Highland Park shootings blamed on gang feud



HIGHLAND PARK — Shots rang out near Burbank Middle School on Monday as families were getting ready to attend a baseball game. It’s the most recent Highland Park shooting that police say is connected to a gang feud.

No one was injured in the Monday shooting, which took place at about 5 p.m. near Figueroa and Meridian streets but a vehicle was struck by bullets, said LAPD Northeast Division Capt. Jeff Bert.  Monday’s incident would make nine reported shootings within or near Highland Park in the last six weeks, according to Bert.

“It’s very frustrating to have these violent gangs acting out on the streets,” says Bert.

The Avenues and the Highland Park Gang have had a longstanding turf war, but Bert says that recent level of gang shooting is the highest he has seen since he arrived at the Northeast Division two years ago.

Monday’s shooting came one day after a male was shot a few blocks away near Figueroa and Springvale Drive while standing on a porch, Bert said. The suspects yelled out “Where you from?” but  the victim was not a gang member, Bert said.

The Boulevard Sentinel reports that the victim, described as an 18-year-old male, had been followed by a “carload of gang members” when he was shot at about 1 a.m. The victim had a bullet removed from his stomach area and is expected to fully recover, according to the Sentinel.

No arrests have been made in that incident or any of the recent shootings in the area, Bert said.


  1. Parenting at its finest!

  2. This is 2 blocks away from the Piedmont Rec Center where there were just multiple shootings and attacks in the last month alone. Yet, I see virtually no police presence in this area before or since all this recent wave of violence.

    I don’t want to tell the police how to do their job but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, even if just for filling quota requirements, that they could probably do pretty well handing out tickets and arrests if they just stationed a patrol car here.

    • You are probably not there enough, I always see them patrolling on Piedmont, Ave 60 and Figueroa, even the alleys. But they have limited resources and can not be everywhere at any given time.
      But yes, this needs to stop…

    • I love the quote “they want us to kill ourselves” from Boyz n the Hood (1991). Maybe the people in charge won’t supply a patrol car because they don’t care about the Hispanic people. Maybe they want them to kill themselves. Boyz n the Hood (1991) clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BadSZDpvq-s

  3. omg, look what gentrification is doing to HP! gang activity is rampant all due to the evil hipsters.

    • Highland park is not HP its HLP Huntington park is HP

      • HP is Highland Park. I’ve known that to be true since 1962. It’s the gang “HLP,” newbies, and ill-informed people who incorrectly label Highland Park.

        FYI – This is NOT about gentrification! It’s about individuals who do not value human life! Any life lost due to senseless gang violence is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

        Where are the LAPD officers in Highland Park? If LAPD can pull resources $22,000 and escort a kingpin mafioso to a luncheon/dinner, LAPD can proactively protect and serve Highland Park. If LAPD can perform a manhunt for one of their own (Dorner) and spend a million, LAPD can PROTECT & SERVE Highland Park.

        Highland Park deserves better!!! This is our community! It doesn’t matter from what walk of life you come from – this is your home too!

      • JAVIER del cueto.

        Thats rite HLP GANG

  4. Proper Dos is happy though i am sure.

  5. This facebook group has been promoting gang violence as a way to slow gentrification and run white people out of the neighborhood: https://www.facebook.com/groups/137949276291885/permalink/838654202888052/

    • Im not, gonna lie, this thought has crossed my mind a few times. I dont think all these Hipsters and the likes would have been moving in and causing the rent to jack up if this was 10 years ago.

  6. The Boulevard Sentinel is not a news source. Can you independently verify with LAPD that the shooting on Figueroa and Springvale actually happened, and that it happened as described?

  7. We all need to be in communication with the HHPNC, Gilbert Cedillo’s field officers as well as the LAPD and express our need for more police presence on our streets. So far the NELA Alliance has been pretty active in trying to lift the gang injunction and not much opposition because many people don’t have or make time to show up to meetings as well as send out emails. We need to hold our council person and police accountable and get involved.

