Silver Lake tire slasher returns

Numerous vehicles, including the one pictured above, had their tire damaged in October | Photo by Kevin

Silver Lake –– The tires of at least five vehicles were slashed or punctured on Monday night in an area where similar vandalism took place last month.

The tires were damaged sometime between 9 p.m. and midnight on Nov. 16 near Crestmont and Maltman avenues, according to a Silver Lake resident who is encouraging neighbors to raise the issue at an upcoming public safety meeting. “We need people to make public statements to get the police to do anything,” he said.

It’s not known if Monday’s night vandalism is the work of the same person or persons who damaged at least 18 tires last month, prompting a warning from the LAPD Northeast Division.


  1. Well, round 2 is here… I came out this morning to find 2 tires on my car punctured once again, just like last month. We got good coverage last time with abc7 news but maybe the public safety meeting on thur is the best route to take? this is very frustrating

  2. Everyone who has been victimized should chip in for a reward that leads to this person’s arrest. Its the only way to flush them out unfortunately. A few grand for an anonymous tip will save everyone money collectively going forward.

  3. time for cameras and drones

  4. I have this insane idea that I can’t get out of my head: maybe people with garages and driveways should park their cars in those same garages and driveways. I know! It is crazy. Look, just forget I mentioned anything and please do tell me about people who have neither a garage nor a driveway. That will prevent this from happening to more people.

    • I’m not sure what your point is. This happens because people with garages don’t park in them?!? I live on Golden Gate and I don’t have a gararage or driveway and I’m pretty sure this guy wasn’t targeting specifically people with drive ways.

      • There is nothing we can do. I give up. Be on the lookout for someone slashing strangers tires on cars parked out in the open on a public street. We are helpless to do anything about this. Beware the tire slasher.

  5. A citizen’s patrol with the power to apprehend and hold suspects seems warranted since there seems to be no police presence.

    (SILVER LAKE – Car owners say the tally of slashed and punctured tires plaguing the intersections of Crestmont and Golden Gate avenues with Maltman Avenue has topped more than 40 vehicles during the last two months, a Silver Lake Neighborhood Council joint committee learned Thursday night.

    At least four residents told the public safety committee the problem has gotten out of hand, and there’s been no sign of police.

    Resident Venessa Gray, along with neighbors Erik and Pasquale said the damages have totaled “thousands of dollars in vandalism and theft.” Erik said at least one catalytic converter was ripped off a vehicle.

    “It’s being talked about,” she said. “It sounds like a petty thing, but people have to pay out of pocket for this.”

    Teresa Sitz, co-chairwoman of the education, youth and families committee, said she will visit to LAPD Northeast Division next week.)

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