What the fashionable Highland Park bike rack is wearing this season

Photo by Katrina Alexy

Photo by Katrina Alexy

HIGHLAND PARK — Looks like the racks at the York Boulevard bike corral near Avenue 50 got yarn bombed for the new year. Maybe there’s enough fabric left over to knit some fire hydrant cozies.


  1. I’m a big fan of this yarn bombing stuff

  2. Never seen that many bikes parked there…

    • I know, was this photo staged? they took out Doris Day bar parking for those bike racks!

    • God damn will you people give it a skgfhjlasdhfjkasdfh;adsf rest?! The bike racks are in use all the time! One car spot is now 12+ bike parking spots for customers and employees. One person buying one cup of coffee, or one book, or whatever versus multiple people doing the same thing = better for business. This rack allows more people to shop and enjoy the area without eating up so much land for car parking. It is efficient, it is cheap, and it is effective.

      • Not true, pass by there couple of times daily and even at night they are not in use….. just like the bike lanes on Colorado, Rowena etc.

        • @eastsidearts : at least with respect to Colorado, I feel three auto lanes was excessive and encouraged speeding/ reckless driving. Colorado feels much more calm to me, and I don’t think (though I have no data to back it up) that travel times have been impacted

          • That’s true about traffic speeds on Colorado, but why not insist our police enforce existing traffic laws as well? The city seems to relish parking enforcement and as far as I know no pedestrians or cyclists have been hit by parked cars. Traffic on Colorado is drastically different from 7-8am, pretty insane. I think you would have to ask someone who regularly uses Colorado for their morning commute if there has been a change.

            But, I still would say that before we continue to reconfigure major arteries with bike lanes and traffic calming we should insist on greater enforcement of existing traffic laws. Once the major arteries are restricted it will push more traffic into neighborhood streets that are not equipped to handle it, especially in hilly NELA with it’s small winding streets. Morning traffic speeds, running stop signs etc. has gotten markedly worse in the past couple of years in my neighborhood.

      • Bikes can be parked on the curb, cars can not. Why waste a precious car parking space???
        But more important, why waste a precious car LANE? And I own 2 bikes!

  3. “Maybe there’s enough fabric left over to crochet some fire hydrant cozies.”

    Fixed 🙂

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