Lassens’ grand opening in Echo Park; Boyle Heights taqueria reopens; Eagle Rock’s sweet spot for Mexican hot chocolate


Shopper and Diner buttonECHO PARKLassen’s new store has been open since last fall but the natural foods market is holding a grand opening celebration on Saturday, Jan. 24 featuring vendor demos, prizes, giveaways, book signings  complimentary kombucha floats.

BOYLE HEIGHTS —  La 1st Street Taqueria held a grand re-opening this week after being closed for several months to resolve permit problems.

EAGLE ROCK — Are you a fan of Mexican hot chocolate? Cacao Mexicatessen on Colorado Boulevard is among a short list of L.A. places serving great Mexican hot chocolate, according to the L.A. Times. Elsa’s Bakery in Highland Park is also on the list as are La Monarca Bakery, with a store in Highland Park, and Tierra Mia, with a coffee house in Echo Park.


  1. That’s right – shop at Lassen’s, where your money will go directly to various right wing causes, particularly anti-gay causes. But feel special about yourself, because you’re vegan.

  2. Chapps, how do you know that? Please provide details. And, remember that not everyone in either policial party agrees with everything.

    • Susan R, there’s this thing called the internet, on it is a powerful search engine called Google. If you type the search term “Lassen’s + prop 8” you will find a multitude of articles about their infamous donation to the anti-gay marriage campaign that you can read about to your heart’s content.

      If you agree with anti-gay marriage, then by all means, shop there to your little dark heart’s content. I vehemently support gay marriage and, as a result, chose not to spend a dime in a place that backed such a thing.

      The only way in my mind that they can “fix” it is if they make a huge public apology and an equal, if not larger, donation to a LGBTQ non-profit.

  3. As someone who believes in the pursuit of equal rights for all I certainly won’t be shopping at a store owned by people so opposed to equal rights that they donated over $30,000 toward stripping rights away from fellow citizens.

  4. Certainly not celebrating this Grand Opening, not thrilled about store coming to Echo Park, and will certainly never ever shop there for their political meddling.

  5. I should add as far as we know we only have it on record that the owners hate gay people enough to spend over $30,000 to strip them of their rights but they very well may hate other groups as well. My point is if you are of Mexican descent, or are Jewish, or African American, or Catholic, they may also hate you so even if you don’t think the marriage equality issue concerns you these people are demonstrated bigots and it always seems to me that people who think one group of people are lesser human beings than them have broader rather than limited bigoted views. You could very well be giving your money to people who think you are also a lesser human being.

  6. If these bigots try to come to Highland Park/Glassell Park/Eagle Rock, we’ll shut ’em down before they can open.

  7. I wish Sprouts would open a store near us.

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