Highland Park shooting victims were innocent bystanders


HIGHLAND PARK — The two females who were shot Wednesday night were innocent bystanders during a possible gang-related shooting, police said today. “They were just trying to enjoy themselves at the park,” said Detective Larry Burcher with the Northeast Division.

The two females, ages 18 and 21, are in stable condition, Burcher said based on the most recent information. Burcher said that the two victims were probably not the intended targets of the shooting  that took place shortly before 7 p.m. at the recreation center, which consists of playing fields and gymnasium. “We believe they were innocent bystanders,” he said.

No suspects are in custody, and Burcher declined to say if the shooting was related to other recent gang-related shootings in the area.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contact the Northeast Division at (323) 344-5754.


  1. Effing low life gangsters. Stick to shooting your own people to be rid of y’all once and for all!

  2. Maybe it’s just me but I never see any police presence around that park even in the summertime when it’s in full swing.

  3. we all need to be contacting our neighborhood council as well as Gilbert Cedillo directly. This isn’t the old west.

  4. The real issues here have nothing to do with gentrification or race. It’s all about guns and education. If fucking assholes didn’t have such easy access to guns in this country, tragedies like this could be avoided. And if poor people had good public schools they might get educated enough to aspire to greater things than being worthless gang trash.

    • It’s not the schools it’s the culture. LA Times did a story years back on how Asian kids at Lincoln High school out preform the other kids when it comes to academics. Same socioeconomic backgrounds

    • My pet peeve: all the local LAUSD schools I’m familiar with in NELA ban kids from running on the playground. Ask a 1st grader, they will tell you all about it. From Mt. Washington, to Aldama, to Monte Vista and I am sure the rest ban kids from running on the playground. I visited our LAUSD board members office over a year ago to ask about the policy stopping little kids from running during the only time of the day they get to be outside and never got a response – but I was told by an office worker that she’d “never heard of such a thing”.

      If you were a caged animal your entire youth, stuffed into one disgusting and unhealthy situation after another, and the only people doing whatever the hell they wanted also needed you to occasionally shoot some random person I can bet you more than half of you reading this would be armed to the teeth and gunning for whomever your new best friends told you to.

      I used to take free classes at this Rec. Center all last year on Wednesday night and I’d hang outside on Piedmont with my kid right at the time this shooting took place. Unreal that this is still happening. So much money spent putting cameras on cops, buying freaking iPads for illiterates, building wider highways that get congested, handing millions to LA Live and Midtown Crossing, but so little is done to maintain civil life for our kids – to give them a good reason to want to be a good citizen, to show them culture, art, music, and sports. Instead they get Cheetos, video games, and the cops.

      The parks department offers tons of free classes at every single park in the area – but how do you find out about it? Unless you know an instructor or happen upon a free parkour, b-boy, sewing, origami class by chance you’d never know.

      Can’t wait to see how Uncle Cedillo is going to “handle” this. I am waiting for Louis Reyes boilerplate about “this tragic incident” and how he will “stand with us” and announce some malarkey about how he’s working hard on this issue, how it’s his number one priority.

  5. There is a public safety meeting tonight 7:00 at Antigua Bread on fig to discuss the gang injunction. Here’s a link to anyone who isn’t aware of it and would like to attend.


    Here is the direct email to CM Cedillo’s field officer, Melinda Allitore for anyone who would like to write an email expressing their concern: melinda.alatorre@lacity.org

  6. InunctionWontStopShootings

    The injunction won’t stop shootings like these. Check the areas where there are injunctions and I bet you find there are still gang shootings.

    This isn’t a one stop shop to fix the gang problem. Much more complicated than black and white.

    Better parenting is what’s needed. Injunctions wont make that happen.

    • Well there’s not much you can do about shitty parenting. Gang injunctions are a tangible thing that can be done to get results. Just because they don’t offer a 100% solution doesn’t mean you throw them out. Like you say it’s more complicated than black and white. If gang injunctions stop 1 bystander from being shot, then they’re worth it.

      • InunctionWontStopShootings

        What if they stop 1 bystander from getting shot but ruin 10 lives in the process? Say for example a cousin hanging out with his family (who are gang members) when he’s 10 years old and this kid now gets put in the system as a gang member for life. And because of this he now has an incredibly difficult time getting a job.

        Is that worth it?

        • Yes. One innocent person’s life is worth more than the kid who hangs out with gang members. The innocent person is dead. The kid still has a chance, to get as far away from the criminal elements in his family as he can. His life is hardly ruined.

