Forget the waffles – it’s time for chicken and churros in El Sereno

The chicken and churro basket | Photo by Valentina Silva

Photo by Valentina Silva

By VALENTINA SILVA, Eastside Food Bites

El Sereno – File this under “only in L.A.” If you love fried chicken and churros, you can get both, served together as one, at Mama Churro y Mas in El Sereno. The small eatery has been serving their special, which includes two pieces of chicken and four mini churros for $4.99, for a couple of years now, and it’s just what you’d expect: sweet and savory deep-fried goodness, plus a dipping sauce of your choice.

The chicken is pretty good. The skin is reminiscent of Church’s Chicken in texture—it’s crispy, light, and not too greasy. The pieces are normal in size and not gigantically pumped up with steroids (seemingly), which helps them stay moist. No, it’s probably not the best chicken you’ve ever had, but it’s tasty and goes well with the churros, which are easily the stars of the dish. Made to order and piping hot, they have a crispy outer shell and a soft inside that melts in your mouth.

If fried chicken isn’t your thing, or you just want more churros, the Churros Rellenos are nothing short of delicious. For $2.50, you get one big churro cut in half and filled with your choice of cajeta (caramel), chocolate, strawberry, or cream. The cajeta is nice and gooey with more than just one-note sweetness. The chocolate, which tastes to be a standard Hershey’s type sauce, pales in comparison. You can also get your fried dough fix in the form of an ice cream sandwich—two o-shaped churros with a big scoop of ice cream in the center—that’s all the rage these days, or an ice cream sundae with four small churros and lots of whipped cream.

Any way you do it here, you’re set.


Mama Churros Y Mas 4836 Huntington Drive 323-225-6262 Valentina Silva writes about food and restaurants. You can also find Valentina’s reviews and stories on her blog, Eastside Food Bites.


  1. I pass by here every day when I walk my dog. It’s always empty which leads me to assume that the food isn’t always fresh. I could be wrong but…..

  2. Thank you for including prices of menu items.

  3. It’s cheap eats, the fried chicken could use some more seasoning to make it more special. I give them credit for jumping on the churro ice cream sandwich trend. It’s right next to the former space of Tikal Restaurant. This little strip has some potential. We need a coffee shop like Antigua or Tierra Mia in this area. Mia Bakery just opened down the street but just drip coffee is available and they don’t offer anything different from Aguila Bakery which has been around forever.

  4. I just discovered this place not too long ago to satisfy my craving my churros. The owners of Mama’s Churros y Mas also owns Mr. Churro on Olvera Street. That one is the more popular location but they are the same delicious churros without the parking nightmare and the wait!!! The owner was also nice as can be. The street appeal is definitely lacking and I can see how you might be skeptical but it’s worth a stop in. I’m a fan.

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