Weekend Bite: Belle’s Bagels of Eagle Rock

Finally got my hands on some Belle’s Bagels!

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The hand-rolled bagels made by Belle’s Bagels of Eagle Rock are now available for pick up at La Perla bakery in Highland Park (you still need to order in advance). Valentina Silva of Eastside Food Bites offers her first impression: “Pretty dang good. Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside.”

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  1. They will also deliver to you, we ordered some this week, arrived Friday AM. — and they are good, and I’m from Long Island / NYC

  2. Please always post prices for the typical items sold. That will make life much easier for those of us who need this information with the article. One can then know if this is ridiculous or in the ball park. I used to be a bagel baker, when they cost 5 cents each.

  3. Or you can click onto their site-which list the cost of a dozen bagels.

    But, who needs this place when you have Brooklyn Bagels on Beverly since 1953!!

    • You’re so right, David! And they’re half price between 3-5pm! They’re the best!

    • Right, because for the entire city of LA we only need one good bagel place? Belle’s bagels are some of the best I’ve ever had, and I grew up in NY. I can’t wait for them to open their own brick and mortar!

      • If you want to overpay for mediocre bagels, be my guest. Enjoy!

        • Have you actually had them? Because they are definitely not mediocre. I like them better than Brooklyn Bagels, in fact, and they are right around the corner from my house. But if you want to drive fifteen minutes for inferior bagels, be my guest. Enjoy!

          • Yes, I have had them and they are mediocre. But since you’re the bagel expert we should all bow to your all knowing sense of taste. Congrats to winning the Biggest Douchebag Award. Be proud, be very proud.

          • Wow, David, those are quite strong words to use during a discussion of bagels. I shudder to think how high your blood pressure must rise when you discuss politics or religion.

          • It must be part of his schmear campaign…

          • Nice one. 🙂

          • @David: you can assume that lots of people who have been in LA for a while know about Brooklyn Bagels. Just because you name dropped them to little effect is no reason to lash out at a perfectly civil commenter.

    • these are the best bagels I’ve had in decades. way better than Beverly Bagels, and I have been a dedicated fan of Beverly for a long time.

    • David, it’s “Or you can click onto their site-which LISTS the cost of a dozen bagels.” I’m always looking for literacy. The west side has better than Brooklyn Bagels which are just O.K. Nothing like New York out here, though.

  4. David — I’m just saying I like their bagels. That makes me a douchebag? I think you need to take your anger management pills.

  5. The internet is a fun place where you can use all the mean and aggressive language you would never use in real life.

    • There is always the question of doing the right thing – and are you doing it because you want to do the right thing, or because someone is watching and you are concerned about getting in trouble.
      Good manners on the internet is a demonstration of that principle…

  6. Thank you Eastsider! I ordered a dozen bagels from Belle’s because while I had heard of them before, your article spurred me to action.

    I am happy to say these are quite delicious. It is two guys, working hard to make an extraordinary product. Kudos to them for following their dreams, and for accomplishing something awesome. I understand the baker is an Eagle Rock native, so these are homegrown fabulous.

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