          • agreed. one life is more important that the 10 year old… he will learn not to associate with sum as well then. ps- when you’re 10 years old that will not stay on your record ar 20-
            pos-when you apply for a job they run your social, your arrest record…. not your “gang injunction” status… be informed.

        • The people at fault in your situation are not “the man” or “the system” for enforcing the gang injunction, the people at fault are the gang members in the family. They are the fuckups that chose to be in a gang and bring their gang around children. So in your situation they are the ones that ruined the 10 year old’s life, not the gang injunction.

        • Yes, of course it is worth it to keep one innocent bystander from being shot. If you don’t want to be labeled a gang member, then dont hang around with gangs whether they are family or not. Duh.

        • Even after all this time, you obviously still know nothing of how the gang injunction works.

        • Sounds like scare tactics! If gang injunctions need improvements, then make it a point to be part of a dialogue to make changes and modifications. But, I do not believe that an individual who is 10 years old is on this list for life! Instead, I believe there’s a greater possibility of gang affiliation among generational family members. Instead, we should be having a conversation of funding education to the classroom ratios of private schools where class sizes are 1 to 20 versus 1 to 45 for public middle and high schools. Back in the day, students had a holistic, quality education which included basic core classes and plenty of electives. It is time for everyone to take a proactive stance on improving the quality of life here in Highland Park for everyone to enjoy!

          • Yup, class size is one of those things that makes a huge impact… but for some reason it’s glossed over by most education reform efforts.

  7. Gangs are a traditional staple of American culture, e.g., “Gangs of New York”. Also, my peers in Mexico had zero exposure to drugs and gangs while virtually every one of their peers in the U.S. at the very least experimented with drugs and flirted with the gang culture. In fact, I can recall Chinese lowriders in Chinatown. They were regular and conspicuous participants at all the local lowrider events back in the 80s and 90s.

    Only when it comes to the tools of success does this country enjoy a distinct advantage. IF its citizens are able to avoid the temptation that comes with it.

    • “Gangs are cool because they make movies about them, and there are no Mexicans in gangs it’s mostly Chinese people”

      • Ugh, now he’s picking on Asians. Proper is such a racist troll that’s it’s almost entertaining like tragic-comedy to read what that fool is going to vomit out next.

    • At the turn of the last century, Jews were among the most murderous gangsters in the country. Nowadays, Jewish gangster is a non-sequitur. The Chinese lowriders on College Street in Chinatown were a reality. They were as American as the Irish, Italians, Jews, Mexicans, and Germans(?!?) that came before them. All ethnic groups with prominent gang histories in these United States. This is historical FACT, which I realize is anathema to all of the intentional bigotry regularly spewed on these message boards. Fortunately, educated Americans like myself are around to set all of you ignoramASSES straight . . . “You’re welcome” . . . whether you like it or not.

      Btw, where else but at “thee eastsider” woud wealthy white people feel safe enough to posture as experts on race relations? Talk about tragi-comedy(?).

      • And you watch one marathon of Gangland on television and you’re an expert?

      • How precious. Two innocent bystander were shot last night by some boneheaded thugs and all you are interested in doing is giving us gangbanger history lessons and calling people bigots for calling out the killers. I bet that’s a lot of consolation to those young women who were SHOT, and to all who have suffered because these morons refuse to evolve. Try running your “historical facts” by my neighbor who had to wash the blood of her dead son from her front porch because that’s how far he got before he collapsed. I bet that would make all the sense in the world to her: “Sorry Mrs. Lopez, but it’s all Bugsy Siegal’s fault”. Uh huh, that would explain everything PD. Are you so blinded by your hatred of your new white neighbors that you refuse to accept any criticism or observation they make about your beloved Hood, even if they are valid or correct; to the point that you would stoop to defending the gang bangers? How about reserving just a little bit of your moral outrage for the street gangs of now, you know, the ones that are actually gunning down Brown people.

        • Review this thread and determine how the regular bigots immediately take advantage of these tragedies to cast aspersions on certain “cultures” to bolster their own false sense of superiority.

