Daily Archives: January 5, 2015

Bike advocates stage a “die-in” on Councilman Cedillo’s doorstep

Let us add another chapter to the Figueroa bike lane saga. Frustrated bicycle advocates protested outside Councilman Gil Cedillo’s downtown condominium complex on Sunday morning. The protest bike ride, dubbed ¡CHALE CON CEDILLO!, and "die-in" was in response to what the bicycle advocates call a lack of dialog from the Cedillo. Read More »

When “light masts” brightened up Boyle Heights; Councilman Gil Cedillo sees AB 60 realized

Morning Report: The story of Boyle Heights’ first electric street light – a 150-foot high “light mast” at the corner of First & Boyle ... Councilman Gil Cedillo was on hand when the first group of undocumented immigrants applied for California driver’s licenses under the state law he authored as a state legislator ... The driver of a pick-up truck with a flat tire lead the CHP on an hour-long pursuit from Boyle Heights to Riverside ... Found in Echo Park: Beautiful 6 month old Pitbull Puppy female available for adoption – Urgent Read More »