Cindy’s Coffee Shop sign gets ready to shine over Eagle Rock once again

Painters at work on the Cindy's sign. |Katrina Alexy

Painters at work on the Cindy’s sign. |Katrina Alexy

EAGLE ROCK — After raising $16,000 via an online fundraiser last year, the new owners of Cindy’s Coffee Shop began the job of repairing and restoring the restaurant’s classic roadside sign that rises above Colorado Boulevard. This week, painters were spotted working on the nearly 70-year-old sign. “The only thing left to do is to put the neon ‘OPEN’ sign back up and we are in business,” said Paul Rosenbluh, who along with Monique King, purchased Cindy’s about a year ago.

Rosenbluh does not have an exact date for the relighting but the Cindy’s sign could be turned on as soon as this weekend, he said.


  1. Why does a private business need our money to do their renovations?

    • This project must have fallen within Kickstarter’s guidelines. Probably the owners didn’t have the capital to take on the sign at the same time as launching the restaurant, and whoever contributed will get rewards from the owners according to the amount donated.

  2. We were really disappointed with this place. The food was just ok and our server seemed to be so inconvenienced by us. Coffee was terrible! Servers were arguing out loud with the line cooks and the food wasn’t coming out in a timely manner. But I didn’t feel like adding to already large amount of bad online reviews. Maybe if they increased their efficiency and turned over more tables, while offering better service they wouldn’t need the public’s help. BTW me and my partner are both f&b managers.

    • “I didn’t feel like adding to already large amount of bad online reviews.”

      Umm…I think you just did.

      • To be fair, I don’t think that posting a negative review on this blog has the same repercussions to a business as posting on Yelp.

        • I agree. I also haven’t been impressed w the “new” Cindy’s menu but don’t want to add to the burden of small business owners by a negative review on Yelp. I just stopped going.

  3. Cindy’s is great — nice addition to the hood. They have good coffee, it’s super busy for brunch (love the egg sandwhich with homemade hot sauce) and lunch (catfish po boy and falafel are tasty) on the weekends — plus you can BYOB to their dinner service…

  4. They got their money, they are fixing their sign , they have customers, so what is the complaint ?
    Obviously enough people wanted to help them out.
    This is a society where people can give freely to whomever and whatever cause they wish to contribute to!
    I personally have never been there, but more power to them .
    What a bunch of cry babies!

  5. I love the new Cindy’s. The veggie burgers are amazing and innovative.

    The Cindy’s people do not own the building. They are leasing the location, and out of the goodness of their hearts have taken on the project of refurbishing the sign.
    Kudos to them for their efforts!

  6. I like Cindy’s very much. Solid fare and great decor. Yes, laid back (sorry if your service wasn’t up to fine dining standards).

    As far as the sign goes, it was out of code and prohibitively expensive to get back in line (that kind of sign is a relic of course). If left to the owners to shoulder the financial burden, it would have had to have been torn down. I am glad so many civi-minded folks kicked in for the cause. It is a fantastic piece of throw-back architecture for our hood.

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