Bye, Bye, Ralphs

Ralphs sign on the move after Silver Lake store closes | @sheetrockla

Ralphs sign on the move after Silver Lake store closes | @sheetrockla

SILVER LAKE — The red, oval Ralphs supermarket sign was removed and trucked away today from the Silver Lake store, which officially closed on Sunday.  Whole Foods has said it plans to open in the same Glendale Boulevard location after it is remodeled and expanded.


Ralphs on the move | @sheetrockla

Formerly Ralphs | @sheetrockla

Formerly Ralphs | @sheetrockla


  1. ok, that’s THREE stories in a week about this stupid, POS, run-down, big box grocery store going away.

    was this really necessary? sigh…please stop trolling, eastsider…please.

    • LOL, don’t worry I’m sure by next week the headlines will start to read “Hands Up, Who Misses How Amazing Ralphs Was, And How Sad and Pointless Is Your Life Has Become Now Without It, Because $4 Lattes”

    • I live around the corner from Ralph’s … and let’s be realistic … it was GHETTO!I am glad it’s gone and myfamily and I welcome Whole Foods with open arms (and pocket book)

  2. Yes, the Eastsider forced you to click onto each of the three stories about Ralph’s closing!

  3. I like this story. I like the visuals. This is interesting to me. Thanks.

  4. Anyone know if they’re closing the CVS too as part of Whole Foods? Eastsider?

  5. I think it’s great that The Eastsider got a picture of the sign being driven away. In a place as big as Los Angeles I love feeling like I live in a small neighborhood with news like this. It feels more like a community.

  6. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Finally a place to keep Silver Lake Wine’s inflated prices in check!

  7. I never liked that Ralph’s Store, ever since it took over from the Hughes market years before, with their long lines, unfriendly & impersonal staff. I rarely shopped there because it was a huge pain in the neck to navigate a terrible parking lot and stand in line for 15 minutes to buy just 1 or 2 things. I like Whole Foods a lot better. Better meat, better produce, a great selection of prepared foods. I am happy about this.

    On another note, I for one am glad that the Eastsider has been covering this story because this is an issue with my neighborhood that I deal with every day — the source of my personal nutrition. It’s also very interesting to see how the general populace reacts within the comment section every time one of these stories runs. Food issues which balance the accessibility of affordable options versus the health and dietary of an evolving population base make for a really interesting debate.

    • the point is, one story minus the weeping would have covered it just fine. it was a fucking dirty, run-down Ralph’s, not a 100 year old local cultural touchstone.

  8. RIP late night booze missions

  9. I’ve posted this question on a couple of other local pages and can’t believe I can’t get an answer; is CVS staying ? Employees there are either keeping mum or are in the dark. Just like when it was rumoured Ralph’s was closing, no one spoke. SMH!

  10. It is about more then Ralph’s closing.
    The problem is that if you want to buy household ,,functional items the choices are limited.
    Whole Foods may be fine for produce, but they charge inflated prices for house cleaning items., i.e. $20 for a (fancy) dust pan. To purchase dry goods and detergents at reasonable rates looks like Vons in Glendale is the closest. Gelsons is too expensive, and Trader Joes and CVS are limited in what they offer. I will have to plan ahead to go to Big Lots to find reasonable prices, but those stores are not close by.
    It feels like we are being forced into those gigantic stores. Either pay high prices or purchase massive amounts of items you may not need.
    Wish that we had that little local market we used to here in Atwater, Beach’s, easy to swing by on your way home from work.

  11. This was my Ralph’s! Even though we moved a few neighborhoods away last year I still drove out of my way and shopped here til the end, mainly because I knew where everything was shelved. They had a surprisingly good, affordable section of organic produce . You think parking here was a pain? Wait til Whole Foods comes with the parking attendants who wave you into tiny spots of their choosing.

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