LAPD searching for Highland Park murder suspect [updated]

Highland Park — Police have sealed off a section of Highland Park tonight as they search for an armed suspect responsible for shooting a man in the  6000 block of Fayette Street.

The condition of the victim who was shot at about 9:20 p.m. is unknown, said Sgt. David Armas at the Northeast Division station.

Officers are being assisted by a K-9 unit and a police helicopter.

Update: The victim died from his injuries, and the suspect remains at large, the Northeast Division reported this morning.


  1. Those darn hipsters acting up again shooting each other. We need to stop the gentrification of HLP. This is getting out of hand.

    • Echo Park resident

      I heard it was the employees of two upscale coffee shops involved in some kind of turf war.

      These new businesses are out of control and destroying our neighborhood! Won’t somebody think of the children?!

      • i live down the block from here, and surprisingly there’s not a whole lot of upscale coffeeshops popping up in the immediate area. yet.

        ps that starbucks doesn’t count!

  2. 11:20 PM, ‘copters still circling the same small area.

  3. This is exactly my point why protest new businesse in the are why not pretest and condemn those who vitomize the area.

  4. It’s a shame another young man is shot…. But we need to expend more energy on getting those cool masks and “evicting” those low life new business owners on York and Fig

  5. Fayette,HLP, someone got shot, Sounds good to me who cares THATS what happens when you gang bang

  6. We can thank the parents for these kids education…As long as they kill each other, I’m fine with it!

  7. First murder along York since 2010. The anti-gentrification kids should celebrate. The good ole times are coming back.

  8. wow, the anti-gentrification crowd must really be getting desperate … shooting each other to scare people away.

  9. I see a whole lot of opportunists taking advantage of someone’s murder to further their political agenda. Gentrification or not, someone was murdered last night — have some respect.

  10. This speaks a lot to the true colors of the people that post on this site. And it ain’t pretty.

    • Agreed. This is a very sad, pathetic and inhuman response. I am ashamed to call some of you my neighbors. A man bled out on the street in your neighborhood and you want to make jokes about Starbucks and hipsters. These are families that are torn apart by this violence. Everyone is from a family. Every path has been taken for a reason and we are all human beings, in this together, though some seem to have no trouble with the leap that places them in a completely different category of being then the man who died on the street last night.

      It is even bizarre, and feels racist, for you to just assume that the victim was a gangbanger. You have no idea who the victim was- as far as I can tell information has not come out yet, and it was certainly not out earlier in the day today when your flippant callous idiocy contaminated this news report. This could have been anything. If you make the assumption that the victim was “obviously a gangbanger”…. well, you do the math about your own prejudice.

      And then you wonder why you’ve gotten a bad rap as a “new kind of resident” of HP.

      Until this moment I have tried to take a fair approach towards thinking about shifting economic landscapes on the Eastside, and I have often debated people and represented the “merits of this HP-type of gentrification” in debates.

      But this small and ugly window into the mindsets of some of you gives me something to chew on and gives me pause. I have to assume that no one would speak this way publicly if they were standing on the sidewalk as someone bled out, or with the bloodstain still there. Perhaps it is more a comment on the false courage people show given the anonymity of the Internet. But it is hard not to conclude that it also shows your true colors. Words have meaning.

      And speech is free here, but I wish some of you would be mindful about what your comments suggest, and the effect that this kind of callousness has on your own heart, and those around you. I am confident that it seeps into your physical life, and I don’t know what to do with that conclusion.

      • If some innocent man was murdered, you have a point.

        If it was a gang on gang shooting, I could careless about the SOB.

        Sorry. I don’t have any sympathy for cholos and their kind.

        • Then why not declare your opinions in public and let the strength of your convictions be your shield?

          • The reason law-abiding people can’t publicly proclaim their hatred for gangs and gang members is because those gang members will react violently. As you are well aware, gang members tend to lash out at any sign of perceived “disrespect.” Proper Dos, you often make decent points in your posts, but in my opinion, you resort to some variation of “Why don’t you say it to my face, punk?” with way too much frequency.

          • James, you are addressing a law-abiding person who is outraged by the brazen bigotry and prejudice apparently reserved for murder victims n our community. THAT is the response that these gloating hyenas don’t have the courage to face. At which point, they would have to determine if my response amounted to the proverbial “fighting words”, which doesn’t concern me. That is all I imply with my challenges of sharing their opinions publicly. Among the law-abiding residents of our community. Otherwise, NObody expects these cowards to show up at the wake or funeral to spout their venom. That isn’t even the point.

          • James,

            I bet the shooter was a male; I bet the shooter’s age was from 16 – 24. I bet you the shooter wasn’t a latina grandma.

            When looking for the shooter, I think we should stop a hispanic old lady to placate the PC crowd. We wouldn’t to use stats or logic when trying to find the shooter.

      • Some of us “long time” residents are sick of this bullshit too.

      • as you write to condemn people for making assumptions about who the victim is, you make assumptions about who the posters are. I’m guessing you won’t recognize the hypocrisy.

  11. recall, too, that when this story posted, it was a shooting not a homicide.
    So, many of the comments may have been made with a different set of information.

  12. Well, it appears that it was gang related…The victim has been identified as 26 years old Conrad Gomez. He was shot multiple times by a group of 18 to 20 years old scumbags. May he RIP!

    • Gang related simply means a gang member was involved. If a gang member kills an innocent person it could be labled gang related.

      I look forward to the day I am an innocent bystander, gasping like a fish in the street and my oh so progressive neighbors rally around a message board to laugh and jeer.