    • This might actually be Huizar’s district, my bad

      • The dividing line is York Blvd. So H.P. Rec Center is Cedillo’s district and Burbank Middle School and the Fig. / Springvale incidents are in Huizar’s district.
        I’s a pain, but anytime there’s problems like this, we need to be on both of their cases. Also with the LAPD, York Blvd. divides the senior lead officer’s areas. Mark Allen is south of York and Officer Chang is north.

  8. The anti-gentrification crowd is always silent on gang violence. Since all they care about is cheap rent at all costs, they can’t argue with gang violence that decays the neighborhood and keeps rents cheap

  9. The sad thing is that while everyone is arguing about hipsters and gentrification and calling each other names, two places in our neighborhood where children spend lots of time (all kinds of children – different colors, creeds and religions) have had shootings in the last 6 weeks. I don’t want to see anyone’s child die. Plain and simple. There is a library, playground, basketball court and baseball field at one location and a playground, skate park and Little League field at the other. It is miraculous that no one was killed in either event. Can we please stop arguing about all of this BS and really act like neighbors and figure out a solution for our children? This should be unacceptable to all of us, regardless of our backgrounds. I have lived in HLP for 15 years and all I want is to put food on the table for my kids and allow them to have a childhood where they can go to Little League practice without fear of being shot and killed.

    • Well-stated,

    • Gentrification creates higher housing costs and social conflict. Inequality creates resentment and anger. Resentment and anger lead to violence. Connect the dots and analyze root cause.

      • I do not disagree but this problem existed prior to the gentrification that everyone is arguing about and it’s time to figure out a solution and how to protect our kids. There have always been and will always be gangs – in all colors, countries and religions – for a myriad of reasons. Maybe we can solve some of them, maybe we can’t, but we as neighbors and humans can pick up a phone and demand that our public figures and protection step up and help protect our children.

      • I call BS. Gangs cause gang shootings. Not gentrification (despite your mental gymnastics).

      • These people shooting at each other has nothing to do with gentrification. I’ve been here since 1978. The gang problems came AFTER white flight. It became a war zone with drive-by shootings. It has nothing to do with rent costs. Rents were cheap then. It has everything to do with parents not raising responsible and respectful kids.

      • oh, what a crock of BS.

        i spent the better part of five years living in a house on douglas right next door to the apartment complex which serves as the de facto headquarters for diamond st. we were three white guys living in the house next door, and they did not fuck with us one single time. who did they fuck with? one of our friends, a hard working latino dude, genius electrician, with a wife and one year old kid, who happened to live in their complex…problem was, he was from hollywood, not EP. they harassed him relentlessly, slashed his tires in the parking lot on a regular basis, and repeatedly threatened his family. he eventually moved because he was scared for their safety.

        NELA gang shit is a long-running brown on brown affair, it has jack shit to do with gentrification. ironically, in this respect, the gangbangers are actually some of the least racist assholes in this whole “debate”.

        get a grip.

      • HA HA HAHAHA AHAHAHHAA HA HA HA!!!!!! HA!!!! I live that white people with beards in coffee shops somehow pulled the trigger of these gang members guns… what are you hanging on to… let the neighborhood change into one that people don’t kill each other in the streets… and the coffee is better too…

    • I second this , thank you .. I live literally in HLP recreation .. This needs to stop our family , children are counting on us… Let’s all make the difference

  10. I know the violence isn’t cool. But people complain that the anti gentrification crowd supports gang violence to keep cost of living low, that more needs to be done or that horrible parenting is to blame like you know anything of parents involved.. So who’s to blame when a white kid gets picked on by one individual, yet decides to shoot up a whole school? The matter of fact is that Highland Park has always been like this, it’s nothing new. If you hate the violence and the going ons in Highland Park so much….leave! Stop your belly aching. Hipsters or not Highland Park will always be Highland Park. Nobody condones the crimes that occur, but how are you going to move to a neighborhood that you know has a relatively high crime rate, then complain. Just move to Pasadena, Glendale or Alhambra.

    • Your attitude is literally everything wrong with our society.

    • I am not sure showing concern over violence and kids dying in the street is the same as “belly-aching”.

      I do find some racist overtones in the “bad-parenting” line of criticsm. Blaming the victims of our chew em uop and spit em out system is problematic, and mostly seems to play out as racism.

      But that is separate from this crazy notion that we should just let these kids shoot eachother up because “thats just the way it is in Highland Park”.

