A red hot night as seen from Montecito Heights

MONTECITO HEIGHTS — The temperature topped 90 degrees today and is expected to do the same on Sunday, when more than 20,000 runners pour through the streets for the L.A. Marathon. There won’t be any relief from the heat for runners and residents until the middle of the week, according to recent forecasts.


  1. How lovely all the carbon we pump into the air makes such beautiful sunsets! Just think, soon, it will be 90 degrees every day and all the nights will have nice bright orange sunsets! It’s a wonderful side benefit for the convenience of driving alone in our fancy cars with the stereo pumping and the air con blasting while we sit in traffic… and for all those juicy steaks we can gobble down with impunity. Chomp chomp! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to head to the airport so i can fly to NYC for the weekend to a party I simply MUST attend. No matter about the 10 tons of CO2 that I pump into the air for this very important getaway! Bye Felicia!

  2. “In an atmosphere with no junk at anytime, you’ll never get a sunset that would make someone with normal color vision say, ‘Wow that’s red!'” says Craig Bohren, professor emeritus of meteorology at Pennsylvania State University. “It is certainly true that the ‘pollution’ results in redder sunsets.”

    But then again, what do scientists know anyway?

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