East L.A. bank sold; O’Grady denies improper use of nonprofit in council race; new Highland Park council website

MOrning Report

  • A Central Valley financial firm has agreed to buy East L.A.-based Pan American Bank, the state’s oldest Latino bank. L.A. Times
  • Council District 4 candidate Tomas O’Grady of Los Feliz denies that he improperly used his education nonprofit to support his campaign. L.A. Times
  • The Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council has launched a new website that can be translated into 50 languages. HighlandParkNC
  • Last fall’s elaborate swearing-in ceremony of Kevin de Leon as head of the California State Senate was supposed to have been privately financed but did end up costing taxpayers money after all.  AP

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  1. This is just the tip of the ice-burg on O’Grady. This guy is a power hungry con artist. Please people DO NOT vote for O’Grady!

    • Thank you!!! please keep spreading the word. This man and his campaign are frighteningly corrupt!

    • Agree! I really hope more people are watching this unfold. This guy is an egomaniac and a bully. His ideas are simplistic at best and ridiculous at most. When asked what to do about sidewalks in a recent debate he said people should pour their own concrete, because he has done it. WFT? How is that a reasoned, informed solution to a serious problem. Yeah, I get it. Anti-government, charter school, republicans like him because his whole campaign is based on complaining about the people in office. But he knows nothing about running an organization honestly. NOT a good person for Council.

  2. CORRUPT! What do you do for your community and city at large? Good people take charge and you slackers sit back, bash and don’t give a damn.

    • Actually we do give a damn, which is why we are speaking out against O’Grady!

      • O’grady seems like a nice, smart guy who does a lot of good. He was hugely instrumental in turning King Middle School into an awesome educational institution. I have sincerely thought about getting into local politics, then I look at him and I think “man, that sure is a lot of work”. I kid you not. Those snitching interns seem fishy to me.

        • O’Grady’s whole campaign is fishy. There are many (politically unaffiliated) commenters on there calling him out on questionable behavior. Do research into what they’re saying.

          • I’ve been following O’Grady as a community activist for 10 years. He is the genuine grass roots community activist who cares about his neighborhood. What has your candidate done “concerned citizen”? (Imaginative handle there, very genuine)

          • HLPer-

            Oh it is genuine. I am concerned about the vitriol and questionable ethics spread by O’Grady, his campaign and his supporters.

            Have a nice night.

        • dorit dowler-guerrero

          I was a King parent. Mr. O’Grady did start the friends group and the garden, but I would not credit him alone with all the improvements. It was the hard working teachers, administrator, parents (which he is one) and students.

      • then DO SOMETHING!

        • How do you know i’m not?!
          (oh, that’s right. you don’t. I can do something and express concern about a person i do not want to represent me… novel, i know)

        • @ “Concerned Citizen”. We can all talk the talk but walk us through your plans for community change. Your community is all ears and we welcome your ideas. WHAT WILL YOU DO?

          • Well, my first order of business is to stop talking O’Grady’s followers on the Internet. they like to bully. I’ve had enough.

            have a nice night.

          • You’re welcome to join our efforts, just holler! xx

  3. I would venture to guess that “Concerned Citizen” is involved in another candidate’s campaign. CC’s comments read like smear 101.

    • “Concerned Citizen” says “There are many (politically unaffiliated) commenters on there calling him out on questionable behavior. Do research into what they’re saying.”

      OK, I did research. I found no one calling him out. CC, would you mind posting some links to articles or reports or quotes supporting your accusations?

      • Aw sorry but no such luck. completely unaffiliated. i’ve just witnessed the nastiness of the O’Grady campaign and care for my city enough to not want him elected.

        Check the most recent LA Times article’s comments for starters. Many people there have called O’Grady’s actions into question.

  4. ConcernedForCitizens

    Concerned Citizen would only continually come back to make comments if they have affiliation with one of Tomas’ rivals.

    Tomas is an amazing man. Is he perfect? No. But he has dedicated his life here in Los Angeles to doing good. He is not a photo opportunity guy, he is the one that personally set up the event, dug the holes, made sure everyone was taken care of and from the he’s ready for a smile with the group that volounteered to help.

    Anyone smearing Tomas has never met him. He’s genuine. May be a little hard for some, but that’s what separates the men/women with the boys/girls. Jump on his train or get off, he’s making progress.

    This guy is the real thing. No political bullshit.

  5. This is nonsense. Ive personally watched Tomas O’Grady create positive changes over and over again thru the years. Talk to him personally or speak with him publicly – his story doesn’t change. Tomas believes in creating a better Los Angeles and isnt afraid to challenge the parts of our system that fail us. There isnt a leader of any kind on the face of the earth that doesnt have and need a bit of ego including LaBonge or any of the other candidates in this election. I have absolute faith in Tomas and his guiding principles. The only thing happening here is someone trying to create a scandal out of a non event.

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