      • If you go check out the guy’s facebook page, it’s pretty clear what “gang related” means in this instance.

        • So as long as someone like you is there to look over the cut of my jeans, length of my hair, measurements of my skull, etc, we should encourage comments recklessly denigrating the people who live here? Even you commented these things were said before all the facts were known.

        • It’s incredible to believe that you have kids(?!?). They must be terrible little entitled brats. The karma you’re brewing is so toxic that it’s bound to end up back at your doorstep in the form of one of your weak little brats OD’d in an NELA alley after they’ve purchased drugs from a gang-controlled dealer, which would be karmic justice but I won’t laugh or gloat. After all, they didn’t choose to be raised by such evil parents.

          • LOL! Did you get from Blood in blood, blood out? Entertaining movie.

          • @proper dos : that wasn’t very nice.
            Like I’ve said before, I don’t have sympathy for those who have intentionally victimized others. I don’t have sympathy for rapists, child molesters, or gang bangers.

            I have sympathy for the victims.

            I’m sorry this has struck such a nerve with you that you once again lash out and wish ill on my family.

            I hope, someday, you’ll be able to cope with your self inflicted internal angst and live in peace. I hope that your children lead lives free of victimization by gangs, free from drug use, and become productive members of society and their community.

          • Spare me your self-righteous melodramatics. You’re gloating over somebody’s murder. Based on a stereotype. Suit yourself.

          • @proper dos : I’m having deja vu. For a self-proclaimed educated person, you sure do misuse the word “gloating” alot. I am not gloating over someone’s murder. Absence of sympathy is something different.

            Actually, if he did have any kids, I would certainly have sympathy for them. They would be the innocent victims in so many ways…

    • Another La Raza on La Raza crime. Where’s the outrage?

      • You’re nothing but a cowardly race-baiting MORON who wouldn’t have the courage to utter those words in public, i.e., marshmallow.

        • LOL! You are losing your cool.

          Skin tone isn’t an issue for me. Clearly it’s an issue for you.

          I just don’t like cholos…

          • I’m done with you PUNK. You’re a pathetic imbecile. I just hope I’m there when you finally muster the testosterone to share your views in public.

          • You mad, BRO? BRO, you mad?

            I don’t like cholos. However, I did enjoy My Crazy Life. Very entertaining movie.

  13. The internet is a magical place where people get to say things they would never dare to say to someone’s face in real life.

    • My son was a good boy. He was about to get his GED next month. He left the thug life about six months ago. Not my boy.

      Lighting another candle in HP.

  14. It’s become pointless trying to reason with these glib, cowardly, and prejudiced bigots. It has however dramatically influenced the way I view these assorted transplants and marshmallows who stick out like, well(?), bland, soft, and flavorless marshmallows but with a sinister inside filling, e.g.., gloating over the death of youngsters who may or may not have been involved in gangs. As far as they’re concerned, if they’re poor they’re disposable. Duly noted.

    • *As far as they’re concerned, if they’re poor they’re disposable.*

      LOL! Yep. That’s what we said.

    • @properdos

      It’s become pointless trying to reason with these glib, cowardly, and prejudiced bigots”

      So says the manchild who only rents to “certain demographics.”
      You’re one of the biggest bigots this site has ever seen.


      I hope that the young man’s demise might steer a few young ones away from gang life.

  15. All you guys making a joke out of this, grow up. My cousin was the one that passed away, all your smart comments aren’t necessary at all. If you ain’t sending out condolences or anything that has to do with that kick rocks & find something else to do.

  16. Proper Dos makes a couple ridiculous, over-the-top strawman arguements here. But, there is a valid point under these. Otherwise good people tend toward the inhumane on the good ol internet. The ‘good riddance/glad the banger is gone” comments in fact really do reflect a carpet-bagging, us vs. them attitude that does nothing but inhibit the positive sense of community we all want.

    For the sake of everyone, I want to see gang activity dissapear in the neighborhood. But I think it is important, when denouncing the violence, to remember the conext in which it arises – the struggle of poverty, the lack of jobs, the blanket criminalization of young Brown men. These are not excuses. Just context. Walk a mile in someone’s shoes before issuing judgement. And while it is just the internet, inhumanity does nothing to make the neighborhood better.

    • Those ARE excuses.

      And while you may argue these comments don’t bring the community together, I would argue that gang bangers ACTIVELY tear a neighborhood down.

      They victimize young members of a community, they victimize people who want to live in peace, they vandalize neighborhoods, they create a sub-culture of low moral standards and low achievement, they perpetuate a cycle of crime, they glorify violence as a means to settle disputes, they glorify getting faded and wasted. Wasted. That’s the perfect word. They are wasted. Wasted lives that are parasites on a community. They actively bring a neighborhood down.

      Sorry, Uschi Bear, this is the way I feel about it, and make no excuses about it.

      • No apologies necessary True Freedom. I get it. And I agree wholeheartedly that gang activity tears a neighborhood down. No question.

      • “Those are excuses”(?). True Freedom, please share your experiences of growing up non-white? Oh(?). Wait a minute(?!). You don’t know a damn thing about that . . . NEXT?

        • I didn’t grow up as a German dictator either, but I’m pretty sure I could assess Hitler’s excuses.

          Additionally, while I didn’t grow up brown or in LA, I did grow up poor in an area with a lot less opportunity than exists here. I saw people who made bad choices and suffered the consequences, and those who made good choices .. some of whom went on to great success.

  17. Just straight racism from the new comers

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