bags are sold out online.

The company plans to open its Echo Park store in November.


  1. Hm. I needed a locksmith more than I need a $100 tote bag. Sorry to see the locksmith go, I had gone to him a lot over the years.

  2. If we want to keep jobs in the US, we need to support “made in America” products and they are not cheap. I probably won’t buy a $100 tote bag, but I understand why the cost is so high. Quality costs. Decent pay costs. Material that lasts and is durable costs. Best of luck to them and welcome to the neighborhood.

  3. If anyone is looking for a nice tote bag or wallet, you should seriously check out http://www.Hozoh.net. These are also handmade in downtown L.A. by people that actually live in Echo Park. I have one of the wallets and dig it. Their totes are about half the price as these guys too.

  4. I’m calling b.s. on Pacific Tote’s “Made in America” thing – especially if they’re using LA sewing contractors.

    Just because something is made here doesn’t mean it’s made by Americans or that the money paid to the workers is staying in the community.

    If Pacific Tote Company isn’t requiring its contractors to use E-Verify, then you can safely assume the whole “Made in America” thing is just shtick.

    • “Made by Americans”? I hope you mean anyone that is living here that is paying taxes

      • No, I mean workers who are American citizens who are legally allowed to work.

        • Lmao, everyone that lives here and pays taxes makes them American. What’s wrong with putting them to work? It’ll help thier situation. Besides, I doubt anybody that has papers would want to work making bags for minimum wage. I say give anyone a job, as long as they are here and paying taxes. Not using and abusing the system.

  5. Lame ….more exclusive shops geared towards whom ?

  6. Welcome Pacific Tote Company! Happy you’re not a Starbucks or another 99 cent store. 🙂

  7. Great! Now I can get an overpriced tote bag to go with my overpriced lukewarm artisanal pour-over. I’m feeling right at home.

  8. Doesn’t AA sell tote bags up the block for like $15?

  9. This is fantastic. I love the idea of being able to source quality locally make tote bags for my children. I’m looking forward to seeing if the designs suite my children’s style.

  10. word to someone out there who wants to start a business in echo park — we really need a locksmith!

  11. Here we go with the high priced tote bags. really useless vanity based white people store Echo park is going to sheet really. Im sick of the yahoos moving in here with their high priced crappy business. This is pathetic

  12. Echo Park resident

    Hah! Funded and founded by Francis Coppola’s son! From their website:

    “Pacific Tote Company was created by Roman Coppola and The Directors Bureau, Special Projects division.”

    Maybe live in Echo Park before invading Echo Park, Roman. Otherwise, keep this Hollywood business (which you tout as such on the Pacific Tote site) out of Echo Park.

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