Highland Park shooting leaves man in critical condition [updated]

Police cruisers on Monte Vista | Photo by Highland Park resident

Police cruisers on Monte Vista | Photo by Highland Park resident

HIGHLAND PARK — Police blocked off streets and launched an hours-long search Friday night for a suspect who emerged from a silver car and fired multiple shots at a man before driving away from what police say is a gang-related shooting. The gunman was not apprehended following the lengthy search.

The shooting near the 5300 block of Monte Vista Street took place at about 6 p.m. as the victim was walking and was confronted by a man who emerged from a silver vehicle, said LAPD Officer Jane Kim. The suspect fired his gun multiple times before fleeing the area.

The victim walked to nearby residences and sought assistance. He was transported to a hospital where he was reported to be in critical condition on Friday night, Kim said.

Updated:  The victim is a 25-year-old Latino gang member, said Capt. Jeffrey Bert with the Northeast Division.

The search for the Monte Vista shooter overlapped with another incident involving three related robberies near Figueroa Street and York Boulevard, Bert said. Those robberies, which involved a single suspect who was later apprehended, were not connected to the shooting, he said.


  1. Gang related shooting? Fortunate innocent residents are safe. Let these thugs go at it.

  2. My money’s almost always on the 5300 block of Monte Vista when I see a headline like that.

  3. and folks complain about gentrification? bring it on! Whole Foods on Fig!

  4. “Culturally Welcoming”

  5. Why does it take an incident for LAPD to saturate Highland Park with law enforcement presence?
    It’s time to DEMAND patrol cars and foot patrol on specific areas of Highland Park around the clock. Highland Park now has a higher tax paying bracket that needs to toot its horn to Huizar and Molina and ask, “What will you do to make Highland Park a safer, better community?

  6. And, Cedillo – What are you going to do to improve South of York? For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people’s love and concern for each other. What are you doing to improve your district? Let’s get LAPD to serve proactively.

    • Ol’ one bill Gil already did the one thing he wanted to do in office. Which was an epic fail. I wouldn’t expect much more from the guy.

  7. there won’t be anymore enforcement on york, fig or anywhere else. it doesn’t make money. N.E. division would rather double man speed traps on Cypress for the revenue than keep the citizens safe and on their side.

  8. The landlords of the apartment building located at the southwest corner of 53 and Monte Vista allow gang Grafitti to pile up on the garage walls, do not clean up the exterior area, and it fosters this type of incidents. Unlike the large brick apt. building across the street where they paint out taggings immediately. Shame on landlords that do not take pride in their places and are not active in the community!

    • Well, guess what – there were 3 guys painting out graffiti there this morning. Don’t know if they were there at the behest of the city or landlord. For more than 25 years I’ve been wishing that the city would force this landlord to stop harboring lowlives but it hasn’t happened. Maybe we can put pressure on Cedillo’s office. It was in Huizar’s district before, and he did nothing.

    • glassellparkwriter

      anyone can call it in on 311 ap– take some initiative hipster

    • Thanks – I will write too!!!

    • The landlords may be to blame, however, the tenants are welcome to call the city or use the 311 app and submit it anonymously. I have it on my phone and use it weekly. The graffiti removal team is top-notch and typically removes the graffiti in 2 to 3 days. That said, not sure if they will remove graffiti on private property.

  9. Shootings happen all over Los Angeles.Highland Park is a lot better than it used to be.I’ve lived here for 20 years and I love it.I’m sure the guy was shot for something he had done.I hope he recovers,but all I can say if you don’t likeit here MOVE!!!!

    • If all the people who didn’t like the crime in Highland Park had moved instead of staying and attempting to make the neighborhood a better place, then Highland Park wouldn’t be “a lot better than it used to be.”

    • Demanding better City Services from our government officials and law enforcement is a right whether it’s here or anywhere else! I’ve been here long enough (1960’s) to know that HP deserves better!

  10. Smh gentrification doesn’t stop crime as you see one gang related shooting and three robberies crime in one night is up again hopefully get these fucken new comers out of my community

    • Oh mando, too late! We are here to stay.

    • “new comers” (sic)…

      just say WHITE PEOPLE, you pussy. own your prejudice.

    • Yup, I bought my house. It’s awesome, old and not stuccoed. Not going anywhere. Sorry dude.

    • Un-flippin believable. You actually would rather put up with gang crime and all that comes with it so the “new comers” will get our of “your” community. You are truly pathetic for hoping for violence. Only a gang-culture-loving idiot would say such a thing. I have lived here my whole life and have seen and heard a lot, none of it good when it comes to gang activity. The last thing I EVER want in MY neighborhood is for someone to get shot for any reason, let alone a stupid one. You deserve every negative comment here.

    • Hmm…I’ve visited quite a few gentrified neighborhoods and have been envious of the low crime, no graffiti, lack of illegal fireworks, no gang activity, etc.

  11. Time to flip gang members out of the neighborhood.

  12. Unless you are Chumash or Tongva, we are all new comers. I don’t know anyone that WANTS shootings and killing in their neighborhood. There are MANY of us who have lived here a long time that would like to see the gang activity gone and our streets safer.

  13. I’m going to send the landlords a letter with photos of the graffiti, untended yard, and general trash that is a constant at that building. I am sure they have time to cash the rent checks every month up there at a LaCanada bank, so they need to make time to tend to their “investment” down here in HP.

  14. I was under the impression the landlords were chinese

  15. Snitches get stiches !!!

    • I before E, except after C.

    • What loser.

    • Stitches aren’t so bad.
      I’ve had over 250 stitches in my lifetime.
      I’d prefer stitches to having a bunch of waste-of-life losers dictating what happens in my neighborhood.
      Anyway, most of these gang bangers are actually cowards under the hood. That’s why they behave the way they do.

      • Tony the Main Spoon

        so-called “True Freedom” aka Frank Castle, The Punisher! Coming to a comic shop near you!
        Stop by Thank You Comics before it closes this month. 🙂

  16. Really !! He was caught slipping , , hahahahhaha

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