Police fatally shoot man after chase through Cypress Park and Lincoln Heights

A man wanted for assault with a deadly weapon was shot and killed by police early this morning after exchanging gunfire with officers and waving at bystanders during an hours-long chase on the streets of Cypress Park and Lincoln Heights, according to ABC 7.

The chase began on the 110 Arroyo Seco Parkway near Avenue 26 at about 11:45 pm on Saturday in Lincoln Heights and ended more than two hours later in Cypress Park near Huron Street and Cypress Avenue.  Police had dropped spike strips on some streets during the chase as the man drove a blue pick-up truck through the area, according to one Eastsider reader.


  1. OMG – this went on all night on Griffin! The guy just went around in circles and then every once in a while there’yd be shots, then he’d take off again. I was surprised the cops didn’t drop him sooner, but it looks like that”s what he wanted. Some twitter poster with a police scanner was tweeting play by play reports until he got pit manuevered in CP, Not long after that we counted 6 shots followed by 1 more. Lucky no one else was hurt. Hell of a way to end it all.

    • Good for society and the protector it hires, the police. One less armed mudlark who endangered innocent people is off the streets and gone. Good.

      • What you call Mudlark,you racist BitchMade was somebody’s Son,Somebody Father,and Everybody’s Brother.A Good Guy taken down because of Life’s Circumstances.
        My condolences to his Family and Love Ones.
        What you did is what you were Suppose to do.Something that whoever claims the Fame won’t ever think of doing.And that was “Ride or Die.”You had your Heat on you and knew,that if you’re carrying that Heat,you were prepared to use it..And did just that,
        “YOU RODE”

        • sorry, yo, a good guy doesn’t 1) shoot at police 2) shoot in public potentially killing innocent people.

          • yeah not a good guy… everyone is someone’s son or daughter you gang tagging twerp. thank god no LADP or innocents were harmed.

  2. This is so sad. This guy was probably in a bad place in his life. He thought their was no other way to go out without fighting back at there oppressive government and system that put him in this situation. This was how he could fight back and then go onto the other side. ( I’m regions and feel killing yourself is a sentence to hell.) I’m in my 30’s and see what is happening to my friends and family. Our government over taxes people that have jobs where their income could put them into a very small house to rase a kid or two. then the ones with lower paying jobs know that their never going to get ahead and if they do miss a payment on something they get. ( , Late payment FEE, No registration FEE, No Insurance FEE, Lack of funds FEE, Speeding to your second B.S. gob FEE, b.s. Parking Fee, child share FEE, ) Then the land our families fought and died to protect over the last 238 Years… You need to pay a FEE to fish, hunt, camp, drive, park, have a family gathering, evan tack a professional pic tour of the land scape… This is the land of the FEE not FREEEEEE….. I”m pissed this guy thought driving around waving a gun at people and shooting at our overworked /underappreciated L.A.P.D. was the way to go !!!!! This guy was next to a very large school and church. On a weekend when people were out enjoying a great of our town. We as a hole, in all of L.A. need to work towards fixing our communities. People want to succeed. Lets help them in positive ways. Not a monthly check. A place to learn to weld, sow, install communication systems ext, ext. ext. Lets support unions or publicly funded work projects. We should bring filming back to L.A. We really messed that up. IF we don’t try to help echeother thing like this will keep happening.!!!!

    • Dave, I can’t tell if you listen to too much Fox News or too much 90.7 KPFK. Which do you want: Fewer taxes and regulations, or more publicly-funded work projects? Choose one.

  3. Pulled of the 110 at Fig last night and saw the parking lot of one of the gas stations filled to the brim with SWAT officers ready to go. Drove up to my Mt. Washington pad. 30 minutes later I heard those gunshots.

  4. Same night as the masked HLP anti-pizza parlor protesters. The irony is not lost

  5. Sadly, I agree, good riddance to bad rubbish. 1 less person to clog up our jail system. 1 less person to waste our tax dollars on.

  6. Am the last person in the world to defend jerks who shoot at the police, but we ought not to generalize about people who share this guy’s ethnicity nor connect him to the protestors in HP over the weekend.

  7. I heard form a reliable source that the guy was hopped up on some sort of drug – like bathsalts – shame, I feel bad for his family.

  8. I blame society!

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