Cedillo, Boxer & Villaraigosa endorse Molina in council race; Lincoln Heights statue restored; homeless count volunteers needed

Echo Park | Chris Martinez/Instagram

Echo Park | Chris Martinez/Instagram

MOrning Report

  • U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Councilman Gil Cedillo have endorsed former County Supervisor Gloria Molina in her Council District 14 race against incumbent Jose Huizar.  L.A. Now
  • A Council District 14 candidates forum will be held on February in Boyle Heights. Boyle Heights Beat
  • The restored Florence Nightingale statute at Lincoln Park was unveiled following an approximately $20,000 renovation. EGP News
  • Volunteers are needed to conduct this year’s Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count at the end of this month. Volunteers will be deployed from centers in Boyle Heights, Eagle Rock, East Los Angeles, Echo Park, Highland Park, Silver Lake and other locations across L.A. County. EGP News  & L.A. Homeless Services Authority

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  1. So funny. A trio of political zombies — termed out pols who issue endorsements based on length of acquaintance. If the shoe fits…

  2. Typical Cedillo would support Molina. Huizar is a politician that gets things done, knows the community well, supports bike lanes, and is loved by the community. Cedillo is clueless.

    • Uh no one likes bike lanes on york and no one likes huizar in my community

      • You must live in a very small community if nobody likes Huizar there. He actually has quite broad support throughout his district, but it may be true that nobody likes him on your particular street. As for the bike lanes, I find a lot of people simply don’t care one way or the other. People forget that without the road diet, there would have been no center turn lane on the part of York with lots of shops. The center turn lane is great for safety since you’re far less likely to get rear ended by an impatient or oblivious driver, it means that left turning cars are not interrupting the flow of traffic.

  3. Not really great endorsements for Gloria Molina unless you are super unhappy with progress. Huizar actually does things.

  4. This is the Mayor trying to get his rival out once and for all— then there won’t be any rational, concerned representative standing in the way of Jay-Z’s profit-poor, ghetto-chic Made in America II, III, VI, etc.

    Folks downtown will have lost an advocate if Huizar goes. But, for the big picture, it really doesn’t matter anyway. They all vote unanimously on nearly everything. Molina will be no different.

    • What’s bad for downtown is bad for the city at large. We all know Huizar’s been a strong advocate for a more human scaled, 24/7 downtown… but I’ve yet to hear much about Molina’s stance on any of those critical issues.

    • One way to think about Huizar’s tenure is to consider the quality of the support staff he hires to work at City Hall and the different CD 14 field offices. I have found the Eagle Rock and downtown staffers (the only ones I’ve dealt with) to be energetic, helpful, and professional in their approach to their jobs.

  5. Ugh. I’ll be so bummed if Molina wins:( Where do I get my Huizar lawn sign????

  6. The quality and professionalism of his staff? Really! Ok, how about Francine Godoy? She was hired at an entry level position at about 40K a year and in less than a decade she was elevated to a deputy chief of staff position earning more than a 100K a year while Huizar and Godoy were carrying on a sexual affair in city hall. What is professional about that?

    Also, Godoy has since dropped the law suit against Huizar. I want to know the details of the settlement. What is this woman being paid? I doubt Huizar is wealthy enough to pay her off on his own, so who are the patrons coming to Huizar’s rescue? Whoever these people are OWN HUIZAR.

    Huizar has abused the office he holds. He is compromised in a big way. Personally, I can’t vote for the man. I’ll give it to Molina.

  7. I can’t VOTE or overlook Huizar’s indiscretions and poor judgement.

    Gloria Molina has what it takes to stand up and speak; she also has what it takes to sit down and listen to the constituents of Council District 14.


  8. hopalong chastity

    I’m not so sure that Gloria Molina plans to push herself as hard as possible in campaigning to take Jose Huizar’s seat on the L.A. City Council..
    Molina can cruise into a second-place finish and still be a winner. Her entry into the election forestalls the rise of any other viable opponent to Huizar, which Molina can cash in later by getting his support for appointment to one of the powerful oversight commissions. It also would set Molina up as the favorite to take the seat when Huizar is termed out in another four years.

    • Interesting theory. I’m not a fan of bank-shot speculations like this, but it’s at least a logical possibility. One test of this would be whether Molina goes for the jugular, most particularly, by pointedly/repeatedly bringing up the Godoy scandal. All I’ve seen so far is interviewers asking her if she plans to do this.

  9. hopalong chastity

    There is something oddly troubling about these endorsements from Sen. Boxer, Ex-Mayor Villaraigosa and Councilmember Cedillo.
    This is only speculation because I can’t offer incontravertible proof, but these endorsements may indicate a new structure has taken hold that allows influence peddling and campaign finance removed from constraint of regulations and reporting requirements.
    The rules permit candidates to solicit campaign donations which can be spent, held for their next campaign or disbursed to other candidates or issue advocacy organizations. Someone like Gloria Molina can use her campaign as a kind of cover to solicit a donation warchest for dispersal to support other candidates. The financial assistance can later get paid back in ways such as appointment to influential government commissions.
    But thats not all. You may have noticed that our local city elections are dominated by a small clique of campaign consultants whose names are increasingly found managing initiatives and candidates beyond our local scene.
    Its either Parke Skelton or Mike Shalman or Mike Shimpock.
    With all of the incumbents and viable contenders hiring one or the other of these consultants to manage their campaign(i.e. the spending of their campaign donations), off-the-books influence and endorsement swapping becomes feasible.
    Councilmember Cedillo can sell his endorsement in exchange for Shalman discounting the balance remaining due from managing his previous election. Because these 3 consultants manage all the campaigns between them and because they control how their manpower is measured and allocated, they can swap, trade and exchange actual campaign efforts and expenditures between candidates and campaign fund accounts. That would require their collusion and result in campaign finance reporting which meets the rules but does not accurately reflect the actual allocation of campaign resources. Under the same theory, wealthy individuals could be granted the opportunity to override campaign laws and limits on contributions from individual donors.
    In some cases a candidate may not even require a campaign consultant as middleman in violating campaign finance rules. why shouldn’t Gloria Molina solicit Antonio Villaraigosa directly for his endorsement. He can then tell Molina to direct her supporters to offer a $10,000 donation to his non-profit foundation as quid pro quo for allowing use of his photo and testimonial in her campaign publicity.

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