Silverlake Wine owner to set up shop on Figueroa


Let It Pour: Silverlake Wine owner is opening an outlet in this Figueroa storefront

By Nathan Solis

Storefron ReportHIGHLAND PARK — A trio of new businesses will be landing on Figueroa Street, including a wine shop from Silver Lake and a pizza restaurant, as Highland Park’s main street continues to attract new upscale stores and restaurants.

The new owners of the one-story building near Avenue 60 are also the tenants, including  chef Matthew Poley of Heirloom-LA and Randy Clement of Silverlake Wine. They will share the block with La Cuevita Bar, Kitchen Mouse and Highland Park Liquors, better known for its “Coldest Beer In Town” sign.

The 1,070 square-foot wine shop will accommodate 32 patrons. The two other businesses include a 60-seat restaurant with outdoor seating and a 3,120 square-foot restaurant that will accommodate 108 patrons. That’s  250 patrons for all the businesses combined.  There were plans to bring along a coffee store into the mix, but at the moment no one chain is attached to the project. After consulting with local groups, the owners  promised to exclude live music or dancing as part of  a set of other conditions.

Poley and Clement were on hand at a recent Highland Park Neighborhood Council meeting, where they took questions from concerned citizens. They showed an enthusiasm toward the Highland Park neighborhood and promised to do as much outreach with the local schools in the area if asked. Poley is the creator of the lasagna cupcake and co-owner of Heirloom-LA catering company. Clement’s family owns Silverlake Wine, and he also co-owns the Pasadena wine shop Everson Royce.

“We’re excited about the idea,” said Clement at the neighborhood council meeting.  “We’re now both the owners and the clients, so we want to show that enthusiasm to the people,”

Nathan Solis is a Highland Park resident who writes about and photographs the L.A. music scene. You can find more of Solis’ stories, reviews and photos at Avenue Meander.


  1. It’s Silver Lake. 2 words, separated. Just like Highland Park isn’t Highlandpark. Same concept. Or should I say sameconcept so youunderstand?

  2. Great, keep them coming!

  3. Funny how easily you can obtain a liquor license for a liquor store is one ghetto neighborhood but in another ghetto hood they hold some city counsel meeting to vote on having a supermarket get a license to sell liquor.

  4. Fantastic! Were there any dates discussed? When are they planning on opening?

  5. Cool. I think Fig has some really good bones to become a great destination, much more so than York.

  6. This is AWESOME news!!! Silver Lake Wine and Everson Royce are outstanding wine stores. And to have a brick and mortar of the Heirloom truck will be incredible!

  7. But for this article’s author to reference “chain” in connection with coffee, now, that’s just pathetic. Let’s get some more great coffee in HP ( Cognoscenti at Good Girl Dinette, Stumptown at Kitchen Mouse, Klatch at Donut Friend), nobody needs another Starbucks or Coffee Bean.

    • I think the people behind this project would not want a Starbucks. The “chains” they’re probably thinking of are Intelligentsia, Stumptown or Blue Bottle.

      • Originally Intelligentsia was looking join forces at this space.

      • Please read just slightly more carefully. I was referring to the author’s use of the word “chain.” I think the owners of Silver Lake Wine/Everson Royce and Heirloom are much more coffee savvy than to go with a starbucks.

    • let’s get Jones over there

  8. We all drive over to Silver Lake or take the train over to Pasadena to buy wine from these stores. FINALLY, we can WALK or RIDE our bikes down the street to this new business. This place will be a huge success. So many of us are fed up with having to visit South Pas, Silver Lake, Eagle Rock, etc. to buy a great bottle of wine. There’s a whole lotta folks living here in Highland Park very excited about this. Yep, this place will be a huge success. The same reason we all give our business to Maximiliano’s. Maximiliano’s is a huge success. There’s a demand, but very little supply here in HP. If you set up shop, have a great community attitude, serve good quality food/drink with a friendly and inclusive attitude to all, we Highland Parkers SUPPORT you! Hint, hint – we all would love a great Indian restaurant on Figueroa:) Figueroa is a wonderful street and only a few steps from the Gold Line. SOOO easy.

    • Yes, Katrina, I absolutely concur with your comments. The only addition I would add is this will be a ¡HUGE! success.

    • I, too, would appreciate an Indian restaurant in the neighborhood and hopefully one with a small “canteen” attached to buy spices, veggies, etc. Every time I’ve brought it up people have scoffed, loudly. I understand their doubt but I would truly appreciate one.