      That notion is just as inhumane and backwards as the victim-blaming.

      • “I do find some racist overtones in the “bad-parenting” line of criticsm. Blaming the victims of our chew em up and spit em out system is problematic, and mostly seems to play out as racism.”

        So the kids in the neighborhood that turned out well, their parents just got lucky?


        Every single gangbanger I have ever talked to has come from an unstable, shit home.
        Junkies, drunks, abusers, enablers, teen moms, etc etc…….

        Stop making excuses for shit parents.

        Rattlesnakes make baby rattlesnakes.

        Rule #1 of parenting:
        if you’re gonna have kids, you’d better show up to raise them.

        • Regardless of race or time or location, poverty creates conditions that the parents, and non parents, judging from on high, would probably crumble under as well. It is a miscalculation to lay all the fault in the ‘make up’ of the parents of gangbangers. Walk a mile in their shoes you might encounter some conditions that provide insight and understanding. And, it is not all about the parenting either. Walk a mile in the shoes of a poor 15 year old from the block, and you might see the enticement of gang life when your readily accessible options are so limited. This is not a justification for absentee parenting or gangbanging – I just think it easy to judge, much harder to understand the truth.

  11. Garol how are you going to hold one person from the council accountable, what are you talking about

  12. Thank you, Governor Moonbeam. Early release… Who’d have thought? And why is LA back pedaling on the gang injunctions? SMH!

  13. This is nothing like it was I the 90’s…you want gang violence to decrease, invest in programs in the area that give our children an outlet for their energies…provide more jobs for them and give them a reason to re-engage with their community in positive ways…it’s fun to do bad things…you get attention from it…and the hipsters and millennials only care about getting rid of the offending element..,the products of families who have lived and remain here…hipsters have no kids and the millennials have very young children…we are really all human though…and there are enough resources to go around…let’s make a positive change instead of just feeding the machine…

    • Sorry, I don’t feel we as a society need to bend over backwards trying to incentivize gangbangers not to shoot up kids parks. Oh, and “Hipsters don’t have kids” – I’ve heard it all now.

      • You better hope the violence doesn’t morph from gang on gang to gang on hipsters. Ask yourself why gangs exist and why youth join gangs.

        • But you would love that wouldn’t you jim? After all, hipsters are the real reason there is crime and gang activity in this area.

  14. Funny how people say gentrification cleans neighborhoods, not in th hlp community , crime and homeless has risen

  15. oh wait another shooting at ave 50 and York, hmmmm who are you going to hold accountable for this one Garol the other council members

    • I’m not accusing my councilman of the shooting you idiot. I’m holding him accountable for not putting enought police on the streets.

      • Police, police, police! Is that the ONLY response you can come up with? More inmates to fill-up more prisons? Please jump off the Figueroa bridge and put US out of our misery.

  16. This gang war is not gonna stop idiot, either deal with it or move because it’s only going to get worse

    • If it gets worse that’s fine, its only going to be the entrenched Latino’s killing each other off one by one, it will end when there’s none of them left breathing and society can move on finally at peace.

    • Isn’t appealing to one’s councilman for more active policing an attempt to “deal with it”?

    • Not moving MM, no matter how much you and your Northeast LA Alliance dipshits want us to. Cowardly, loser gang members need to be put on notice: your behavior will not be tolerated.

  17. I lived for many years in Highland Park and it wasn’t until they started to build cheap apartments a new class of people started to move in and with the appearance of these gangs the tranquility of this area changed. Everything started to go down and many people moved out of the area. So you cannot blame it on gentrification but the mentality of these individuals that don’t want to make a better life for themselves and others.

  18. I actually witnessed this shooting. It happened so fast that cops really have no clue what happened. I gave a police officer all the info I knew and just took it like nothing. A second shooting just happened in the same area same time. Pretty sad that they know it’s baseball season and all parks in the neighborhood have games going on and you never see a patrol car ever drive by. The first shooting the first patrol car that showed up actually pulled over one of the shooters but all the cop told him to do was to lift his shirt then let him go. He was to lazy to get of his vehicle to investigate. He would of smelled gun powder on him if he got close to him. But o well.

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