Good Samaritan assists family in Echo Park crash

Photo by Jennifer Deines

Photo by Jennifer Deines

ECHO PARK – A Good Samaritan came to the assistance of a family whose van was involved in a traffic collision on Sunset Boulevard this afternoon

The man emerged from his black SUV to help  the family and pull a child out of the van that collided with a white sedan  at Sunset Boulevard and Marion Street at about 1 p.m., according to resident Jennifer Deines, who took photos of the scene.

Deines said that two children, who were injured but not bleeding, were transported away in an ambulance.

The driver of the van told Deines that the sedan turned left in front of her vehicle at the intersection. That account has not been confirmed with traffic officers but Deines that this kind of collision happens often at the intersection.

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  1. A similar accident happened this morning a few blocks west of Marion involving a white panel van and a silver sedan. Paramedics were on the scene when I drove past.

  2. Not many facts in this story, but generally people should NOT move a person out of a car after an accident, unless of course, the car is about to explode. Not taking anything away from the good samaritan,

  3. I’ve heard about 5 really bad accidents at Boylston, Everett, and Marion at Sunset in the past 12 months. One may have been fatal. This area NEEDS a traffic light, especially if hundreds of new tenants are going to move into the new Aaragon complex slated to break ground soon. It’s a vortex down there. “The Sunset Corridor” is not the 101 people, LADOT or whomever need to check they selves if they think it’s not a bad reflection on their professionalism as protectors of public safety. Get a light up on that bitch!

    • There Is a light at that intersection. You can see it in the first photo.

      What that light lacks, as does 98% of all traffic intersections in LA, is a left turn signal. Which sounds like the cause of the accident.

      How hard and how much money would it be to install left turn signals on all of sunset, at least to start?

      And then let’s get rid of being able to turn right on red.

      LA really needs to adopt NYC traffic laws to protect drivers and pedestrians.

  4. The Elysian has 92 units, the about-to-be-built Sunset Gateway will have 214 units, and if Holy Hill (just east of the Elysian) is sold to a residential developer, they will be able to build 575 units by right.

    That would be 880 units packed into this short stretch of Sunset.

    DOT really needs to take a fresh look at this area, or we can expect many more accidents like this one.

    • These accidents happen because the DOT pushes highway standards onto densely populated urban streets… frankly, I’m surprised accidents don’t happen much more frequently. Traffic calming would certainly help (especially with more apartments being built, as you mention.)

    • I agree, let’s not put anymore housing on such a tiny street like Sunset Blvd, it would be better to put these big developments up in the hills and further into the neighborhoods.

  5. the trolley lanes will slow traffic considerably.

  6. The US driving test is far too easy compared to the one I took in the UK.

    During my written test they were helping a young Chinese guy who had zero English speaking or reading skills to fill out the answers on the test. An older lady kept failing and they kept sending her back to try again.

    There’s too many people with poor driving skills on our SoCal roads.

  7. Sunset is still designed like a rural highway, even though the density and types of activities are completely at odds with that road design standard. Crashes like this are common when people are encouraged to speed as though they were driving through cornfields.

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