San Francisco maker of bike and travel gear rolls into Silver Lake

Mission Workshops's new Silver Lake store | Mission Workshoip

Mission Workshops’s new Silver Lake store | Mission Workshop

Storefront Report SILVER LAKE Mission Workshop, which designs and makes bike and travel-friendly bags, backpacks and apparel, has opened up its first store outside of San Francisco in a small Sunset Boulevard storefront.

The Silver Lake store carries the company’s full inventory of weatherproof messenger bags and backpacks, including expandable and modular designs, as well as the company’s line of waterproof outerwear, cycling apparel, and “technical attire,” said Mission Workshop Marketing Manager Morgan Meridith.

The new store, which operates out of a building that has been branded as “The 3100 Block,” will be open seven days a week.


  1. Sayonara, Blackboard Cafe.

  2. ahhhh boy….here we go again. It’s kind of a bummer with these boutique shops. Who has the $$$ who actually lives in the area to buy this stuff. As a working professional with a graduate degree its amazing that I can still afford rent in Silverlake, much less a boutique item from shinola, this company, or mollusk or whatever. Seriously, can we get a freakin’ sandwich shop…not vegan shoes, not a boutique hotel, a good honest to yahway Sandwich shop, NY deli style, get your food, get your coffee or egg salad or dill pickle and GTFO, it’s cheap, its easy PPPPPUUUUUULEASE!!!!! GIVE US A DAMN SANDWICH SHOP. Or at least something that’s useful to the everyday woman/man who could get by on a decent sandwich and a used book store.

    • I guess something that has style will immediately be rejected by eastside OGs, but as someone who mostly lives cheap riding on my bike I do appreciate having the right bag to travel around the city with.

      Not really into the style of Mission’s packs, but they are durable, high quality.

      Why don’t you open a sandwich shop? If it’s good, I’ll be there all the time!

  3. Come on over to Highland Park and get a major great tasting sandwich at Monte 52 in La Tropicana market at Ave. 52 and Monte Vista. Seriously delicious and affordable sandwiches! Those guys know how to make a decent sand which in a non pretentious environment with a smile. No attitude, jut really really good sandwiches!

    • Alex K.: I definitely do need to get over there. I’m always down for a delicious affordable sandwich. Thanks for the info on the place!

      Sean: Man, I wish! I have no sandwich making ability, and unfortunately no grammatical skills or business sense, but I will tell you, I do love a good sandwich so if someone opens one up….you got a customer as long as I’m in town!

  4. oh boy: You obviously didn’t go to the website and find the skinny-ass chinos with 5 pockets — the fifth for the iPhone, of course — “the perfect pant for the chilly weather ahead” and all those messenger bags. How have we survived without them?

    • I did not, I don’t how I’ve lived this long without such an essential item. As a man who loves his chinos, (more of a slim fit than a skinny fit [see my above stated need and passion for a sandwich shop]) I think they might be onto something there. Now more importantly is it big enough for an Iphone 6 Plus? A circa ’91 gameboy? A Mottorola Brick?

  5. At least its not another pizza place.

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