Los Feliz shop to cater to the urban homesteader

Photo courtesy The King's Roost

Photo courtesy The King’s Roost

Storefront ReportLOS FELIZ — After running around the city shopping for supplies, urban farmer and Do-It-Yourselfer Roe Sie said he thought it would be convenient to have a one-stop place near his Franklin Hills home where you could stock up on everything you need  to make your own soap or sauerkraut . That’s how he ended up preparing to open the The King’s Roost, an urban farm and do-it-yourself supply store on the border of Los Feliz and Silver Lake.

“Since lots of people share the same sorts of interests, we’re bringing the equipment right here to the neighborhood, under one roof,” Sie said. “It’s exciting how many people are interested in making and understanding the things their families eat and use on a daily basis.”

The Fountain Avenue store will include merchandise for everything from chicken keeping and mushroom farming to soap making and beer brewing. A line of aquaponic systems offer a water-saving way to cultivate homegrown greens, herbs, and vegetables.

“Aquaponics allow you to grow fresh, edible plants with 90% less water than traditional in-ground gardening,” says Sie, who has a large aquaponics system in his own backyard. “The fish poop nourishes the plants, so there’s no need to add fertilizers. And in turn, the plants clean and oxygenate the water.”

The King’s Roost is scheduled to open Nov. 1


  1. I am going to blame this man for the tilapia based diet we’ll all be eating in 30 years.

  2. I’ll be there. We love the idea.

  3. Bummer, I used to live across the street and that space was home to a cute thrift shop. So glad I moved away before the Rich White People takeover — because let’s me real, “urban farmers” is a synonym for the new crowd of westsiders taking over the Eastside with their money and desire for overpriced BS disguised as cute local fare.

  4. Not their fault the thrift store closed. I hope it does well. The Sies have lived in the neighborhood for 8+ years so they’re not really “new.” I grew up in the area and I’m happy to see some interesting things come in, not the auto shops or Pioneer Chickens of the past. I’m ok with you moving on too.

  5. This is great. I have tons of friends who are into this stuff. The hood wants this. It’ll be a raging success.

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