      I wonder what type of rents these folks are paying. If it is above $1,50 per square foot … damn, wish I had signed a longer term lease. When I was renting up there in 2008 it was $1 to $1.25 per square foot.

  9. The pizzafication of this hood is nearly complete.

    • Ha ha ha….yeah, a bit too much pizza-pie. We do deserve a bit more of an “adult” menu. It’s somewhat analogous to back in the day when Fred 62 in Los Feliz and Eat Well in Silverlake where considered “fancy” as if diner food was all we deserved. As we now know neighborhood residents will patronize a wide variety of restaurants…that should be the trajectory in HLP. Nonetheless I am extremely excited to have these establishments in HLP.

  10. I never thought of myself as the kind of person to love a wine store, but I really do love Silverlake wine. I will be thrilled to have them in the neighborhood.

  11. Ladies and gents! Start your hybrid engines. It’s the ‘lasagna cupcakeification’ of HP! Kitchen Mouse is so freaking cramped and hot inside, I hope Clements gets that block some AC. I also hope Kitchen Mouse isn’t considered an exemplar of great food over there. If you offer blueberry pancakes, you really need to serve more than 9 blueberries on your stack. And how much can you seriously charge for twig tea without laughing behind customers’ backs? As someone above suggested, it would be great if Clements continued to name his shops the one word variety of the neighborhood name, e.g., Highlandpark Wine. If you’re going to be grammatically incorrect, go ahead and own it as you expand your mini wine empire.

  12. GREAT NEWS! That block is shaping up so nicely. So much energy and progress. Love to see all of Fig go this way. That street has so much more potential than York, and look at the cool things that have happened/are happening on York. Fig has better bones, and is steps away from the Metro. I can’t wait to see the whole street changed over.

  13. What’s wrong with live music and dancing?
    Oh yeah the neighbors don’t want it.
    Do the Silverlake neighbors want me to go to their neighborhood and take their parking because my Highland Park neighbors don’t want to be bothered?
    Shouldn’t each neighborhood shoulder its share?

  14. Highland Park is gentrifying so fast people. Great to see progress.

  15. Finally! So smart & savvy of Randy from SLW to open up a shop on Fig. This will be a HUGE success from all angles. I will definitely be patronizing these shops and am looking forward to seeing the architectural aesthetics being improved on this building. I’m sure there is a beauty lurking underneath that abhorrent stucco.

    We still need a beautiful wine bar (like Vinoteca and Covell in Los Feliz) with great wines, broad price range, inviting atmosphere, tasty nibbles, & no T.V. in HLP

  16. already got pizza.

  17. While there is a point of oversaturating an area with pizza restaurants, there is also the concept of survivor of the fittest! Sorry, but Maximiliano’s and Folliero’s are mediocre at best for pizza. I can’t comment on other dishes at both places because I’ve only had the pizza. So, if this new pizza place is better, great!

    • If it’s Heirloom, it’s not just going to be pizza. If you’ve ever been to their truck, they do a wide range of seasonal, sophisticated dishes that are truly delicious. Here’s hoping…

      • Read the story again. It clearly states there are two restaurants spaces open- one that Heirloom is going to occupy and the other space, one would assume, the pizza place is going to occupy.

    • I really, really, like Folieros. Their sourdough is the best. The rest of the ingredients are just okay but that dough! Oh my. Fidels on Avenue 50 has a version of it but theirs is stacked too deep with cheese and toppings to get to the dough.

  18. More details about the shops opening .


  19. Looks like it’s going to be Intelli. Would not have been my pick for coffee, but still great.

  20. Geez, wait until Mr. T’s and Samy’s Camera are both renovated…ain’t no stoppin’ the obvious change to the hood.

  21. Fantastic news. Figueroa is so much prettier than York. Not to mention it has the Gold Line station.

  22. Fig also has more gang activity than york.

    • as more and more people move in who do not subscribe to the pathetic “no snitchin'” mantra, who give a rats arse enough to call the city’s graffiti abatement number, and as rents rise, that stupid gang stuff will continue to decline.

  23. The Gold Line access and more interesting/historic architecutre make Fig the street to watch over the next couple of years. I remember when Good Girl opened, it seemed like a miracle and now this flood of interesting restaurants is about to happen. It’s so cool.

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