A colorful makeover for Cindy’s Coffee Shop sign

Cindy's sign after restoration

EAGLE ROCK — Whoa! The once drab Cindy Coffee Shop sign on Colorado Boulevard has been painted bold shades of orange, green and yellow as part of a $16,000 renovation paid for by an online fundraiser.  The owners of the coffee shop have said they expect the classic roadside sign to be relighted soon, perhaps as early as this weekend. The new lighting and colors will be sure to draw attention, day or night.

Before: Cindy’s sign as pictured last week | Katrina Alexy


  1. High prices, mediocre food, and bad service isn’t a recipe for success!

  2. But it’s so much fun to play with the trolls. They prove what lowlife people can be!

  3. Troll?
    Low life?
    You are angry and bitter about bad food and bad service etc..get over it. Like nitche said , just dont go back.
    You have choices, you are a classic whiner,and have issues.
    Rather then congratulating someone one accomplishments, your very 1st comment is a complaint!
    If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all.
    Did they not teach you that in grade school in Brentwood or Ohio or wherever you moved here from ?

    • I tried it and then went back twice. David is right. If anything he is being kind.

      Hopefully Cindy’s will pay attention to the issues he brings up and they put some thought into what he’s saying. Cindy’s is a beautiful spot and has lots of potential but let’s not go so far as to fully kiss it’s ass just to support it yet not acknowledge it’s obvious deficiencies.

      Food was not great, not cheap, and service was either inattentive, abrasive, or just wasn’t particularly culturally welcoming.

      • Culturally welcoming? what does that mean? Its a diner and I have been to many of them throughout LA, and I can’t say that I have ever noticed one to be culturally welcoming. Diners are old school Americana, a little greasy, booths, bar stools, milk shakes and paper hats. You order some comfort food, eat, pay then leave. If there’s any culture, its 1950’s America.

    • Soba you must have financial stake in Cindy’s, right? Who the hell are you to say I can’t write a bad review about a crappy restaurant? Yes, I know this isn’t a food review site, but you’re not the moderator either. Oh, they hardly accomplished anything, begging the public for donations to keep a sign- one that is hardly iconic. A sucker born every minute.

  4. Nice enough sign, sure sure. But the MASSIVE billboard, which is easily the largest and most offensive eyesore in all of Eagle Rock, overshadows the effort significantly. I only notice the Cindy’s sign when heading east on Colorado. Heading west into the neighborhood, all you can see is a giant STELLA ROSA ad.

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