Another night of police sirens and helicopters in Highland Park [updated]


HIGHLAND PARK — Police are closing off streets near Avenue 53 and Longfellow Street tonight after officers spotted a man believed to be carrying a gun.

Sgt. Frank Gonzalez at the Northeast Division said there have not been any reports of shooting as officers began their search. He had no further details about the incident that was reported shortly after 10 p.m.

* Update: The suspect was taken into custody, according to the Northeast Division Facebook page.

Residents reported that a police helicopter was flying over head and that LAPD was setting up a command center at a convenience store.  Avenue 52 was being shut down from Figueroa to the 110 Freeway, said a posting on the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council’s Facebook page.

Tonight’s police activity comes after a string of recent Highland Park shootings that police say are linked to a feud between the Avenues and the Highland Park gang. The Highland Park neighborhood council plans to focus on the recent increase in violence and what is being done in response at its next meeting on April 2, according to a posting on the council’s Facebook page.

The spike in shootings has spread concern among residents, some of whom expressed their anxiety tonight on Twitter:



  1. Highland Park shacks are selling for $600k. Super Trendy means most latino youths have no hope of ever owning their homes. Disenfranchised, angry youths join gangs. Whites don’t care. They are only concerned about the next trendy boutique that will open up on York. This situation is only going to get worse.

    • Ha. So by your logic where the prospect of owning a home is they key indicator of gang activity, Southside Chicago, Detroit and Camden should have virtually zero gang activity right? You can buy a house for the price of a Hyundai in those cities so no one should be joining gangs! Or an even better example, Highland Park in the 80’s when it was a forgotten and affordable area of Los Angeles: no gang activity at all then, right?

    • Not being able to own a home in your neighborhood is a pretty lame excuse for joining a gang. You do realize that applies to like half of the city, maybe more… right?

      Talk about first world problems. It’s not like Highland Park is some bombed out wasteland of vacant lots and high rise projects where the drug trade dominates the neighborhood economy. These are just bored, angry kids with sh*tty parents and easy access to weapons… has nothing to do with “white people” buying ice cream on York.

    • Go to school, get an education, stay healthy and out of gangs. Stop being a victim. Many people have done this.
      Your racist tripe should be ignored jim.

      Newer residents of the community do care, but people must be willing to take control of their own destiny. All of the youth programs in the world won’t help if someone isn’t willing to be responsible for their own life choices.

      As I’ve said before, statistics below are not the fault of gentrification or the people who have recently moved into the community.

      The percentage of Latino people is high for the county.
      Moderately diverse for the city of Los Angeles and moderately diverse for the county

      The percentages of households that earn $20,000 to $40,000 and $20,000 or less are high for the county.

      14.3% of residents 25 and older have a four-year degree, about average for the city of Los Angeles and about average for the county. The percentage of residents 25 and older with less than a high school diploma is high for the county (15,730).

      The percentages of residents ages 10 or younger and 19 to 34 are among the county’s highest. The percentage of never married males is among the county’s highest.

      There are 2,705 families headed by single parents. The rate is 21.1%, high for the city of Los Angeles and high for the county.

    • Big time troll.

    • “I realized I would never be a homeowner in Highland Park. That’s when I turned to gangs.”

    • How about the thugs work hard at getting an education instead of banging, your excuses are infantile. I’m white, raised on welfare, now make a six figure salary and I’m still in my thirties. The difference? strong parenting, studied hard, was taught the difference between right and wrong.

    • Oh sweet jesus, imagine if everyone who couldn’t afford to own a home in the neighborhood they grew up in turned to crime, we’d have one hell of a chaotic picture of Los Angeles. Thankfully there’s other neighborhoods to choose from with a pretty wide range of prices.

    • Disenfranchised, angry youths can’t buy houses when they’re 14-18 so they join gangs? WOW.

    • all the more reason to stay in school learn a skill and stay away from gangs

  2. Just join the northeast dems, follow their trail to success by screwing people over via political ties, yeah that’s the ticket!

  3. Hey Everybody,

    I’m Jim and I’m a blantantly racist troll who only blames white people for the problems in my community. Problems that have been occurring since the early 1980’s, when the neighborhood was 95% latino.

    I’m Jim and instead of blaming the parents and the actual gang members who are murdering each other in the name of “street cred,” I blame the people who are moving to my neighborhood, bringing money and jobs into the community, taking pride in their homes and supporting the local business owners.

    I’m Jim and I don’t understand how communities are built and transformed. I don’t even know the history of my own town.

    I’m Jim and I’m everything that is wrong with this community.

    Sincerely, Jim

    • “everything that is wrong with this community”

      Remember kids, when growing up in this pressure cooker of substance abuse, violence and substandard resources… poverty is in fact a moral failing and you have no one to blame but yourself.

  4. Gentrifying Census Tracts: These lower-income Census tracts experienced significant growth in both home values and educational attainment. To be eligible to gentrify, a tract’s median household income and median home value needed to fall within the bottom 40th percentile of all tracts within a metro area at the beginning of the decade. Tracts considered to have gentrified recorded increases in the top third percentile for both inflation-adjusted median home values and percentage of adults with bachelors’ degrees.


    Census Tract 1832.22
    Status: Gentrified
    Population: 3,267 (-323)
    Median Home Value: $461,600 (+98%)
    Bachelor’s Degrees: 38.5% of adults
    (17.7% had bachelor’s degrees in 2000)
    Median Household Income: $44,300

    Census Tract 1833
    Status: Gentrified
    Population: 3,626 (-113)
    Median Home Value: $369,000 (+74%)
    Bachelor’s Degrees: 20.3% of adults
    (12.4% had bachelor’s degrees in 2000)
    Median Household Income: $51,905

    Census Tract 1832.20
    Status: Gentrified
    Population: 4,508 (+145)
    Median Home Value: $355,000 (+79%)
    Bachelor’s Degrees: 14.2% of adults
    (6.8% had bachelor’s degrees in 2000)
    Median Household Income: $51,071

  5. Well, that’s life in “one of the hottest real estate markets in the country,” haha.

    – someone who bought in a way more peaceful, gentrified neighborhood with higher property values

  6. HP hipsters move on to another neighborhood. HLP was fine without you all.

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