Forget the bike; Echo Park thieves steal entire bike rack


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ECHO PARK — It’s come to this – not only do you need to lock up your bike, you need to lock up your bike rack. Sometime overnight one of the bike-shaped racks that were recently installed around Echo Park Lake was stolen from the southeast corner of the park, a city official said today.

Not only did the black metal rack go missing, but so did the rack’s pair of six-inch concrete bases that were buried in the ground. All that’s left are two square patches of dirt where the bases had been located.

The theft took place about a week after the racks were installed.


  1. The 3 possible scenarios as I see it:
    Hipster stole it for an art project
    Gentrification-phobes stole it to “stick it to the man”
    Crackheads stole it to sell for crack (and/or meth)

    My money is on hipster art project. Disgruntled poor people or cracked out meth heads wouldn’t have cleaned up after themselves so nicely.

    • The only other scenario I can see is if a bike(or 2) was locked to it, so they stole the entire thing. Load it in a pickup and take to the chop shop to cut the locks.

      I’d imagine this with its concrete blocks is quite heavy and awkward to carry/maneuver.

      🙁 sad all the way around.

    • I suspect it was whom ever took the photos above. What are the chances of having taken a photo of that particular bike rack out of all that are in the park?

      Hmmm. Eastsider cooking up stories to report?

    • Man, you and the hipsters (whatever that can possibly be defined as) have a low bar for calling something “art.” I would call that bike rack “common craft”, but that’s just me.

      (And did you ever notice that “hipster” is a term solely used as an insult to others. Those others suddenly becoming a “cool friend” once you have met them.) You “eastsiders” (living west of the L.A. River, ah hem…) surely must know the rest of the town sees you as a gaggle of arrested development types still suffering from peer pressure.

  2. We walked by there last night. The bike racks are installed poorly all over the park! The concrete was barely in the grass. I could have walked off with one myself, if someone helped me carry it. I thought they were still working on the installation, but someone explained they were done…

    The contractors or installers did a really terrible job installing them and it’s really their fault. Wouldn’t ever lock my bike to one of them.

  3. So we can blame cheapskate contractors for cutting corners and doing shitty work, naive rich people for leaving expensive bikes parked overnight, and asshole poor people for stealing shit

    • Poorly installed! They’re lucky one was stolen to highlight the horrible installation. Maybe now they will install them correctly and avoid having one fall over and kill some kid. It looks like that concrete barley went into the earth. What a joke. Those bases should be at least a foot deep. Hire an engineer!

    • I didn’t realize the article mentioned that the thieves were poor. My money is on hipsters stealing this.

  4. Scrappers strike again.

    Before it was turned into a high school, the old graveyard under Cathedral High was where many of Los Angeles’ rich and famous were buried. During the Depression, the plaques and anything that could be sold for scrap was pulled off by scrappers – which is going to be one of the only growth industries in the U.S. in the coming decades.

    All this talk about gentrification in a few puny neighborhoods has masked what is really going on right now: concentration of poverty at an industrial scale across America. The economics of metal scrap value is what drives this. The unskilled laborer will find other means soon enough. Just today I saw a metal scrap truck loaded down with dozens of bicycles headed to the metal recycler.

    • It is acknowledged that the copper mining of the future will happen under streets. Scrap collecting is one of the most natural forces and (except in cases of theft) is good for the planet. It can not be faulted.

    • At $90 per ton for scrap iron, I doubt that theory.

      • These bike racks aren’t made of iron, they are made of steel. There is a big difference. This bike rack is worth about $1/lb for the steel it is made of. Is it worth $40 of your time to dig it up with a friend and throw it in the back of your pickup along with any bikes attached to it? Maybe not your time, but for someone taking the scrapping game seriously to pay the bills I am sure it is. As poverty increases we’ll only see more of this. All this gum flapping about gentrification ignores the fact that for every revitalized neighborhood there are four or five sliding deeper into concentrated poverty.

