Water flows through Eagle Rock streets; report says city needs more trash cans

Sunrise, Echo Park | Thien Ho

Sunrise, Echo Park | Thien Ho

MOrning Report

  • The LADWP was criticized for releasing 70,000 gallons of water through the streets of Eagle Rock in preparation for  pipeline repairs. KTLA
  • A new report recommends adding thousands of trash cans and developing a “cleanliness rating index” to reduce the amount of trash and illegal dumping on city streets. L.A. Times

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  1. adding more trashcans is nice, but treats the symptom not the root cause, and will do nothing to curb bulky item dumping.
    Money should be spent on enforcement. Bring the hammer down on the dooshbags.

    Secondly, money should be spent on an advertising campaign to change the attitudes of many of the residents about litter. (see the successful Don’t Mess with Texas ad campaign). This is a cultural problem that can be rectified over time. (no, not an ethnic culture but more of a socioeconomic culture)

  2. There has to be some sort of easy reporting of illegal dumping that is publicized; I feel like dumping is only busted if its seen by a cop (who actually cares about dumping). It’s too easy to get away with.

  3. It’s so sad to see parts of our city turn into a 3rd world dump. The 311 app only works if people use it. And there aren’t enough people who actually care left in many of these neighborhoods. So go ahead and try to pin this one on the hipsters and yuppies!’

    • I spent my morning in South Pasadena, parts of Pasadena and Monrovia – spotless. Head down to Little Tokyo and it’s also spotless (makes me smile when you see elderly couples walking early in the morning picking up trash placed there by someone else). Makes me wonder if it is less of a “throw more money” solution and more of a cultural/economic issue.

      • Definitely a cultural issue. You understand when you see all the Cheetos and ice cream wrappers in the streets of LA…No respect for their environment…

  4. Unfortunately, this has always been a problem around here. People just have no qualms about trashing the neighborhood. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t have to pick up somebody’s dog’s dung, food wrappers, car parts or other such garbage from the street and sidewalk in front of my house, and that’s if I’m lucky. Sometimes I get to sweep up broken glass from thrown bottles, scrape off ant infested food and retrieve God knows what liquid filled containers stashed away in my fence. As much as I hate picking it up, the alternative is to leave it to pile up, encouraging even more dumping. Low lives love to litter because they resent anything nice. It’s their jacked up way of trying to mess it up for the rest of us. Yes they are that petty.

  5. Poor people love littering and living among garbage

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