          I won’t even entertain your intensely melodramatic ignorance regarding the historical tragedy of gangs in NELA. I am intimately familiar with both sides of this tragedy and resent the crocodile tears and condescending arrogance of outsiders like yourself. Improve education and opportunities, incentivize positive behavior and activities, and diminish punitive measures. That is what ALL of the examples I cited have in common but all you can do is hop on your soap opera box and wave your finger at those who Know a whole lot more than you can imagine. After all, it’s been a chronic reality for us. Not just an annoying obstacle to enjoying coffee on a sidewalk table. As IF you gave a damn about “brown people”, i.e., your fellow Americans not just a color.

          • your chicano studies degree is such a waste; i think you have a dance degree because you are always dancing around the point to push your silly agenda.

          • I commend the eastsider for compelling “eonlong” to adopt a more moderate inside voice. It appears he learned something from having his ass tossed outside.

        • Proper Dos is the big retarded master blaster alter ego Internet personality created by a scared little barrio pontificator who has failed to find a way to out muscle and intimidate skinny non-brown hipsters with disposable income. We really need an ignore function on this site.

  8. Tony the Main Spoon

    I know for sure that the marginalized Italians that grew up in notheast are the first Avenue gang members. They used to squab with the other within is socioeconomic gang groups that lived in the same town. The veteranos explained this to me and all kinds of cool stories at the old Footies. Growing up in HLP I was fascinated by the oral history no who ever wrote about.

    Anyone down to get a dodgeball game at the sycamore park bandshell. Hint hint so called “true freedom”. Arredondo guy, proper dos, skeeter, Come on down to where matter used to be settled at sycamore park. In a recreational way.

  9. Continued gentrification will make the area safer (as well as nicer). You don’t read about hipster shootings on The Eastsider do you?

  10. Go volunteer at your local school! Make a difference in a child’s life. Bring your special talents to the classroom. Influence their minds.with your experiences. There is a great Boys and Girls Club on Daly St. next to 5 points in Linclon Heights where youth go to have good old fun. I do it. Coaching soft ball and basket ball is a nice outlet for me. We can do something about these tragedies. These kids now days are not the youth we grew up with today. You would be surprised what influences them. We can idealize all kinds of scenarios and play the blame game but real action by Concerned citizens make the difference.

    And about that dodgeball game. . .

    • I really appreciate your positive and proactive approach. Us “veteranos” are regularly involved in the activities you’ve suggested including career days, coaching, and just role modeling for the youngsters. We survived to prosper, they can thrive and surpass us. We didn’t know better but it’s been our goal to make knowing better the new “normal”.

      Thanks again for your contributions to better neighborhoods and not WeHo: Phase Ad Nauseum. I appreciate places to socialize and have fun but also a home to simply live and breathe.

      • “us veteranos”. You mean old fart. I’m sure your idea of mentoring is teaching the youth that all the problems in the hood are the fault of someone else.

        • Anybody over the age of 25 is considered “veterano”.

          You must be feeling kind of old right about now, MartTeeen ArreteTonto the self-loathing “latIIIno” . . . (lol).

          • …and for all you white people who don’t speak the Espagnol, Tonto means fool. Just to be clear. I’m calling Matin Arredondo “Arrete Tonto” as a simple play on words; calling him a fool. Because I’m smart and he’s dumb everybody. See? Si!

          • Self loathing? No. I just loathe low life Latinos like yourself. I’m not obsessed with being Latino like you. Just look at your posts . You always have to mention your Latino. Nobody cares

          • Impostor/stalker Proper Dos above.

            I’m really getting under somebody’s skin . . . Mission Accomplished!

          • Meanwhile ArreteTonto, i’m an American of MEXican descent aka Chicano. I’ve never self-identified as “latino”, which is simply the self-loathing way of cleaning up for public acceptance, which is precisely what I doN’T desire. The last thing I need is for pedestrian, self-loathing, wannabe-snobs like you sidling up to me as if were of the same class. Although some have unwittingly done so only to be put in their place by this Chicano. Interestingly enough, not a single one has ever dare challenge me to an MMA match, To My Face.

          • Is there something less offensive than “Mexican” that I can call you?

    • So True!!!

      • So True to Tony the Main Spoon! Keep up the great work!

        • Tony the Main Spoon

          Yes Bobby. There sure is a bunch of jabs going around but seriously, nothing changes until people make a difference. This so called “shit hole” is worth it. I love NELA.

  11. So glad i moved out of that SHI#T-HOLE!

  12. proper dos hung up on semantic. Hispanic,Chicano,Latino. Who gives a crap. Just losers like proper dos. I think I’m the one that got under your skin. “Please stop stalking me”

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