Motorcyclist killed in Glassell Park crash

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GLASSELL PARK —  A motorcyclist was fatally injured this afternoon in a collision with a car near Eagle Rock Boulevard and Avenue 42. The victim was pronounced dead at Huntington Memorial Hospital, said Sgt. Kevin Custard with the LAPD’s Central Traffic Division.

Detectives are trying to determine the cause of the crash that took place at about 1 p.m. The driver of the other vehicle remained at the scene. There was no evidence that drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash, according to Custard.


  1. So sad. I hope it wasn’t due to a senseless act by the motorcyclist.

    • So sad. I hope it wasn’t due to a senseless act by the motorist.

      • Congratulations. You both look like assholes.

        • At least I will have the balls to further comment. I meant no disrespect towards the person who lost his life. Just that I see so many motorcyclists zooming around as if they are exempt from the laws of the road. As inappropriate as I may have come off with my comment. I don’t retract what I said. Peace

  2. Ugh. That intersection is a NIGHTMARE to cross. Super sad.

  3. guessing a left hand turn, condolences to the family

  4. My heart goes out to the family of the motorcyclist and the other driver involved.

  5. Rest in peace. Always sad to hear about a loss of life. That is a very dangerous intersection there.

  6. They need to do something about that intersection. People block Eagle Rock there coming from Fresh and Easy or get impatient and dart in front of traffic across eagle rock..
    They need to block it or make it a protected turn with a light.

    There need to be more traffic cops on eagle rock, period. a lot of bad driving happening there.

    • I totally agree. I see people speeding and blasting through stop signs and red lights every day. Yosemite is bad too and there are two schools there.

  7. Shame. I live right near by and never heard tires screech or even the impact vehicles make on the crash. Just heard when the police arrived and saw the totaled motorcycle and what seemed to be an undamaged white SUV as I was leaving my pad for an interview. That section right there gets its fair share of accidents from vehicles starting/finishing left turns. I always catch cars coming from 42 speed through traffic trying to make that left turn onto Eagle Rock and cars on Eagle Rock trying to make left turns onto 42, both speeding trying to beat the oncoming traffic. Problem is their too focused on beating the oncoming traffic that they don’t see those other cars entering the intersection also trying to beat the traffic. One time I was on Eagle Rock and a car came out in front of me from 42 starting its left turn. From a distance I saw him looking in my direction, then as I was already close to Avenue 42 he purposely didn’t look my direction as he entered the intersection (to force me to hit my breaks and if a crash occurred it would obviously have been my fault for causing it while all he had to say was he never saw me) all the while looking to his right side at where the traffic was. My condolences to the victims family.

    Also be careful entering Fresh and Easy from the El Paso entrance. Something about that entrance flattens your tires and it’s been occurring since it was a Luckys supermarket. Someone was unlucky yesterday while traffic was detoured due to this accident, and a few weeks ago someone entered and got 2 flats. Seems that speed plays some factor and it’s always cars coming into the parking lot, not exiting, so I always enter very slowly.

    • My husband was the victim of this accident. We are seeking any information about this accident. Please contact me with details, pictures, or any other information you might have: emdalton77@gmail.com

      • Very bummed, Emily. So sad to hear.

      • Horrible intersection. Remember driving through it when a college student living near there.

        I know we haven’t known you all that long, but, we love you, Emily. All the cohort has you in our thoughts and hearts.

      • Dear Emily,

        I just wrote you an email. I saw the accident and gave my testimony to the Police yesterday.
        I have been trying to contact the family but no one would give me any information. Please check your email and call me at any time. I am deeply sorry for your loss and I would like to give you the details of what happened.

      • Dear Emily, I was at the stop light in front of Fresh and Easy when this horrible tragedy happened, Please contact me if you need more info.

      • Our condolences to you and our family.

        I knew Victor since he was 7-years-old. He was our next door neighbor and 5 years younger, so we really never hung out.

        I happened to drive passed the accident at 4:12 p.m and took a bunch of pictures which I emailed to you. If you didn’t get them, check your spam folder or contact my mother who I cc’ed them to and she can get them to you.

        Victor was a devoted son, husband and father. He will be missed.

  8. William G. Stewart-Eddins

    This was so sad, I feel so bad for Emily, their children and all of the family.

    I live in Eagle Rock, I was there at the location twice on October 9th. I have about 30 good quality photographs of the scene. Many of them are so sad, they show the badly damaged motorcycle on the street, and Victor’s backpack and helmet.

    They show pictures of the Silver Toyota Highlander that Victor crashed into. Lots of damage to the driver’s side center area.

    I told Emily that I will meet her at Starbucks and burn her copies of the pictures.

    I have driven through LA for 25 years now, I sometimes see the most horrible accidents on the streets of LA.


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