SUV crashes into PETA offices in Echo Park [updated]

Glass and debris fills waiting area

A sheet of glass and debris fills PETA waiting area.

ECHO PARK — An SUV crashed into the Sunset Boulevard offices of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals this morning, smashing through an approximately 12-foot-high wall of glass and into a waiting area where staff members had gathered only minutes before. No injuries were reported, according to a PETA official and the L.A. Fire Department.

The black Toyota SUV was driven by an elderly couple who did not require medical treatment, according to fire fighters at nearby LAFD Station No. 20. The PETA offices remained opened following the crash that took place at about 10 a.m.

PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said she heard a large “boom” come from the area near the front of the building where she and other employees had gathered only minutes before.

“It sounded like an explosion,” she said. “We came running out and there was this SUV in the building.”

Large curled sheets of glass filled the area, and the sofa where PETA employees had been seated was shoved by the SUV to the other side of the room, where a receptionist narrowly missed being struck, Reiman said. No employees were injured and the office remained opened.

It’s not clear what caused the crash but the PETA offices in the 2100 block of Sunset Boulevard sit on what has been dubbed the “Mohawk Bend,” a curving section of Sunset Boulevard near Mohawk Street that has been the scene of numerous crashes, several of which have resulted in fatalities.

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The elderly couple who crashed into the building did not require medical treatment at the scene

PETA employee being interviewed in damaged waiting room

PETA employee being interviewed in damaged waiting room


  1. If it was being driven by a couple, no wonder it crashed…

  2. This is just down the street from Lucy’s laundry. How many cars have driven into that establishment.? Then there was another at the Pizza parlor at Alvarado. I’m going to start taking a detour . . .

  3. No animal were hurt in the making of the crash…

  4. no animals were saved during this accident

  5. Wow. Scary. Glad no one was hurt!

  6. So everyone knows “Mohawk Bend” is a crash prone area, judging by the crashes that happen all the time, but the question is…..Does anyone want to make it safer?

    If anyone has any ideas how to make it safer lets hear them! But it will probably involve some type of way to make people drive slower or less crazy which never goes over well. 🙁

    • 25mph speed limit with a few speed cameras placed at key intersections. There’s no logical reason why anyone needs to be traveling faster than that, it just increases bottlenecks and carnage.

      • To say nothing of the fact that there is a FIRE STATON right there, which is or should be most people’s cue to proceed, you know, with caution.

  7. Starting at 50 you should be required to re-take the written and driving portion of the driver’s test every 5 years until you hit 65, then every 3 years.

  8. I blame the bike lanes on Rowena.

  9. Elderly drivers and SUV’s don’t mix.

  10. There have been so many accidents there. There needs to be some barriers on Sunset there on the sidewalk at that bend. Someone is going to get killed if it doesn’t happen.

    • Sidewalk barriers would help protect pedestrians and buildings, but it wouldn’t prevent the collision – it would keep it in the street, and especially at the curve, likely involve more cars.

      Some sort of traffic calming or aggressive ticketing sounds like a better solution (or both in combination).

    • hopalong chastity

      Someone is going to get killed?
      You mean to say – “some more people will get killed”.
      Have you ever noticed the ironwork which wraps the exterior of the Starbucks located in Lucy’s Mohawk?
      At one time a lightly protected seating area was located next to the sidewalk there. – until a vehicle heading south on Sunset Blvd. jumped the curb and created a blood bath.
      The basic rule of survival on Mohawk Bend is to keep an ear open for the trademark sound of tires sliding out along asphalt. When a vehicle is going too fast around the bend the tires lose traction on the road and centrifical force pulls the vehicle towards the curb or sidewalk or worse.
      Upon first noticing that sound you should drop anything you are holding and begin running away from the potential point of impact.. If you are late on the start, then you should at least reflexively fling your body in the direction away from the road.
      I have done this before.
      I will admit that if I had not moved from my spot I would have been alright.
      But that was only because the skidding SUV slammed into the back of a cube truck parked at the curb forcing it up onto the sidewalk where it wiped out a lightpole and some newsracks in front of Lucy’s and came to a stop.
      As you can see from the damage at the PETA office, there may not be a truck parked at the curb to absorb the impact of the SUV, so its prudent to always fling your body away from the road at first sign of potential curb jumper.
      I would think that the neighborhood council would have already organized a fun and friendly Mohawk Bend pedestrian survival skills drill to meet in front of the Starbucks every Sunday at 10:00am.

      • And we continue to coddle car drivers….shame! The bus lane that exists on Sunset south of Dodgers Stadium should be extended all the way to Hollywood and beyond. There just isn’t any reason on Earth that 60+ people should be stuck behind a solo car driver eating a ham sandwich and talking on the phone.

  11. Bike lanes and a bigger nanny state!

  12. Carsmakepeoplestupid

    Ask Atwater….it’s the bike lobby’s fault!!

  13. Why is it always about needing cameras, speed restrictions, barriers, etc…?? Nothing will help because there aren’t any problems with the road other than TERRIBLE DRIVING.

    • Probably because there’s myriad examples of better urban street designs that have been proven to reduce accidents and improve quality of life.

    • Sunset isn’t straight; not at the Bend, and not at plenty of other places. You can’t stop bad drivers…I walk by there all the time and can’t think of a way to drive into PETA without totally terrible driving – basically when the road curves, the car has to deliberately turn the other way to hit the PETA office like that. Or if you are coming from the east, you have to cross 3 lanes of traffic and make no effort to turn at all – again, bad driving.
      The only ‘solution’ to that kind of driving is to not have any curves in a road. Which is obviously not going to happen.

      • Or just slow down cars… it’s easy to do if the DOT would prioritize safety over top speed.

        The traffic flow on Sunset is just too erratic. It goes from 0 to 40mph on a very complicated street with pedestrians crossing mid-block; cars parallel parking; cyclists taking the lane to avoid the door zone of SUV’s; etc.

        But even though some motorists are able to hit 40-50mph on a regular basis, I imagine the average speed of motorists is a lot less than the outdated 35mph speed limit. Why not lower it to 25mph and design the street for that? It would be a lot smoother and you probably wouldn’t lose any trip time in the end.

        People generally speed in LA because the streets are *designed* for speeding… not much more to it.

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