  5. Even before this, I was questioning the location of most of those racks: around the perimeter of the park. Not anywhere I’d want to lock a bike – too remote from the places folks are actually gathering. I like to keep my bike in sight whenever possible.

    I guess I understand the logic – get people off their bikes before they ride in the park (yeah, I know – not allowed. I walk my bike in the park, FWIW). The shoddy installation was only the icing on the cake. Big waste of our tax dollars.

  6. Another vote for scrappers. No question.

    Shame on the parks dept for failing to supervise its vendors. The city has very clear design standards for bike racks.


    The facilities engineer that decided to disregard from those standards in such an obviously incompetent way should be held accountable.

    Lord only knows how much we paid for those things.

  7. When I drove by there around 8am today, there was a yellow bike attached to a bike rack on that corner. I think it was in the same location, saw it as I turned right from EP Ave.

  8. Well that’s gotta be a first.

  9. Well that’s gotta be a first.

  10. This f*cking neighborhood. I’ve plowed hundreds of thousands of dollars into my flipped bungalow, pay thousands more per year in property taxes, have a landscaping guy to keep my curbage looking good — and these f*cking punks are still stealing everything they can. Honestly, I don’t know why I put so much of my valuable time and hard-earned money into gentrifying this sh*tty place.

    • Perfectly stated EL Lobo. These gentrifiers expect to move into our hood and change us?

    • Exactly Jesse. This is another great example why we need more gentrification. Echo Park could become a great place to live again, like it was in the 40s. Anyone who gets pushed out due to higher property values can move to Maywood and Cudahy for all I care.

  11. and this is why we can’t have nice things in the `hood. DuH! It’s probably sitting in someones garage until the heat is off and then we’ll see it on some reality show. It will be scavenged stuff selling for a small fortune. I say keep the bike racks ugly and cheap.

  12. I saw on Mitch’s FB page that this was done with the support of the bike lobby. This is the lobby that wants to SELL bikes to people in LA and convert our streets to slow moving molasses put and bikes on the trails of Elysian Park and Griffith park. They’ve already slowed Rowena Hoover Sunset and Virgil to a crawl to help out a private industry and a couple of high school dropouts and occupy LA holdouts. This is so typical of MITCH O’FFEELY and his bike lobby pals. The racks were even designed by one of his assistants. Why doesn’t this city let traffic engineers run transportation and not council office staffers and lobbies with for profit agendas. Time to start a LA CAR DRIVERS UNION.

    • Right, because cars in los angeles are an oppressed minority. The 20th century called it wants you back!

    • Watch out! The bike lobby is coming for you! They have millions of dollars from … selling … oh, wait, you mean the bike industry has been shrinking or staying flat? The bicycle lobby where just about everybody donates their time and effort to changing public policy and those who are getting paid are making below living wage salaries for tiny non-profits? Yeah, watch out! These folks are coming to get you!

    • Selling bikes! To people! In L.A.! And then, the audacity of having parking, err, racks, for the bikes. Someone should do something!

      Also, I’m pissed about these sidewalks I see everywhere taking up space. I hear they were put in place by the walkers’ lobby.

    • Be part of the solution: carpool. The roads are slow because of too many solo drivers.

  13. I do not condone property theft. However, I am left with some feelings of respect for the audacity and the wherewithal of the thieves in this case. Even if the concrete was shoddily installed, it is no small feat to make off with an entire rack, with bikes attached, and concrete bases. Impressive.

  14. What a great neighborhood. Dear police, find those dogs and take them to a dark alley…..

  15. One person per car, REALLY?

  16. El Lobo. Proper Dos other alt. The NELA village idiot has really lost it. Gentrification has really drove him insane. Dont worry Proper Dos in twenty years when your biggest fear of NELA becoming another WEHO and there is a gay pride parade going down York blvd I’m sure you and your fellow “veteranos” will finally be out of the closet and leading the parade in your Raiders speedos.

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